Keyword Academy is lowering prices!

Update 28th January 2012: I am not recommending TKA anymore, for the reason please see this blog post >Idea Theft<.

Update 27th July 2010: Even their trial month is now completely free, they just waived the $1 fee for the first month!

Back in April when I read on Lissie’s Blog that The Keyword Academy was about to increase their monthly subscription fee from $33 to $67, it was for me the last push I needed to join them in order to benefit from the lower price. This morning I received an email saying that this monthly fee has been reduced again to the old price of $33. So, why am I writing about all this when, in fact, it doesn’t affect me at all? Lets look first at what The Keyword Academy (TKA) actually is, what it offers, what it does well and what it does not so well.

TKA is a membership and monthly site that teaches people how to make money online by teaching them how to choose profitable and low competition keywords to build sites around them.

Their method in finding these sort of keywords works top-notch and additionally they offer the use of a range of online based tools to make this task even easier and to help you with your own accountability. And there is postrunner, basically a guest posting hub distribution center that makes and receiving guest posts for your site a blast. Plus an active, troll-free forum were a lot first class internet marketers (the sort that makes money, not the sort that claims to make money) are willing to share in their experiences. Plus videos, webinars and q&a sessions, they even do a regular q&a for the ones of us that are in the European time zones.

So, they provide sound teaching and great tools, why did they reduce the price then? From the horses ones mouth (love that sentence 😉 ): “… many of our new members don’t understand the value of PostRunner until they’ve been around a while, and $67 is just too high during the time they get their head around what we’re doing here.” , the ‘horse’ is called Mark and is one of the founders of TKA. What does that now mean is practical terms?

  • For existing members like me that already are fixed on a subscription of $33/ month: nothing.
  • For existing members that pay $67/ month. You should have received an email stating how to change your subscription amount to the lower price. If not, send an email to Lisa at support.
  • For people that have contemplated on signing up, but found the price to steep, here my friend Lissie’s:

>>Honky-Tonky big and yelling TKA affi link ;-)<<

When you sign up you will be charged only $1 for your first month of membership, if you like it, you stay and pay $33 / each month until you cancel your subscription in Paypal. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription in any given moment directly in your own Paypal account. So, the most what you risk is one dollar.

For whom is TKA and for whom not?

TKA is no a get rich over night scheme nor teaches anything that goes against any Google TOS. It is basically an online school teaching you SEO and making money online by building quality websites around certain, profitable and low competition keywords. It is great for absolute beginners, but the advanced tools and the community input and experience level make it also an useful place for people that know already the basics and / or are at an intermediate or even advanced level.

TKA is not for people that don’t want to put the work in, they don’t teach any magic shortcuts that make you tons of money over night, because such shortcuts don’t exist. If you don’t want to put the work in, don’t join. Keep buying useless get quick rich over night schemes!


Are there any negative points to TKA

Yes, there are a few points that could be seriously improved. One is the organization of the teaching material, it needs improving and updating. The material is great, but it needs to be presented in a better framework, at the moment it is very much watching everything non-stop and then connecting the pieces in your head. If you have already a bit of an idea of internet terminology and wordpress etc, that is not too difficult. If you are an absolute beginner that knows little more than turning a computer on and off, that can be a daunting task! Manageable, but daunting. In case you get stuck, their forum is always full of people that are willing to help out.

Summary: TKA is a great place to learn SEO and MMO if you are willing to put the work in in order to benefit from passive, residual income from your websites in the years to come. Link: TKA

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  • LOL – this is a very subtle post – I couldn’t work out which link to click LOL Thanks SY

    • hospitalera

      Always glad to help! Seriously, quite often I read a review about a product / service I would like to check out further and there is no link to do so … SY

  • TKA sounds really interesting. I’m already a member of something which sounds pretty similar so won’t join for now but will keep it in mind for the future for sure. Have you found that the monthly content and training stays high even after a few months or does it tend to wane off a bit?

    • hospitalera

      Hi Sam,
      What is the program called you use? As for the monthly content and training, yes, they stay fresh and up to date, there are regular webinars and Q&As sessions as well as a very helpful forum for networking. They also do regularly Q&As sessions for people in the European time zone so that everybody has the possibility to ask his or her questions life, SY

  • I’m a bit annoyed at the price reduction as I rushed into it when I knew the $67 price was coming and knew I could afford that. I couldn’t really use it for 3 months either, which is why I subscribed early so could do the course when I had the time later at the cheaper price. When I could have just saved $100 by starting it later!

    • hospitalera

      Actually to me happened the same, I was putting off joining TKA until ‘some day when I have more time’ but I am now really happy I did it earlier. The tools alone are worth it when you believe in the old ‘time is money’ maxime, SY

  • mattress cover

    Keyword Academy is lowering prices! — sounds very nice
    i have not received email yet, and i am going to send email for support
    i did not us it for some time
    thanks fro share
    best regards

    • hospitalera

      Do you want to say that you are paying $33/month without even using it? I mean, that is just throwing money out of the window! SY

  • Hi SY,

    Thanks for the update. It’s nice to know that somebody is lowering their prices.

    I like your balanced review and saying that their content is not really well organized.

    That will be very helpful to know for those who are thinking of joining. It’s better to be warned right at the start.

    Since theirs is a membership site they should reorganize it so that newbies don’t get even more confused.


    • hospitalera

      I agree Vance, to a certain extend, the internet and internet marketing especially is so fast moving that it is really hard to keep everything up to date. Sometimes it is easier to write something new from scratch rather than updating older content. Said all this, TKA really could do with a re-structuring of their training material! The content is great, that is not the question, it is the orientation and guidance for absolute beginners that is lacking a bit, SY

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of The Keyword Academy. Sounds intriguingly interesting…I really think this is something worth to look at. You see, seo is really important for a site to rank well. And in this aspect, particularly choosing the right keywords, many tend to fail while others tend to overdo it. And I think it would be wise for them to enroll at TKA(especially now that they are lowering prices).

    • hospitalera

      I agree, keywords are key, if you forgive the pun. But not only for SEO and regarding keyword density, also in order to avoid wasting time on writing about something that nobody is interested to read about! SY

  • Thanks for the explanation. Even though I read through TKA instructions several times, I didn’t quite understand the procedure. Isn’t posting like this going to reveal your top secret niche(s) with high paying keywords?

    • hospitalera

      Lol, people are so paranoid about revealing their top-secret niches. First of all there are more than enough niches out there for everybody. And second, finding a great niche is not the problem, believe me, my ‘possible niche list’ is now over >10000 and growing. The real challenge is to write such great content and get such good back links that you end up on the first page of Google. Bit like having a puppy, getting a puppy is not difficult, raising it to be a great companion dog is far more difficult, SY

  • Sonja

    I think the best bit of TKA is the easy to follow step by step guide. It’s a lot of work and I’m just starting on my road, but hope to get there in the end! Cheers, Sonja

    • hospitalera

      I assume you refer to their ebook? Yes, it is a book every newbie should read in order to understand how internet marketing works, SY

  • Man, I just love your Affiliate link… it’s actually nearly scary! 😉

    • hospitalera

      heh, he, he, Halloween is near 😉 Hope it doesn’t scare anybody off, but I had actually in the past problems to find affiliate link when I wanted to check out a product / service further. No need to let the reader ‘hunt’ for the affiliate link, some that would be happy to support you with it might just get tired and Google it instead! SY

  • kim

    Thanks for the review. Good read and your right about having to go all the in what you do no matter what it is. I’ll be giving the keyword academy a go in the next few months and I look forward to been able to write my own review.

  • Robinson Brim

    Hi. As I’ve read at the TKA site and sites that talk about TKA, I find myself confused regarding how exactly one makes money with the program. Do you make money selling products? Do you make money getting businesses to advertise on your site(s)? I’d appreciate any clear feedback. Thank you.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Robinson, if you really read the TKA site you should have come across this explanation (About Top): ‘The Keyword Academy is about making money by using keywords. We teach you to find them, implement them, get ranked for them, and make money from them.’ How you make money from your website is up to you, sometimes Adsense, Chitika and other Ads work best, sometimes affiliate products such as from Amazon or your own product. TKA teaches you how to make the best possible website for a keyword / topic, rank your site in Google and monetize it the way you see fit. They mostly use Adsense as an example, but other ad networks and affiliate products work just as well. Hope that clears things up, SY

  • Allen Cooper

    Hey you create sites that are content rich and focused on topics that people are searching for. You then build links to those sites which increases their search engine rankings, thus traffic and you monetize them with either Adsense or affiliate programs. There is much more to it than that, but it is a simple process to follow and has worked really, really well for me so far since joining in Feb. 09.

  • Andy

    TKA sounds really fascinating. And I think that with an economy like this, where people are striving to earn their keep, they are really grappling for any options. I think that TKA will provide them with some financial relief.

    • hospitalera

      I don’t think you really read my blog post, TKA doesn’t provide ‘some financial relief’, it actually costs money and in order to make money with the program you have — to work! So, if somebody looks for a magic ‘make money over night’ program, TKA is not for them! SY

  • Virtual Assistant

    Just a caveat on posting on other blogs to get traffic. The blogs need to be related to your topic or the little traffic which will come your way will be worthless and definitely not repeat. If someone from “political unrest in Uganda” blog posts here, I may check them out once out of curiosity but will never click on their ads as they will likely not be of interest to me. Also, will never visit again. So posting on unrelated blog for fruitful traffic, in my opinion, is not as efficient.

    • hospitalera

      Eh, and what has to do with the blog post I wrote about TKA? BTW as your comment is pretty unrelated to the blog post at hand I took the liberty to remove your link, just to save you from the troubles you described! SY

  • Marten

    Very informative article. I wish I will learn more on this. How long will it take for a website to get good ranking result?

    • hospitalera

      How long is a piece of string? It depends completely on the quality of your site, the competition in your niche and the amount and quality of your backlinks, SY