Important Amazon Store Update

If you have a dynamic Amazon Store on your site(s), there are some important steps you have to take to make sure it will continue to work after the 15th August. These doesn’t apply to Amazon aStores like my shop here on this blog. It applies only to stores with dynamic content, meaning stores created via an app or a script that uses the amazon API. From the Amazon affiliates website:

“We want to remind you that all calls to the Product Advertising API must be authenticated using request signatures by August 15, 2009. Please remember that calls to the Product Advertising API that are not signed will not be processed after August 15, 2009.”

I am just testing out Associate-O-Matic and they put the following information up on their website:

“Amazon is making some changes to their terms of use which in turn will require us to modify Associate-O-Matic to comply.
These changes will require a few additions to Associate-O-Matic…
– Timestamp and popup disclaimer next to any pricing displayed
– Specific Amazon disclaimer on store pages
– New authentication requirement for all Amazon requests. We will be incorporating this functionality into the upcoming AOM v4.2.0 release. Amazon requires that all developers have this in place by August 15, 2009. This means that all AOM users will need to upgrade to AOM v4.2.0 or newer by August 15, 2009, AS PRIOR VERSIONS OF AOM WILL NOT WORK AFTER THAT DATE.
You can register for these special Amazon IDs now in preparation for the change:

1. Your Access Key ID
2. Your Secret Access Key (never share this one)

In AOM v4.2.0 you’ll be able to enter these IDs into your AOM Control Panel.”

After you have registered with Amazon web services, you will find the two access keys in your account. Make sure to enter them into the application you use before the 15th August 2009 if not, your store will be empty after that date!

Again that does not apply to aStores or to any static Amazon referral link you use, it only applies to applications and scripts that use the Amazon API to call products from their database and displays them in your store.

  • Make sure that you use the latest version of your script or application and that it is updated to allow the keys being submitted.
  • Make sure your store complies with all the other new Amazon requirements.
  • Do all this before the 15th August to avoid your store being empty.

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6 comments to Important Amazon Store Update

  • This is really weird, but when I went to visit this post, it was blocked for review, and I had to bypass that. Did you know that?

  • hospitalera

    Yes, it was my fault, I published it too early accidentally and then took it back into “draft” to correct that. SY

  • Katherine

    I definitely need to update my disclaimer with the Amazon one. Thanks for providing this!

  • hospitalera

    Yes, do so, the 15th is just around the corner, SY

  • I was never aware of the Associate-O-Matic, but it looks like it could be useful to make a little extra cash. Do you make very much from it?

  • hospitalera

    Just started out, so far too early to say. But I saw a lot of stores that are indexed and have a Pagerank, so that is a good sign. The challenge is to add enough original content to set of the double content and to narrow down the search results so that each shop shows only relevant products. SY