Is the Niche Devil Affiliate Program working?

Yesterday, as I wrote about the possible Niche Devil Scam I wrote in one of my comments “I might have an ugly surprise for everybody that signed up to their referral program.” But the more I dug, the more ugly surprises I found out, here they are:

As I was researching Niche Devil, I was also signing up for their referral program. I didn’t look further into this, I just signed up and got my link. After I finished my research into Niche Devil, I added the link as a joke to the end of my Niche Devil Review. Then it dawned on me that I never looked up what the affiliate provision for Niche Devil actually is. I only added the link as a joke and perhaps even as a research tool to see how many people would buy the product after what was basically a negative review. So I went to the Niche Devil affiliate web site, but I couldn’t find this basic information. I mean, that is a bit harsh or? These guys built a new site to support their products and they “forget” to tell their affiliate partners what they will make? After I lot of searching I found the info finally on bloggerunleashed, the vlog of the guy that sells Niche Devil. Vic states there: “Niche Devil sells for $97 and Affiliates get paid 50%” That is the explanation why at the moment every man and his dog are promoting niche devil. Not because it is a good and proven to work product, it is because they pay a high commission.

What I found when searching their web site were two links in the section “support” to a forum and to a blog. The forum being locked and containing only one post, the blog never having been written on. Also quite impressive! Finally I found the support ticket system and submitted the following support ticket, after, to no avail, having searched for answers to this and other questions on the site.

“Hi, I signed up yesterday for your referral program, I could retrieve the referral link fine, but I am unable to find out  our referral commission. I also would be interested to know if it is possible to see click statistics. I also stumbled upon the option in my account to put in / submit my clickbank details. Do I have to do this in order to take advantage of the affiliate program? I tried to find all this out via your forum or blog. The first is locked and contains only one post, the other never got to its first post. Any clarification about this would be appreciated, SY”

What I got back was the following:

“Hi there, Our affiliate system is tied in with clickbank, you need to enter your clickbank id on the my account->affiliate settings page and you will be paid by clickbank directly. Unfortunately we have no click tracking software, however one of the benefits of our software is is that once you refer a customer, the cookie cannot be overridden by another affiliate ensuring you will always receive credit where credit is due.”

No answer to my other questions so far. Impressive, isn’t it? So first of all, why do they put up a whole affiliate page to sign up to if they, in the end, route all through clickbank??? Note also that they never answered my other question regarding commission. WOW, what an affiliate set-up, letting you sign up to one program only to discover that you need a second one to get your money. Bearing in mind that the second one could do the job alone, without the first one!!! Now clickbank is a pain in the backside at the best of times to use, but I searched their market place and guess what next? I couldn’t find Niche Devil on it! Also it hasn’t appeared “magically” on my vendor list, I checked that also. Now how on earth will that work???
As a little site note, I also noticed that the support person hadn’t a clue how their site worked as they do provide click reporting via the “campaigns” section.

So here the ugly surprises in summary:
You need a clickbank account to participate in the program but the product is not available on clickbank. So if they use clickbank to pay their affiliates how does that work??? Plus support is, to put it politely, not really knowledgeable about how there own system works plus their blog and forum are empty/ locked. Would you trust such a site? Me not.

Will you be paid as an affiliate of Niche Devil? Probably only if you were one of the chosen few to be contacted directly by them. If you are a “second wave” sign up like me, I seriously doubt it due to the set up outlined above.

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24 comments to Is the Niche Devil Affiliate Program working?

  • The forum is really active for something that has been running for 10 days 75 topics/ 566 replies – I’m not sure what you are looking at but its not the right place.

    I added a clarification of the Affiliate program to my review on my blog. I guess I thought everyone in MMO did Clickbank – I think it was the first affiliate I ever signed up with. 50% commission is pretty ordinary to be honest. It may be awesome if they come up with other products that people buy as well with my affiliate but at the moment I would say its average for a MMO affiliate program.
    If you are non-US they will send you a check after you reach $50? and have 5 different modes of payment on your sales (reduces fraud). They pay fortnightly I think (at most monthly) once you fulfil those requirements.

    The basic info on the % of sale was in the email sent to you on sign up as an affiliate

    Clickbank does basic stats (hops they call them) – I prefer to use a phplink cloaker I’ve flogged on my blog I like all my stats in one place. Clickbank is free to sign up with (from distant memory) instant approval. Hope that clarifies – the product may well not be for you – thats fine – but you are dead wrong on the Affiliate program – there’s nothing dodgy and I know Rob has already amended the signup page to make it clearer

  • hospitalera

    Forum, that is the one I am looking at, log out ans see what I see. I can’t log into it either, it returns a “You have specified an incorrect or inactive username or an invalid password.” So it seems the forum is not available for everyone.
    I have an account with clickbank and I am using it since some time. But thanks for the information about it you provided, I am sure it will be beneficial to my readers that don’t use clickbank. The points I don’t understand is why a) I have to sign up with the Niche Devil site if they just could manage all via clickbank? And b) Why is Niche Devil not on the Clickbank Marketplace. And c) How will Clickbank pay me for product sales that haven’t taken place on Clickbank? SY

  • Can you not login using the email that you signed up with as your login name and the same password as your affiliate areas one?

    a) The idea with signing up with the IQBizz site is so that you get ongoing commissions with new products – this is not a feature of standard CB affiliate sales.

    b) Niche Devil isn’t on the CB marketplace because I guess they don’t want it to be – my guess – and thats what it is – was to give those of use who have been with Vic for a while the inside running on the affiliate sales and not have to compete with the probloggers of this world – but thats just my speculation.

    c) My Niche devil sales have taken place on CB – I can totally assure you that I can see my Niche Devil sales on my clickbank account along with other CB sales. And the number of sales match between IQBizz and CB. CB will pay me as normal -well assuming a few more people use credit cards so that I can the current hold released *sigh*.

    They are using CB as the affiliate manager for these products because managing affiliates is a non-trivial exercise. CB doesn’t mind – they get their cut as I updated on my original blog.

  • Rob

    Hi there,

    We made a choice to use Delavo to handle our affilaite system as it prevents the large majority of people buying the product though their own affilaite link and overiding the commision that should have been applied to the original referrer. It was done this way purely to protect our affiliates as much as it is possible. The reason you were unable to find NicheDevil in the clickbank marketplace is that Clickbank only allows one marketplace listing per account and we have used that one listing for another product. It is a shame clickbank only allows one listing as it reduces visibility for all additional products in your account.

    I have added the commission rate to the affiliates page in addition to the email that is sent out on signup.

    Regarding the forum, only purchasers of a product has an account created there automatically. I will try to find a way for the same to happen for people who sign up as an affiliate who havent bought the product, either that or create a public forum with a place for affilaites to ask questions.

    Thankyou for pointing out some flaws in our system it is appreciated very much.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for confirming that you actually see the Niche Devil sales in your Clickbank account and that the numbers match up. Can I ask you also to come back here and tell us if anybody has asked a refund? Obviously not the end numbers / $, just a follow up when you actually got paid?

    Thanks for stopping by and answering some questions. May I ask you also to answer some of the questions / concerns voiced here:
    Regarding only one market place listing allowed, checking the Vendor Help section on clickbank here: that doesn’t seem to be correct. You can have up to 500 products in your account as long as they share the same url that acts as a gateway to all of your products or you could simply have opened a second vendor account. Clickbank allows that. SY

  • Rob

    Hi, yes you are right you can have 500 products per account but you can only list one of those products in the marketplace at anyone time, when we have more products launched we may flip the url to link to our complete products page. While you are correct that we could have created mulitple accounts with clickbank for each product, we felt the extra adminsitration and paperwork is not worth the trade off for just having the extra marketplace product listings, also beacuse our affiliate system enables commisions to be earnt on all subsequent products bought after the first having separate clickbank accounts for each would have made process much more difficult to ensure. We currently have around 15 products in active devlopment at the moment with more to come, having a clickbank account for each of them would be overkill. I hope these clarified your questions.
    I will take a look at your other post and answer some questions over there. Thanks.

  • 50% is a hugely high commission, which is probably why I have heard so much about Niche Devil lately too! They also seem to be doing a pretty fantastic job of dodging your questions, but too bad you have the upper hand because you are reviewing it on your blog 🙂

  • HospitelareNot

    It is funny how you write about something being a SCAM, when in reality you don’t know who you are dealing with.
    By the way, you have adsense in your website … lol…
    I hope you don’t get your adsense account suspended next week.

  • hospitalera

    If the remark regarding my adsense account is a thread than may I remind you that wordpress logs the IP address of the commenter? SY

  • Hi Hospital person… I have some great advice for you and I really want you to consider it ok?
    wait for it, wait for it…

    Don’t sign up with ND, don’t use it, and don’t promote it.

    there you go! Have a great day ok?

  • hospitalera

    I will certainly follow your advice 😉 SY

  • I’m really not understanding this threatening stance people are taking. While I don’t believe it’s a scam, I certainly believe in free speech and she/he is exercising it.

    Don’t make the MMO community look like a bunch of d**chebags by threatening someone’s livelihood.

    Hospitalera, Vic is a pretty cool guy, I don’t see him coming here and making comments anonymously. It’s not his style. Thanks for the opinion piece, I am gonna be following Lissie closely to see how she does with ND.

    Too bad it got sold out. It is worth trying for 60 days.

  • hospitalera

    I am also interested to know how it works out after a few months and how many refund requests Vic gets 😉 SY

  • alex farguson

    Come on dude, these facts* and proof* i mean who is posting* lol 😛

  • hospitalera

    What are you taking about? Care to be a bit more precise? SY

  • morison dony

    To start earning money with your blog, initially use Google Adsense but gradually as your traffic increases, keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.

  • hospitalera

    @morison dony
    I disagree completely, you have to choose the right method from the beginning, just slapping Google Adsense on everything will not get you anywhere. Adsense is great for focused niche blogs, but not for sites / blogs where the topics change a lot. Also giving the reader / visitor too many choices will confuse them and in the end they buy / click nothing. More and more money making programs will result in less and less income. Just my 2 cents, SY

  • it job

    All these referral programs gave become extremely popular as the job search during the crisis made people less peculiar.

  • hospitalera

    @it job
    Can you try again? I have no clue what you are trying to say! SY

  • You would be able to view the commission via Clickbank itself right?
    .-= Anand´s last blog ..3 + 1 Things A Niche Blogger Needs To Be Successful =-.

  • hospitalera

    I know from one person so far that got paid, so at least it has worked for her / him. SY

  • But I am not sure if the affiliate program still exists on CB. I don’t see them in the marketplace now.
    .-= Anand@Google Wave Tricks´s last blog ..Submit An Idea To Google Wave Team =-.

  • hospitalera

    They declared the program “sold out” a few days after the launch, see here:

  • Ohw okay..I guess I will have to read more current blog
    .-= Anand@Google Wave Invites´s last blog ..Submit An Idea To Google Wave Team =-.