Keyword Elite versus Market Samurai Comparision

Rofl, if you ever have signed up for a single newsletter of one of the main internet marketers / A-list blogger or the like, than I know how your email inbox looks at the moment 😉 Full with sales letters and pitches and super-secret download links. Before you now head of and spend $197 (yep, that expensive!) let me present you an alternative. If you have followed my blog over the last weeks than you have noticed that I mentioned frequently “Market Samurai”. If you are looking for an alternative to Keyword Elite, or if you are on a Mac!, I suggest you have a look at the following comparison:

Operating System:

Keyword Elite: only available for Windows

Market Samurai: available for both, Mac and Windows

Free Trial Period:

Keyword Elite: None

Market Samurai: 12 days


Keyword Elite: $197

Market Samurai: $97 ($100 saved) Note: The price is $97 for the first 7 days of the trial, $127 for the next 5 days and once your trial has ended, the price goes up to $149. Still cheaper than Keyword Elite!

Free Features after free trial has expired:

Keyword Elite: N/A, no free trial available.

Market Samurai: Keyword research tool stays fully functional, all other features expire. Yes that is right, the most important function is free!

Feature Comparison:

Keyword Elite: Keyword Research, including research into the value of selected keywords and the expected competition for them.

Market Samurai: All the above plus rank / SERP tracking to follow the development of your new niche web site; monetization research to find the best ways to make money out of your new niche; tools to find legal and re-usable content for your site; tools to write sales pages, adverts etc; promotion tools to get more back links (I have only scratched on this one so far); tools to keep an eye on the competition and it even includes live-long updates of the software.

Summary: I would suggest that you try Market Samurai for free and if it does not live up to your expectations, you can always pay $197 for Keyword Elite 😉 But I am 100% sure that Market Samurai is everything what you need for finding the most profitable keywords and making the most out of them. And yes, my links for Market Samurai are referral links as I am convinced that it is the superior product. The links for Keyword Elite are just normal url links…

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14 comments to Keyword Elite versus Market Samurai Comparision

  • Hmm… Market Samurai is sounding better and better 🙂 I appreciate the fact that they are giving such a long free trial, especially since Keyword Elite does not have one at all.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, the “try before you buy” bit is very important when I make a decision to buy or not to buy a product. If something is sooo good, why don’t give people an, even very short, trial period to see for themselves? Keyword Elite wants us to cash out $197 just out of trust, rofl, SY

  • Hi HospitalEra,

    It’s imposter from the WN forums here. I’ve been trying out Market Samurai for a few days, and I think I like it – so much so I think I might dust the cobwebs off my wallet and buy it! I knew one of the usual suspects was bound to have an affiliate link on their blog somewhere… so expect a nice little commission coming your way in the next day or so 😉

  • hospitalera

    Hi, nice to see you here, and especially nice of you to use my link;-) SY

  • I bought Market Samurai a few weeks ago and it is an amazing product. I use it pretty much every day but I have to say I find the actual key research tool fairly disappointing.

    I love all the other features but it just doesn’t produce that good results for keywords particularly long tailed phrases in my experience. I’m going to check back over the video to see if I’m doing anything wrong as I still use the free google keyword tool quite often instead.

    I’d certainly recommend MS as it’s great for doing so much else promotion, research, finding backlinks etc but I do wonder if keyword elite might win on that aspect.
    .-= Jim@Ninja Proxy´s last blog ..Wifi Security Software – Do we Need it? =-.

  • hospitalera

    In the beginning I cross checked my Market Samurai results against the free Google Tool and Market samurai won every time. I also checked what Market Samurai predicted about certain keywords and checked my sites that were already build to target those keywords and again, Market Samurai was very accurate. Perhaps you are missing something? Give me a shout / leave a comment if you want some tips and I would be glad to help if I can. SY

  • Marg

    I’ve just downloaded the trial copy of Market Samurai, and I’d be more than happy to pay $97 immediately to get it at that price in the first 7 days of the trial.. but when I clicked through to ‘buy now’ it was listed at $149.
    I know, I know all that stuff about it being worth it… but if you’re short of cash you’re short of cash. It would mean a lot to be able to get this in the first 7 days at $97. So what’s happened… isn’t it available at that price any more?
    Marg 🙁

  • hospitalera

    Do you try to buy it from the web site or from inside your Market Samurai application? I bought it from inside the application and got the reduced price. I agree completely that it is important to save every $ you can 😉 If it doesn’t work when you try to buy it from inside the application, try submitting a support ticket at I always found them very, very helpful and fast to respond. Hope that helps, if not please come back to me, SY

  • I am not a fan of any product that promots sending out mass emails to webmaster begging for links!
    .-= Trademark´s last blog ..Should your adwords campaign target competitors trademarks =-.

  • hospitalera

    Which one are you referring to, Keyword Elite or Market Samurai? SY

  • Thanks for the detail review about both the product i tried market samurai once its a bit heavy for slow computer systems although its good to use, Market Samurai getting more and more popular day by day.

  • I using the trial version of market samurai right now, and I’m very impressed. if used with other tools such as the google adwords tool it can be a real good asset for finding niches.
    .-= Victor at Small Business Help´s last blog ..Home Based Low Cost Franchise Opportunities =-.

  • Hi Hospitalera,

    thanks for this comparison of Market Samurai vs. Keyword Elite (which I didn’t hear about yet). Now I just need a comparison of Market Samurai vs. Micro Niche Finder 🙂
    By the way, I downloaded the trial a few days ago and thought this “Only X days until the price rises from $97 to $149” was just a trick on the website. You know, there are products out there that tell you they will become more expenisve later, but if you visit the product page a few month later, they still sell it for the lower price.

    So I did a little Google search and I am glad I found your explanation in this article, that the price depends on how many days have passed since one downloaded the trial version. Well, I didn’t read the welcome mail not closely enough…

    Best regards,

  • Martin

    By the way, I like your little teasings about internet marketer and A-list bloggers and that they tend to fill up my inbox – just because you couldn’t be more right!