How to get more visitors to a blog?

The Anglican Chaplain Prague asked: ‘How to get more traffic (other than the spammers * insert evil grin here*) visitors to my blog?’

Hm, a lot of visitors and no spam, that sounds like a bloggers dream 😉 The answer to your question could be painfully short: ‘The amount of visitors your blog has, depends proportionally on the time you invest to promote your blog.’ Or I could answer your question with a question: ‘How much time do you want to/ can you realistically invest into blog promotion?’ There is no, absolutely NO short cut in increasing the count of visitors to your blog! It is simply hard work. Let me show you a few possibilities and you can than choose what works well for you. I included some estimates of the necessary time investment for each blog promotion method as I think that, bearing in mind your profession, time might be the crucial factor for you.

1. Tell people that you have a blog by inserting the url in your email signature.

How many of your friends/ email contacts do actually know that you have a blog? By inserting a link like this:

‘My personal blog can be found at’ in your email signature you tell everybody that you have a blog and where to find it. Time necessary <5min

2. Backlinks

Get some backlinks on some high traffic and relevant sites. For example, your church in Prague has a web site. Get the poor, over-worked and under paid web master to put up a link to your blog. [Attention, previous sentence has to be read with tongue in cheek!] Do you have other friends/ family that have a web site that would put up a link for you? Don’t spam/ bother people too much with link requests but keep your eyes open. Time necessary-variable

3. Make your own backlinks

Facebook profiles, forum signatures, twitter, social media profiles, everywhere where you have an online existence you might be able to post a link. Make a check list of all the sites you use and check if they allow you to post a link. Again, don’t spam and don’t join a forum just to post your links neither. Time necessary-one hour or less/ week will be plenty.

4. Entrecard

Entrecard is a great tool when used in the right way, but it can be also very time consuming, so think twice before you join! If you do so, I would suggest that you concentrate on dropping cards on the blogs in the categories ‘Religion and Spirituality’ and ‘Expat’ as that are the two most relevant ones for your blog. Time necessary-Set yourself a limit how much time you’ll spend each day on entrecard, if not it can be rather addictive 😉

5. Post more often, but shorten/ split your posts

The content you write is great, interesting and witty, but a bit too long. Consider splitting your post in chunks of 250- 500 words. You can always write the post and publish part 1 immediately and set the next parts up for auto posting in 24/48/72h. A bit in the style of a ‘to be continued series’ Visitors to your blog will come more often back, if they can expect to find new content, rather than seeing the same post for weeks.

6. Offer blog subscriptions by email

I noticed that you have a ‘subscribe to comments’ plug-in installed, the same that I use, but you should also offer ‘subscription by email’. I suggest that you try FeedBurner as it is very easy to set up.

7. Comment on other blogs

Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting. Try to find other blogs that interest you and build a relationship with them. After a while blog-hopping you will discover that you have found a whole new bunch of blogging friends!

OK, enough for the moment, I hope these seven tips help you to increase your blog traffic, take care. 😉

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16 comments to How to get more visitors to a blog?

  • Hi SY,

    Great tips! I think I do a decent job of following what you’ve stated above, but will review my blogs anyway, always good to reappraise them with fresh eyes 🙂

    I have a follow-up question(s) for you: What is your opinion about getting one’s blog listed in the numerous directories out there? For example, I have made it a point to enlist in almost all “expat” resources I can find. I am also trying to get listed among a few Malaysia-related directories. Is this worth it for visitors? Or is it better to look at these sites as things that help up the site’s PR? (feel free to condense / paraphrase!)

  • Thank you for this advice. I have been working ofter days and night to promote my blog. I suggest also to use yahoo answers and promote there your blog. It brings me some visitors anyway.

  • hospitalera

    The short answer is ‘a few proper’ directories are fine, but being listed in link farms will damage your ‘google reputation’ in the long run. You might want to use this handy little tool to ‘see’ your neighborhood better. The long answer will come with a new blog post soon 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    You have a great blog with well written content and a nice, clear lay-out. The niche you are in is tough, but if you stick to it you will make it, I am sure. Anything I can do to help, just shoot me a comment! Your suggestion of using yahoo answers is good, I will do a bit more research and write a post about it, with dofollow credit to you ;-)SY

  • Thanks hospitalera for your support and compliments.
    You are right. It is a tough niche and often I am working entire nights without sleep on this project. It will be difficult for me to rival those popular computer sites but my idea behind all this is my love to computers and to help other with my knowledge. So I hope I will succeed.
    Thanks for your kind offer. If you are willing to help me promote my blog you can put my banner like the one from entrecard on your site. This would be more than anything. Just contact me through my contact form on my blog and will send you the code.
    Thanks again Hospitalera

    Thomas – PCterritory

  • hospitalera

    just contacted you 😉 When do you say/ write ‘often I am working entire nights without sleep on this project.’ do you refer to writing content and building up back links or do you waste your time with submitting your site to a multitude of directories? Just curious, SY

  • sam@seitsemän päivää lehti

    The best way to increase readers from search engines is to write topics that are popular and get alot of search traffic. Google keyword tool is great place to look for a popular keywords. Use them in your post title and headings and in the text and you’ll sure get an instant traffic boost from search engines.

  • hospitalera

    @am from sseitsemän päivää lehti
    True, it all boils down to write about something people are interested in and search for. I second the use of the Google Keyword Tool for that. SY
    PS Please link next time to a site I can read, English, German, French and Spanish are fine.

  • Good content is the key to getting visitors. Building backlinks and telling everyone you know is important, but it’s much better having an army of readers that are telling people about your awesome blog.

  • hospitalera

    Very well said! SY

  • This is a very interesting article. Many blogger including me could benefit in this post. The steps that you gave many lead us to what we want. Thank you for posting this and of course for sharing what you know about blogs.

  • hospitalera

    @Data entry services
    You are welcome, SY

  • Nice post, definitely some scope for promotion on social media but one thing to note is that you need to have something there before you start the promotion. Its no good to start promoting a blog and link building if you just have 1 or 2 posts on there because the visitor will read all of them in one sitting and leave, you want to have enough there so that they have to take note of where you are (URL) and come back (bookmark you) at a later time. I say 5 posts is a good rule of thumb

  • hospitalera

    @ecommerce advisor
    Rofl, I hear you! So many people leave a comment here and the url points to a basically empty site / blog. SY

  • As a new blog owner I find it really dis-heartening when spammers even visit my blog, its not just the case that they post spam but when you only get a handfull of visits a day and you know that 10-20% of these are spammers of sorts it really wears you down