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Hi, I am back home and can you update now on the captcha situation that caused the problem so that nobody was able to comment on my blog.

First of all
I am sure imHuman captcha is based on a great idea and the malfunctioning was most likely caused by an incompatibility with one or more other plugins I am using. And there is the catch for me! This blog is about blogging, tech stuff included. I often use plugins and then write a blog post about them as I did here: Blogging Tools. And that involves installing and using and testing and evaluating new plugins I come accross and that might be useful for my readers — you. So, I simply can’t risk that a new plugin upsets an old one, the plugin that doesn’t play well along with the others gets send outside until it learns to behave 😉

So, my suggestion to the developer of the imhuman plugin. Why don’t you include a security catch that automatically disables the plugin when a conflict occurs? That way people would be still able to post their comments during a malfunction of the plugin.

Oh, and I forget to mention we still use this plugin over at my husbands’ blog and it is behaving well there. But it simply doesn’t like my blog and the community of other plugins here 😉

A great blogger I know just found said one time recently “You are becoming the creator of your own writing destiny” Go ahead and read Jennifer’s Procrastinating Writers Blog, it is worth it 😉

So, with that, I am off now to hunt for a new captcha plugin for this blog. Anybody any suggestions?

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