How stupid can a single spammer be?

Remember my blog post about the Backlinkedge scam? If you don’t want to read the whole thing again, here a short summary:

Customer subscribes to a service called backlinkedge for $9.99 $19.99 per month. Customer expects to get backlinks that are relevant to his/ her niche, from authority sites and manually created.

The owner of backlinkedge then uses two automated programs that search for blogs on the internet and submits spam comments to each of them, with the customers url, to generate backlinks.

Backlinkedge is not only spamming bloggers with comments, it also scams ’subscribers’ for their money as it is an absolutely worthless service that easily damages your site’s reputation, as it leaves the spam comments in your name and with your url!

So, that was the original Backlinkedge story, now imagine my surprise as I found today this comment on the very same post:

“I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.”

Info about person that submitted comment reads:
jack parler from email address: ip:

Now tell me, how stupid can a single spammer be, to leave a spam comment on the blog post that exposes his spam? I guess he just typed in “backlinkedge” as a keyword, set his spam program to auto and got himself a coffee, rofl. Seems the whole thing backfired a bit, please feel free to add his ip address and email to your blacklists!

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31 comments to How stupid can a single spammer be?

  • Oh that one sounds as smart as the idiot who thought their pyramid scheme would be of interest to those who read a blog about “passive income” and yes it just goes to prove that you really should read the blog before you contact someone. That comment sounds familiar too – I think I have a hundred or so in the spam filter at the moment LOL
    .-= lissie@residual income builder´s last blog ..Adsense and Legitmate Online Businesses =-.

  • hospitalera

    Yep, I thought the same thing as I saw the comment this morning, seems the average spammer IQ is on an all time low, rofl 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    PS Nice new web site! SY

  • Yah, it seems because the spammers use auto spam software which use keyword as criteria.
    .-= LetUpdate´s last blog ..My First Web Hosting Problem Experience =-.

  • OMG that is funny that spammer did not even catch that he was spamming on a blog exposing his spam scheme! That’s a little bit of irony for you, but I hope it shows people how ridiculous spammers are, especially since they can’t even figure out when to stop.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, that is what I suspected / wrote, SY
    And I hope that a lot of people take advantage of his ip address! SY

  • where can i buy that software. 🙂
    .-= James@Complaints´s last blog ..Report: Alpine Access =-.

  • hospitalera

    Just google it, it will be the fastest way to ruin your sites online reputation and to get you banned via Akismet and other anti-spam programs, SY

  • Perhaps the worst of these auto-spammers I had was one that targeted a single post on one of my blogs and hammered it to death, send it over 1000 spammy comments in about an hour. They were caught by Akismet but it was still annoying so I blocked the IP. They switched to another proxy and continued to hammer away. Eventually I had to turn off comments entirely on that post to stop them.

    IP blocking of proxies is kind of risky since it might cost you legit traffic but if you’re constantly getting hit with spammers from a certain set of IP address you might as well block them in CPanel or htaccess.
    .-= Frank Carr@Templates For Website´s last blog ..Wildlife Template Pack =-.

  • What a stupid man. If he’s going to cheat other people, why not do it better. LOL Thanks to this post I’m now aware of this scenario.

    I didn’t even know that a thing like this existed. Thanks! ^-^

  • hospitalera

    @Frank Carr
    Omg, 1000s on one single post!? What is the sense of this or was it a malfunction of the spamming program??? Yes, IP blocking is risky, normally I observe for quite some time from where the comments are coming from and then block it. I also keep an eye on the ban statistics and see how many are blocked etc. It is a last resort really, and don’t forget, here in Europe we have still a lot of people using static ips and a lot of spammers that don’t know how to use a proxy, thanks God.

    Yeah, it is amazing what people do just to make a quick buck! SY

  • @Frank Carr *same reaction with hospitalera* I wish there is a way to legally ban those spammers permanently.
    .-= nathan´s last blog ..LinkReferral Review =-.

  • hospitalera

    I use for the worst cases and I am on the verge to report some of them to their internet providers, SY

  • Don’t underestimate the stupidity of some people. I recently read about a burglar who tweeted about his crime… from the house he was robbing!

    However, the idiot forgot to log out of his account on the computer, making it easy for the police to track him down.

    .-= Paul Hancox@copywriting blog´s last blog ..Why Writing Headlines For Search Engines Like Google Will Get You More Readers =-.

  • I’d like to hear what you end up with – I am up into the 200s / day from the spammers at the moment
    .-= lissie@Passive Income´s last blog ..Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online – Book Review =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Paul Hancox
    WOW, that is some serious case of stupidity – and of Twitter addiction 😉 SY

    I am under 100 comments in total per day, I would say that 75% are spam. My ip ban plugin blocks the 2 ips at a rate of >100/day (access attempts via those two ips). So, if my math is still up to date, the plugin reduces my spam by more then 100%. SY

  • this is ridiculous.spammers think that bloggers are fool.some spammers write their comments without reading the post.

  • hospitalera

    Same spammers use automated programs to spam, seems that is what happened here. SY

  • Spamming is really a headache, on one of my blog i am getting appx 20-30 spam comments.

    word press plugin Akismet is really helpful in filtering such comments.

  • hospitalera

    I seriously planning to collect the most stupid / funny spam comments and make a blog post out of it, enough material I would have! SY

  • Very nice, Today you have given me a very useful knowledge about the back-links. So the back links we get from the tool is useful or waist.

  • hospitalera

    Waiste and worse, it puts the online reputation of your site at risk, SY

  • Sometime people can be very stupid. It’s not their fault…;)
    .-= Funny hype´s last blog ..Gym advertisement =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Funny hype
    Really, so you mean that stupid people are not responsible for their actions? SY

  • I am a financial consultant, but have recently become more and more enthralled with online marketing. Mainly in the last 6 months or so since starting my blog and learning all about WordPress and Seo. I have been hearing a lot about niche markets and things where guys go in, create a whole bunch of sites, hook them up to adsense or maybe have some clickbank products, do some SEO and rank the pages in google. Then just sit back and make a few hundred bucks a month for a long time. I have spent so much time with just one website, I don’t know if I could really even do that or get behind the idea of doing it. I guess with software like this it can really cut down the time and make it a feasible task. But as more and more people get these tools, won’t these niches become harder and harder to be profitable in because there will be so much more competition that maybe wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t have access to software like this?
    .-= Damon@Debt Settlement´s last blog ..Debt Settlement – 15 Companies under Investigation in New York =-.

  • That’s kind a funny on that spammers part. I Know spam programs are deployed by many, but it could be reduced by introducing No-spam questions, or captcha while any one comments on the blog

    I have it enabled on my blog Herbal care For you. and it works fine.

  • hospitalera

    You make some valid points. But if you choose the right niches then the maintenance work for each web site is minimal. Yes, it takes some time to set all up, write the content and promote the site BUT if your site is good it will then run on auto-pilot to make you money. The two main mistakes a lot of people make that try to make money on the internet is choosing the wrong niche and not making a good site. A good site is one people actually do find useful. SY

    @Stanley Smith
    I was wondering about captcha and the like, I personally hate them, but perhaps I do have to do it now as my total spam is up to 200-300 comments a day. SY

  • Hospitalera,

    ya, I agree with you on the fact that you need to have a good site, with good content in order to really make it work. I get so annoyed when I search for something in google and I click something and I go to some crap site that you can tell just went through an article spinner and doesn’t give any information. Essentially was just content thrown up to get a link and put some adsense ads on it. That really annoys me. But wadda ya gonna do right 🙂
    .-= Damon@Debt Settlement´s last blog ..Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans – Do they still Exist? =-.

  • hospitalera

    The other think what really makes me angry is when I search for a term like “blogging” and on the first page of the search results turns up a web site that consists only of links and ads, without one single word of content! Which leads me to think that Google still puts too much weight on Domain age and keyword in url, instead of good, valuable content! But back to niche sites and your original question, as long as you choose a small niche it doesn’t take too much time to write up some good content and get a site done, SY

  • Sally Brown

    Yeah, sometimes you cant just do anything to avoid spam in your blogs. You like reading those comments that came to your post and then would like to check their sites, and then you realize that they are from spammers. How annoying is that.

  • hospitalera

    @Sally Brown
    Exactly, a couple more signs that somebody just leaves a comment for a backlink is that they often comment on older posts that have already a page rank 😉 SY