Internet Marketing and Weight Loss

No, that is not a blog post about how to break into one of the most competitive niches on the market. It is a comparison BETWEEN Internet Marketing and Weight Loss.

Like a lot of people, since I work from home, my best trained muscles are the ones on my fingers that busily type the whole day 😉 Sitting for hours without end before the computer, doesn’t help to keep your slim and fit. Ok, yes, it keeps your brain cells fit and your fingers slim, but that’s it. As I am not a big dancer myself, combining Online Income with Dancesport like Lis does, isn’t an option 😉

I have to resort to more traditional methods like reducing my calorie intake and increasing the amount of calories I burn each day. Read, diet and exercise ;-(
Now whilst eating healthy and going to the Gym, it occurred to me that there are similarities between loosing weight and internet marketing. This is what I came up with:

You need a goal, if you don’t know where you want to go, you will not get there. If you just say “I need to loose weight / get fitter” it will not work. You have to set yourself a goal like “in the next three months I will loose 15kg”. If you just say “I want to earn money online”, it will not work. If you say “In three month, I will have earned $1000.” that will get you working – and getting there!!!

You have to work to have success. Dreaming of working out in the gym will not loose you one ounce of weight, dreaming how to make money on the internet will not earn you one cent! You actually have to work to reach your goals.

Perseverance: You have If you say “I should go more often to the Gym.” you will go less and less often, until you don’t go anymore. If you say “I will go three times per week to the gym.” and stick to it, you will loose weight – and get fitter! If you say “I should build more niche web sites.”, it will not work. If you say, “Over the next three months I will build xyz niche web sites that are centered around buying, profitable keywords”, and stick to it, it will work. Perseverance is the key as well to weight loss success, as to success in making money online.

So I have set myself two goals: Loosing 20 kilos over the next three months by reducing my daily calorie intake by half and by going three times per week to the gym. Doubling my online income over the next three months by (forgive that I don’t reveal my methods for that ;-)) But I will blog about it, promised! 😉

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16 comments to Internet Marketing and Weight Loss

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    I’ve been staying up to date with your blog while in the US–and have enjoyed it!

    These are great tips–and good luck with both of your endeavors! Are you still doing the juice diet?

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)
    .-= Sher´s last blog ..The Expat Spirit =-.

  • I always work out with my significant other because I too sit behind a computer all day long. It keeps me motivated and give me more energy to work all day long 🙂

  • One niche I don’t touch is weight loss – not just because its highly competitive but it just ruins so many people’s lives. If you want my not so humble opinion- don’t try to 1/2 your intake – you will just put on weight – its how I got to the weight I am – your body will conserve fat for the famine – if there is ever a famine I can assure you I will survive LOL! Instead cut the food down a bit but make sure you exercise at least once a day – even if its a just a walk around the block during the day – its quite good for the RSI and the brain as well as waking up the metabolism! Thanks for the link! I am number one for that phrase LOL
    .-= lissie@passive income´s last blog ..Teaching Sells: Does it Work? =-.

  • hospitalera

    No, lol, 10 days of juice fasting was enough, I am now on a normal, calorie reduced, diet.

    I tried, but so far he doesn’t show much enthusiasm! But he likes to go for long walks, that helps also 😉

    Don’t worry, 1/2 the amount of the typical “Prague Style” food will not send me in starvation mood 😉 The main ingredient in Czech food is fat! Wait until you come over and see for yourself. SY

  • great stuff. I am into online marketing and working out. fun stuff!

  • hospitalera

    @Las Vegas landscaping
    Landscaping sounds like a lot of working out to me 😉 SY

  • Rebecca

    Nice post. And I agree – Having a clear and very specific goal in mind is much better than having just a general idea of what you want to achieve. Another good thing is to visualize and imagine that we already have what we want to accomplish. It soon becomes reality for us.

  • Joanna

    While there are thousands of blogs talking about loosing weight, the thing I like about your blog is that it offers no instant miracle formula like popping a pill and next day you are two pounds lighter. I feel more bloggers should accept the reality about how weight loss occurs naturally and its benefits in leading a healthier life.

  • hospitalera

    There is NO instant formula to loose weight, it is simply: Use up more calories then you do eat! SY

  • lexi

    I love the analogy! You are absolutely correct… if you want to lose weight or make money on the Internet, you have to work at it, and not just think about it… or dream about it.

  • hospitalera

    Exactly, and you have to start slowly and build up from there. SY

  • Linda

    Great post, really. I enjoyed reading that, you’ve built a great blog here. I really liked the analogy too.

    And you’re absolutely right, nobody gets anywhere with a dream alone. A lot of people have a dream. But the vast majority of people who acheive their dreams work for it and are usually the most persistent at what they’re doing. Quitters never win, winners never quit – that’s what I say to myself when I have a bad day.

    @Lissie – I don’t think the weight loss niche ruins peoples lives. I think certain products peddled in the weight loss niche ruin peoples lives. There’s a lot of dud products out there that target the most desperate people and just don’t deliver on the promises made. That’s the problem in my opinion.

  • hospitalera

    “Quitters never win, winners never quit.” Nice one, have to add that to my collection of sayings. There is another group of people that are at risk when it comes to weight loss, people with eating disorders like anorexia. A lot of people that frequent weight loss sites don’t need to loose weight at all! SY

  • Linda

    It’s a good saying isn’t it 🙂

  • In my case I’m not going to gyms, but every day I walk one hour. It keeps me in shape and in touch with the real world. Internet marketing is sometimes alienating. Sometimes I think that I’m earning commissions since many years, from people who do not even know his voice.

  • hospitalera

    I like walking actually more then the gym, for more interesting, but unfortunately you only exercise certain muscles. Apart of fitness, I also go to the gym to loosen my shoulder / neck muscles that are in a horrible state with all the hours before the computer, SY