Hyperactive Disorder and Blogging

I thought today I give you a look into my hyperactive brain 😉

Whilst I am typing this blog post I am watching a movie on my laptop, run a Market Samurai research and have several browser tabs open. One to moderate incoming comments on my blog, others to research some more topics I want to write about in the near future. And from time to time I am giving computer help to my hubby that shares the same office with me. That is completely normal for me and without this setup I couldn’t work at all!

When I was a child, my mother always told me off for not concentrating properly on my homework and doing other things alongside it. She never understood that my homework and learning actually became worse when the music was turned off and I was not allowed to write an essay and read a completely unrelated book at the same time.
I even used to read a book whilst walking home from school, but I kicked the habit after some near accidents 😉 Coming to books and reading, I read 3-4 times faster then the average person and read always several books parallel. Am I normal? And what has this whole Hyperactive disorder thing to do with blogging?

Yes, I consider myself normal, as normal as you, and you and you over there, are normal as well. Everybody functions in slightly different ways and some are more peculiar then others. So how do this hyperactive disorder or hyperactive brain actually affects my blogging?

First it is great for gathering information as I able to read fast and listen at the same time. So that I can take in a lot of information in a short time.
Second it is bad when I actually want to start writing my blog post, I get easily distracted by what I am typing and tempted to do just a bit more of research or to explore a related keywords. That is the reason why I am listening (via head phones) to a movie whilst typing.

It keeps me distracted enough to be able to focus on this blog post. Does that make sense? 😉

What peculiarity do you have? How does it affect your blogging and how do you adjust / cope with it?

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8 comments to Hyperactive Disorder and Blogging

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Great post! It’s interesting to see how you go about doing what you do, and to learn the methods you use to work. You have been able to figure out how to use your hyperactive disorder in a positive way and have become very successful in spite of it!

    Allergies and asthma rule my life, and sometimes it’s necessary to work about the flare-ups that come along. They also deeply effect my energy levels. I work around this by resting when necessary and then getting to work–even if it means working in the evenings and on the weekends, or even getting up early in the morning. Working around the allergies and asthma is challenging, but it can be done.

    The important thing is to find a positive way to use whatever peculiarity you have and/or the way to work around it, and experiment until you have found the right methods that help you to become successful in all you do.

    I can relate to your comment about being able to read several books at the same time–I’m also like this. Nice to meet a fellow parallel multibook reader!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • Wow! That is really impressive that you can listen to a movie while you are typing 🙂 I try to listen to music, but then I feel like all of the words run together in my head when I am trying to proofread my work. Yikes!

  • hospitalera

    I think we have to go a step further and see our “disorders” as something positive, than they will become positive to us.

    Not impressive at all, just the way my brain works. SY

  • Great post. I can see how it helps with blogging. I could never read 3 – 4 books at the same time, one is more than enough for me. I would not call it a disorder though, it hs it’s advantages!

  • hospitalera

    It is an advantage, but also a disorder, remember the part that I read, as a child, whilst walking home? SY


    I would say you are extra ordinary. I think of it more as a talent. some people can even concentrate on just one thing. So when you say you can be a multi tasker in educating yourself. Well….Geeez. I would eat, drink, or whatever your having so that I may be the same. Great blog.

  • hospitalera

    Like I said, it is an advantage, like it is a disadvantage, SY

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