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If you are into making money online and don’t read John Chows blog regularly, then you are living under a rock, seriously. John Chow is a first generation internet marketer, means he is one of those that invented the game. He got himself banned from Google for several years, continued to make money without Google and is now back in the Google index again. His blog is top notch, updated several times a day and a reliable source of information when it comes to making money online.* Like many money bloggers, John Chow has an ebook, but unlike many other money bloggers, he gives it away for free. Ok, nearly for free, you have to give him your email address, you know for list building and all this 😉 John Chow’s ebook is also different in respect to that you can re-distribute it for free, as long as you don’t change the content! To down load John Chow’s ebook from Hospitalera’s Blog for free click on the link at the end of this article. No email sign up necessary.

So, I downloaded his ebook…and have to say:

Update your ebook John Chow!

This ebook resembles a blog that hasn’t been updated for years, whilst some of the information contained is timeless, other is hopelessly outdated and a lot of the links to background information sites / posts are broken. The pieces that are still actual are the ones that deal with internet history, attitude and work ethic. He also has some good tips up his sleeves on how to stick to blogging and on how to connect with the wider community. But that takes up only part of the book. The rest is about recommended software, plugins and programs. And here a lot of links are either broken or the recommendation is outdated by how the internet has developed over the last years. To benefit from this part of the book you need to know quite a bit about the current developments and alternatives in this market. For example he recommends using the sidebar widget, something that is now incorporated into each WordPress installation for version higher then 2.2. One of many examples where the book needs updating.

Summary: Is this book worth reading? Definitively yes, even if it would be only for the history bit at the end, that gives us “youngsters” a nice round-up how it was back in ‘ye good ole days of the dot com gold rush, how it all ended in a big crash and how internet marketing changed, survived and made a comeback. The www is really like a phoenix 😉 The other positive point is that the book doesn’t contain any sales pitches of “further John Chow products”, nothing like “now you know a little, but buy XYZ for $$$$$ and I will tell you all!” John Chow tells all in his ebook, as of 2007 unfortunately.
The other great thing about this ebook is also that it teaches you how a good linkbait looks like. This whole ebook is a linkbait for his blog and also spiked with referral links and affiliate links to the products and services he recommends. I bet that thanks to these links he has earned more in affiliate sales then he could ever earn by selling the book! So yes, download the book, read it and use common sense when checking out the recommendations. If it is nothing else it is still a great guide to blogging and a glimpse into the past of internet marketing.

John Chow’s Blog John Chow’s ebook (free, no signup necessary)

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9 comments to John Chow ebook review

  • I am not sure that I would want to read that e-book if the information is not too updated. Not to be mean, but it sounds a little bit more like a historical document. But hey, you can definitely learn from history since it repeats itself!

  • John Chow started fantastically and his blog still makes so much money, but most of his posts these days are pretty ordinary. Anyway, I keep following him as I am sure many others do.

  • hospitalera

    It is still worth readying, if only for the part were he explains which attitudes are necessary to be successful and the history bits, like you said, we can always learn from it! And I personally think that the internet is coming again full circle with the new recession we are experiencing.
    Yes, his blog is getting a bit boring, but I am still keeping an eye on him, in the end – it is John Chow we are speaking about, things can change rather quickly with this guy. SY

  • I don’t read John Chow regularly, so I guess this is worth for me.

  • hospitalera

    @Investment Property
    Like I said, as it is free, what do you have to lose? SY

  • Kendra Collier

    “nearly for free, you have to give him your email address, you know for list building and all this”

    So he sells the email addy’s! hmmm! NO THANKS!!

  • hospitalera

    @Kendra Collier
    Just use a “disposable” one like gmail. Or download it here from this site (see end of article) SY

  • @Kendra

    I don’t think you will find any reputable internet marketers selling email lists. They make more selling products to their email list, than selling email addresses.

  • hospitalera

    I agree, I didn’t get any spam so far via the email address I used, just a few “special offers”. Still not using ones main email address for sign ups like this is a good idea. I remember, the first time I built a web site, I even put my email address up on plain view, for every bot in the world to collect. I learnt 😉 SY