How to write your own backlinks

Shortcut for the impatient: Just jump to the end of this post to find a list of sites that you can use to write up your own backlinks. For more in-depth reading, carry on 😉

Just after content, back links, i.e. links to the said content, are the next most important point to make a blog/ web site successful.  Outside or external links are one of the measures Google uses to determine where to place your content in its search results (SERP), and that is what brings you the visitors ;-). In a nutshell, the more links point towards your content, the more important Google deems your content to be. Now, you could just submit your blog or web site to a lot of directories and be done with back link building, right? Wrong! Google also values factors like:

Bad Neighborhood
Don’t, really, really, don’t submit your blog or web site to every directory known to mankind. Google will slap you faster over your fingers than you can say ‘ooops’. It is fine to submit to, lets say the top 2-3 directories in your niche, but avoid at all costs to submit to so-called link farms. Less is really more when it comes to building back links with directories.

Related Content
Google values links more that are coming from related sources. For example if I link an article about dog grooming to a travel blog than google will value that link less as when it comes from another dog related site.

Deep Linking
Deep linking is linking to a specific page or blog post not to the domain as such. So for example a link saying Hospitalera’s Blog is less valuable than a link to Hospitalera Hubpage Challenge or closed my blog Google likes many links to different locations on the same domain, not just to the frontpage.

Rank and Authority of the linking site
The higher the Page Rank and the rank of the keyword(s) in the search results is, the better. That is called the authority of a site. Example:  Somebody whose site ranks extremely well for the key words ‘blogging resources’ links to my blog. That would be a very valuable link for me because it acknowledges in Google’s eyes my authority regarding ‘blogging resources’ and will help my own ranking regarding this and other related key words.

All this you can control when you write up your own back links. All places mentioned below are free to join and you keep full control over your submitted content:

Your links will become do-follow as your author score rises. As long as you submit non-spammy content with not more than two links pointing to the same domain in one hub/ article, this shouldn’t be a problem to achieve in a short time. Additionally you can earn money via their revenue share program.

Links are do-follow from the beginning and Squidoo doesn’t restrict the amount of links you are allowed to post. Use this freedom wisely, as Google will still punish you for bad linking behavior. Also Squidoo rewards you by sharing the money earned with you.

Posterous is a new site that is aimed at people that want to post content fast and convenient to many different destinations. For internet marketing and SEO it is interesting because all links are do-follow. I have started recently a little SEO project to explore this further. I started to write up little articles about sites, including a back link to each that is keyword optimized. I am in contact with the owner/ CEO of posterous and as long as such posts are not spammy in nature they are fine with the idea. The other interesting point is that they also allow several people blogging/ posting to the same posterous. This could be, if done right, a very nice viral tool to get the word out about a wide range of sites, blogs, hubs or lenses. If anybody is interested to join, please leave a comment 😉

Forum signatures
Forum signatures are one of the most underestimated seo tools imho. They are especially good if you have one main site you want to promote. Google crawls forums regularly and especially if the link appears in a forum that is related to your topic will take it in consideration. So, please, don’t go out now and join a bunch of forums just to promote your own internet enterprise. Instead join a few that are relevant to your main topic/ niche and become a helpful member of this community. For bloggers I recommend obviously our new blogger forum, hosted by me 😉

Free blogs
There are a lot of free blog platforms around, but for writing your own backlinks I highly recommend WordPress Google absolutely loves it, no ads, unless you put some banners on it. Only drawback, you can’t put adsense on it, but you still can place some banners. As a support blog it is a real hidden gem! Funny enough, as a seo support tool, Google’s own blogspot platform has always been less successful for me. But it allows for great niche blogs!

Comment on do-follow blogs
Some blogs, like this one, have added two plugins that make links in comments do-follow plus link relevant keywords, chosen by the commenter, to a site. I saw a real rise in spammers because of this but I still think it is a good way to thank my faithful readers and commenters with some linky-love. If you come across such a blog, try to leave a meaningful comment, use the key word feature and don’t abuse it.

Guest Blogging
Many blogs are looking for guest bloggers, normally you are required to write a post and rewarded with back links to your own site. If you would like to write a guest post for this blog, feel free to contact me! Many bloggers don’t advertise this possibility on their blogs, but you can always ask if you find a blog that you like and that is relevant to your own site / blog.

Last but not least
Another site I just came across and might use in future is Infobarrel the first 10 articles have to be approved by a human editor, so be extra careful with overly promotional posts in the beginning. What I have discovered so far is that the site, and therefore the articles on it, get lightning fast indexed by Google and because of the spammer prevention, has a high authority with Google. An authority that will obviously also affect your backlinks 😉 They also run an adsense share program that potentially could increase your earnings with Big G. I am not sure about retaining your copyright and if you can delete an article once it is written, but I will update you when I know more.

Do you know of more, good, do-follow sites that allow you to write your own backlinks? If so, please leave a comment, which are do-follow and keyword optimized btw!

Quick Link List for the impatient:




blogger forum



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  • Hey this posterous is a find – I like the look of it immediately -I am off to sign up right now!

  • hospitalera

    Yes, it is a gem, fancy a bit networking? I could add you to the little seo project I have started as a contributor 😉 SY

  • sounds cool – you know my email! I am a little snowed with the hubchallenge at the moment but …

  • hospitalera

    You are in, SY

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    This is a timely post for me! That Posterous site looks very interesting!

    We have an update about WBSD you can read here:

    We also have a reporter for WBSD–Thandelike–you can read about her on the post, too. Here’s the bio to include for Thandelike (along with a backlink): Anastasia Ashman is an American cultural producer based in Istanbul, and is a creator of Expat Harem, the anthology by foreign women about modern Turkey. Her Tweetstream focuses on women, travel and history and she shares resources for writers/travelers, expats, Turkophiles & culturati of all stripes.

    If it would be easier to email about WBSD, please send me a note!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for that Sher, will write something up for tomorrows post, funny enough I have problems to get the logo to show up in a text widget, arrrrghhh, SY

  • I am still relatively SEO uneducated, so I appreciate these tips on backlinking. : )


  • hospitalera

    @Karen Chaffee
    You are welcome! SY

  • Dofollow forums are great way to get backlinks and one also gets to interact with other members who are interested in same topic. Signatures can also be used for deep links and some forums also allow a link to latest blog feed.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, this mod is great, unfortunately it doesn’t exist for SMF-based forums 😉 So we have to do without it… SY

  • I agree with this post that submitting to many directories is not good. It can be harmful in fact. I prefer to post in forums related to my business. That seems to send me the most quality traffic.

  • I have been using squidoo,but never received a backlink from it.Ofcourse,forum postings with signatures and do follow blogs for commenting have helped me a lot in building backlinks.
    I have never user posterous,lets see what it can do…

  • hospitalera

    I agree, forums are great to get real traffic, as long as they are related to your niche. Also good for your SERP rankings if the signatures are dofollow. SY

    Squidoo takes it time, but as soon as the lens is indexed/ranked, it will give you backlinks. Regarding posterous, I am also still trying it out, will keep everybody posted, SY

  • The Posterous site looks interesting – I’ve never heard of it before, so thanks for that.

  • hospitalera

    It is, have also a look at my little seo project there SY

  • Adding your blog to Craig’s List is a great way to get backlinks. I see a lot of traffic from listings there. You’d be surprised what one home listing ad will do- I usually will get 2 to 5 visits a day per ad.

  • hospitalera

    That is a neat idea! But I assume it would work only for a certain kind of niche blogs? For example those that offer products? SY

  • You have posted some great links here! I will definitely check out Posterous. BTW for anyone who wants to start commenting on do-follow blogs with commentluv and keywordluv installed, you can start right now on my blog about Internet Marketing! I installed all these plugins lately and am waiting for the “flood” of happy commentors to come in! Just don’t spam, please. 🙂

  • Just one clarification… links from a bad neighbourhood to your site cannot affect you. The only way links can affect you negatively is if your site links to a bad neighbourhood.

  • hospitalera

    Wrong!!! Google gives weight to the quality of the links pointing to your sites. If for example 95% of your links come from link farms, completely unrelated sites and a multitude of so-called directories, then google will give a very low authority to your own site. And low google authority translates directly into low search engine rankings for your keywords. Obviously if you have additionally links TO a bad neigbourhood on your site, situation will become even worse and Google might drop you completely. The easiest way to ruin your site in Googles eyes would be to submit it to a multitude of directories and link farms and then putting a link to them on your own site. Been there, got the t-shirt many years ago, but I have learned from my own mistakes and will not repeat them. SY

  • Hi Hospitalera,

    If you search for Matt Cutts on youtube he states very clearly that inbound links to your site cannot hurt you regardless of where they come from unless you link to them.

    The disadvantage of getting links from bad neighbourhoods is that you’re wasting your time getting them but they won’t hurt you (i.e. get your pages banned).

    As you well stated, the problem is when you link back to a bad neighbourhood. Alos, external links to bad neighbourhoods is bad even if they don’t link to you.

  • hospitalera

    Lets agree to disagree, I searched for the video in question but couldn’t find it, do you have a link to it? SY

  • It’s in the Q&A on one of his videos. I’ve listened to a few but can’t find it now. I will go through those videos again to see if I can find the part that matt clearly says incoming links can’t hurt you. It’s pretty obvious that inbound links can’t hurt you otherwise people would destroy their competitors this way (and other people). It’s very easy to get zillions of bad quality links pointing somewhere.

  • hospitalera

    Incoming links can’t hurt you if you have a healthy mixture of them. If most or nearly all your incoming links come from very low quality sites without Google trust / authority, then Google will not rank you very high for your keywords. For destroying your competition, have a look here: or do your own Google search for “negative seo”. SY

  • it is such a good point to avoid submitting to link farms because you do need to be selective that the directories are related to your niche. Google will catch on right away!

  • Hey hospitalera,

    I found the bit where Matt Cutts says that incoming links can’t hurt you (as long as you don’t link to a bad neighbourhood).

    It’s at minute 43:47 he says, and I quote:
    “…the fact is anybody can link to anybody else on the web, so we don’t penalise people if say a spammer links to you…”

    The video can be found here.

  • Great List! I particularly liked the Infobarrel resource, I’m going to have to check that out. I’ll have to get some of our outsourcing crew on this right away…thanks for the tips!

  • @hospitalera
    I just got round to look at your SEO project, it seems you have over 100k backlinks but no PR, how can this be?

  • hospitalera

    ROFL, are you serious? The project I am referring to is, not the whole posterous web site! 😉 Similar confusing effects appear when you check Google blogspot blogs. You have to do a Google search like this
    “link:” to get the real picture. SY

  • hospitalera

    But what is if thousands of spammers/ link farms link to you, what will that do that for your Google TrustRank? As I understand Matt he refers to “spammer” and “link” in the singular/ small numbers, not to a flood of backlinks from linkfarms, i.e. directories 😉 Perhaps we should take this a bit further and do an experiment. Lets find a niche and we both make a google blog about it, we would have to agree on word count/ posts and then we promote the page, you with mass directory submissions and me without, and after 3-6 months we might have an answer. Deal? SY

  • hospitalera

    I will also post the video in question later here on a blogpost, so that people can watch it 😉 SY

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  • Do forums still carry any weight? I had heard that Google was downgrading the value of this type of link…or was that just a rumour?

  • hospitalera

    That is right, this sort of links do have lost weight in Googles eyes, but if the forum in question is related to your niche / topic it still means (if you are a busy contributor) that you get a lot of relevant backlinks. And if these also carry your keywords then you get a lot out of relatively little effort. SY

  • @hospitalera
    Yeah, I guess you’re right a link is a link but a relevant link is worth that little bit more. It’s easy to forget the basics of backlink building when you keep reading about all the cool new ways to do offpage SEO. Right, IM off, ‘funky new traffic ideas’ webpage closed…time to get back to basics.

  • hospitalera

    You can always write a guest post about your ‘funky new traffic ideas’ for this blog 😉 SY

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  • Very good article, nice piece of information, I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks!Nice handy tips for link building.But wart about the number of backlinks.I s it fine if a new blog gets lot of backlinks in a short period of time.
    I’m asking this because my Google webmaster account shows more than 900 backlinks to my one month old blog.
    Will google penalize for this.

  • hospitalera

    Your site or blog should increase organically in the number of backlinks, not one day 200 and then for weeks nothing. The more “normal, human and organic” your blog / site is the better in Google’s eyes. Check also where the backlinks are coming from, Google differences between static sites and blogs / forums. For exaple, a forum link is counted every time a forum post is crawled, same for blog posts, SY

  • bookmarking

    The Internet isn’t free. It just has an economy that makes no sense to capitalism

  • hospitalera

    Yep, the wild west days of the internet are over. SY

  • Thanks a bunch for the info! I am heading over to the places you mention to set things up.

    — Mike

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome Mike! SY

  • Utilizing your signatures on a forum is a great way to get added backlinks. Plus, if you’re posting anyway, you’re getting double the benefit.

    Thanks for the other tips, I’ll be sure to use them, too!

  • hospitalera

    @fundamental analysis
    Yep, forum signature links are often overlooked when it comes to backlink building. Just make sure that you post in a forum that is related to your niche 😉 SY

  • This was such a useful post! I’ve been hearing about HubPages, but never tried it out. Your post inspired me to look into it and sign up. Using my years of experience in DM, I quickly wrote a post about Direct Response Marketing. If you’d like, you can read it here:

    Many thanks for the information! I’m going to look into the other sites and begin back linking.

  • hospitalera

    Great hub! I went over and gave it a thumbs up, you explain DRM really good in it, understandable for everybody. SY

  • this is wonderful.its really helpful and useful as well.

  • hospitalera

    @port douglas accommodation
    Thank you, SY

  • We’re big fans of Squidoo. Another site you should really check is The links are do-follow and the site itself is very user-friendly…they have a cool community as well. Another great place is Great for 20 somethings with a strong community. Submit your blog and if your content is good, you have a good chance of having your article featured.
    .-= Justin@Philippines Outsourcing´s last blog ..Outsourcing and the Economy: What Politicians Don’t Want You to Know =-.

  • hospitalera

    @ Justin
    Thanks for that, I will follow it up! SY

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  • If I was not in Real Estate I would probably be a webmaster as crazy as it sounds. For the last few years I have mastered SEO. Anyone who is in business can take so much away from just having a basic understanding of how SEO works. As you know the difference of being on the 1st page of Google is just incredible for ones business. Your blog is excellent. You have offered some really terrific tips for those who are looking to rank better online.

  • “How to write your own back links ”
    honestly speaking i thought you were going to tell some way to crate back-links on the fly but now i see that there are many ways to get quality back-links which affect search engine ranking
    thanks for the post
    .-= johnny@travel insurance over 75´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  • Cool post & a very cool pointer to what a great idea the 100 or so questions I have lying around can now be forwarded / published directly to the web,
    even better I can do it from my phone at any time 🙂 Thanks
    .-= Goldfish Guy´s last blog ..My goldfish are losing their colour? =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Ashland MA Real Estate
    Thanks for your kind words! Yes, always know when one of my sites / hubs / lenses etc hits the first page in Google — because of the income jump, don’t even have to check the ranking anymore, SY

    Lol, no, nothing “on the fly” here, just good, honest work. SY

    @Goldfish Guy
    You found a really cool way to use posterous, well done! SY

  • Your back link strategy is pretty good. I think blogs commenting is also another feature in creating back links.

  • hospitalera

    @The Counselor
    Just don’t spam! SY

  • I’ve been looking for good SEO tips and resources. The info you gave is a good start for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • This article of yours is really nice and very informative. Thanks for sharing and helping me to learn from you about blogging. I have really become a fan of this blog. What a lovely treat for my Grey matter. Thanks a ton.

  • hospitalera

    @Larry & @John Hardy
    You are both welcome! SY

  • Alex

    I didn’t know that your links on hubpages will become dofollow when your author score rises. I should work on it.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, they do this to keep the spammers out, too many people just put up a few spammy hubs and think they have made a real SEO effort for their site. Good backlinks need a bit more of an effort, they are nothing what you can get with a fly-by comment on a dofollow blog if you get my hint! SY

  • Sally Brown

    This was so much informative. Thanks for sharing this. Do follow blogs are nice but you have to be very careful for spammers.

  • hospitalera

    @Sally Brown
    I am, don’t worry 😉 SY

  • Sports Handicapping

    This is one of the nicest blog sites I have seen, and you’re 100% right regarding backlinks. But no matter what precautions you put in place spammers will find a way around it.

  • hospitalera

    @Sports Handicapping
    Really? SY

  • Brian

    I can’t really say that a backlink from bad neighborhoods are harmful to you. What I mean is, you can’t control people who want to link to your site right? well just my opinion.

  • hospitalera

    Have a look at this post from Google’s official blog you might change your mind! SY

  • Mike T

    Nice article, just shows they are many ways to promote your site through link building. Id like to add another way which is article marketing there are many article sites that allow free submission one is ezinearticles.

  • hospitalera

    @Mike T
    Thanks for your input, yes, you are right, article submissions are another great way to build up organic and related backlinks, SY

  • You have told comprehensively how we can write our own do follow links. Although I was aware hubpages and squidoo, the information on posterous and infobarrel is new and quite useful. thanks for the good updates.
    .-= macbook pro´s last blog ..Apple Macbook 13? Screen Assembly Used In As New Cond. =-.

  • Very interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    I’ve had great success in submitting articles to the likes of ezine articles. I try to make them interesting and above all useful to the reader. Sure you get a few bits of traffic directly but more importantly the best articles get used by other sites. If these sites are high page rank then you’re on a winner.


  • Dofollow blog commenting is probably my main source of backlinks. However your idea here of using the hosted WordPress platform to build blogs purely for backlinks sounds interesting to me, if a lot of work!