Ok so with the recession still in full swing many people are turning to the internet in order to find new ways to make a living. One downfall of this that there are many companies and people out there designed to take advantage of this new market by providing make money online schemes. These can range from Forex robots to penny stocks all of which sound very new and modern but are often no different than the overnight success schemes of years ago.

So the question I get all the time is are there legitimate ways to make a living online? Well the truth is yes however despite over a decade surfing around the net I have yet to see a program/scheme/ebook that will make you rich overnight, im also a big believer in the saying that if it is too good to be true then it probably is. However I don’t want to leave you disheartened as I personally know many people who do make a lot of money on the internet and they are neither incredibly smart nor fantastically hard working.

The cornerstone of creating an online income in my opinion is to create a website that people actually want to use, this means creating good content from the start. The next most important thing is to be in a market that you have chance of surviving in. There’s no point going up against Nike trying to outrank them on google for Nike Shox however cornering the sneaker insole market could be much more achievable. Indeed this is where many people go wrong as they pick a completely unrealistic market to work in and then get frustrated and give up because they never get anywhere.

As you can see the key is finding a niche to start with, this doesn’t mean you have to stay niche for ever but it will get you off and running.


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6 comments to Is making money online as easy as it seems?

  • george

    There’s really nothing wrong with making money online, for as long as you’re not involved on a scam or something. We can’t blame people to look for a living through the internet, because that’s just how life is…the economy is getting worst…and where can we turn to?
    – George of http://omahahvac.net/

  • Mark Slater

    The Internet, with its “web” having an astronomical reach sure has the power to turn a small business into a corporate firm. Making money online totally depends on what the idea is based upon. One can easily make profits if the content provided to the readers or internet users is quality based and if the users can benefit from that work. Online Advertisement and Marketing are one of the biggest money making internet jobs today. Internet blogs and websites can generate enough profit and people do make a living out of it.

  • I’ll say it this way. Can you make money online; yes. Can you make big money online; probably not. Sure, there are a few stories here and there, but the percentage of people making enough money online to support themselves is probably less than .5%. Worse odds than making it as a professional athlete, or so it seems.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Facebook Changes And Alter Egos =-.

  • hospitalera

    Point taken 😉 SY