I give a backlink for your questions

If you ask me a question, I will work a link back to you in the answer. So go ahead, all family friendly questions allowed! Just leave a comment with your question (only one per comment please), your url and your key words you want to have your link answered with. Extra brownie points for the first commenter, don’t be shy 😉

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10 comments to I give a backlink for your questions

  • How can I realistically get more traffic & comments on my blog?

  • hospitalera

    Can you specify your question a bit more? What do you want to ask? How to get more traffic/ visitors to your blog or you to get the visitors that you have to comment on your blog? Remember, only one question please. You also missed to tell me the key words you want your url linked with. As you rank already high in the SERP for Ricky Yates, what about ‘Anglican Chaplain Prague’? Would that be ok for you? 😉

  • I’m enjoying your new blog and all the information you’re putting in here!

    I would like to earn money from my blogging, and have monetized my blogs, but how to get readers who will really click on ads, and how to get people to buy from my shops?

    Thanks–and have a great day!
    Sher :0)

    • hospitalera

      That would be basically ‘How to monetize a personal blog’ instead of ‘How to monetize a niche blog’. Great theme, whilst I am writing the answer post can you also please give me the key words you want be linked with? 😉

  • Answer the first question – How to get more traffic (other than the spammers * insert evil grin here*) visitors to my blog?

    Anglican Chaplain, Prague is fine.

  • hospitalera

    Great, I will get to work immediately! BTW, Chaplain sounds so stiff, may I call you ‘Chap’? 😉

  • Which brand laptop can you recommend. The last one, a DELL, bought in December 2007, is a head ache from day 1.
    I had a nice laptop, a Toshiba, in pre I-net time, the brand still okay?
    I’ve broadband, 1 Mph – wireless connection, speedy…but with old computers like mine now (Philips) get a pain in my arm and head.)

  • Types of Advertisements in a blog and where shall we place it?

  • What if you have won a bid on review job, and then you have finished the job, the job review advertiser told you that he like your post but he have not approved your post yet and automatically he have not paid you yet. What will you do ? Eliminated post from your blog, asking help to review provider or direct to communicate with the publisher (it’s almost impossible according your position only related with the review provider). And please give a reason because it’s nearly my case that I have been facing.

  • hospitalera

    That is a question that I can’t answer because it all depends on the contract/ agreement you have which should state the time that can pass between approval and payment. In all I would ask/ advice form the review provider. SY