Join the challenge, get Market Samurai for free

Rofl, I guess a lot of people, especially the kind of A-list bloggers and internet marketers that sing continuously the ‘don’t let money on the table’ song, will now declare me for stupid! Doesn’t matter, this offer is too good to not pass it on to my readers!

As you all know, I am a real Market Samurai fan girl and promote the product where ever I can. Now Vance from has alerted me yesterday to the fact that this years challenge (previously known as the 30 day challenge) will in fact go over three months AND they offer a free trial of Market Samurai for the whole period!

Yups, a free 100 days trial for Market Samurai!

The challenge is free to join, just sign up here and then go to one of the blog posts to download your free trial, for example this one: (Scroll down, right sidebar, under related resources).

Quick note, have to run, the challenge is a yearly event that teaches newbies and veterans how to make money on the internet, for free! Plus they offer a lot of free software trials ect during the time the challenge runs. I keep an eye on them since 2005! And every year I learned something new and / or found a new piece of software / website etc that proved valuable for long time. Guess, what? I got my own Market Samurai program through last years challenge 😉 So, time to pay it back, here the two links again:

Sign up for the Challenge and learn making money online.

Download your 100 days free trial of Market Samurai from this site.

Are there things I don’t like about the challenge? Not really, the only things that might upset some people, are  that you obviously get some promotional emails over time from them (but less than you get from your average A-list blogger). And for some people the ‘now we all do this at the same time’ approach simply doesn’t work. The Challenge is very much geared towards people that like an exact step-by-step instruction on how to proceed as well as people that know already how the game is played and are just after a bit of additional knowledge and some cool software deals, but don’t care too much about the actual teaching. If you are somewhere in between, you might want to try The Keyword Acedemy It is not free, but the trial month is only $1 and as you see, my friend Lissie recommends it 😉

Have to run now, see you around the interwebs!

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4 comments to Join the challenge, get Market Samurai for free

  • I personally own a copy of Market Samurai and can vouch for its effectiveness. I know people who’ve paid 5 times as much for other software that doesn’t do any more. My focus is on the competitive niche of Indianapolis homes for sale. To be able to analyze my competition and see the data visually represented in such a nice way really helps.

  • Well, I took the challenge and downloaded Market Samurai. It was a week a go now. And what do I think? I think how on earth did I ever manage without it! This is such an indispensible piece of software. I can do in a few hours what used to take me days, and on top of that I can do a whole host of stuff that wasn’t possible before. Thanks for the recommendation, superb!

  • Thanks a lot for pointing me at this. Your link just extend my trial phase of Market Samurai to 42 days 🙂 By the way, wasn’t 42 “the answer to life, the universe and everything”?

    And your link to is another great resource for me, as I am thinking about starting some affiliate marketing. The problem for me is, that there are lot of tips and hints out there, but very little real examples to follow. I know that’s the problem, because when you explain your own successfull niche project, you can be sure that it won’t be a niche any longer 😉

    So I am curious what the has in stock for me.

  • […] bin ich erst vor einigen Wochen durch den Blog-Artikel Join the challenge, get Market Samurai for free auf ein sehr interessantes “Mitmach-Projekt” aufmerksam […]