Keyword Strategy Case Study 1 – My Set Up

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With the New Year approaching I thought it might be an idea to do a case study on Keyword Strategy by taking a domain I own, but never did anything with, put a site on it and document and publish the sites development in terms of traffic and income. Don’t die of the shock just yet, I really did say I will, for the first time ever, publish my income publicly – but only for this one site 😉 If you want to get a monthly ‘make money online income report’, >sign up to Lis’ Z-blogger newsletter on her site< – Well worth it, btw!

With this case study I hope to accomplish several things:

  • Keeping me focused. That is perhaps my biggest internet marketing challenge – to rinse and repeat what works. I am kind of an explorer, if I see that something works, I search out new frontiers. Because – I already know that it works, so why repeat it? Ehm, steady, nice online income perhaps, sigh…
  • Help newbies to see how long it actually takes to make money online. (hint, hint, it doesn’t happen over night) By providing information about what I do, and perhaps more importantly what I don’t do, and documenting the effects of this I really think I can provide a real time insight for beginners in the make money online world. And hopefully they are then less tempted to fall for all these ‘get rich over night on autopilot’ scams!
  • Proving by documenting it, that the Keyword Strategy method works. I feel a bit like the voice in the desert here. By providing actually evidence and starting a new site from scratch I hope to show others that this works and what it entails to make it work (hint, hint, it doesn’t entail selling your soul and credit card to some shady internet guru).

So here is my set-up (whose relevant parts like keywords, content, income etc I will update at least monthly or when I reach certain milestones, see below):

Domain: Registered since 2008, never did anything useful with it. It is not an EMD (Exact Match Domain) nor is any keyword in the domain name. It is basically an nonsensical domain name that makes sense for those with a tiny bit of humor in them 😉 But yes, it is an not hyphenated .com domain.

Content: Zilch! Apart of perhaps 100 words of ‘what this website might be one day about’ on the homepage.

Indexed pages: Zilch! The site used to be indexed, but is now gone completely from the index, even searching for the url itself doesn’t give any results in Google. So that will be my first challenge, to get the site re-indexed only by adding content to it – call me mad!

Niche: Hold your breath and drum roll please: Theology. Fraser from Keyword Strategy told me in a Skype chat we had some months ago, that

‘If I can have a successful site about the universe, you can have a successful site about theology – no problem!’

Time to take his advice on board. In the end, I know at least as much about theology as he knows about the universe 😉

Keywords in my Keyword Strategy Dashboard: 3800+ which I will sort through over the next days to determine the best ones (around 1,000 is what I aim at to start with and in case you wonder, here is a great, ok, in my opinion, blog post of mine about >How to Write a Blog Post<, for once I plan to follow my own advice to the letter 😉 ) and then I have only to write articles …

Income: Obviously zero at the moment 😉 Watch this space for updates as the saying goes.

SEO Method used: Strictly the Keyword Strategy aka Fraser Method, meaning no backlink building at all, not even with comments on related blogs or forums. Just writing the best possible content / answer for each keyword I find AND only one ‘beacon post’ for each keyword. Add internal linking to that and good on page SEO, clever internal linking with help of the Keyword Strategy plugin PLUS, most importantly perhaps, a good site navigation to help real, human readers to find what they are looking for and I am all set. In case you haven’t a clue what I am talking about, you might want to check out my Keyword Strategy Review or my Keyword Strategy Tips

Monetization: I will start to put Adsense on that site as soon as I hit 100 unique visitors from search engines daily. I will, perhaps, add Amazon links earlier, if the article lends itself to it, simply because I am too lazy to go later back into my post to edit them accordingly.

Theme and plugins: See my previous post entitled >Best WordPress Plugins< to guess which plugins I am most likely to use for this site. As theme I am using, at the moment, one of the two WordPress default themes, but I guess in the long run I will settle for a magazine style theme because I like them 😉 And obviously I made myself a nice custom header 😉

Will I tell you the url / site name? No, for various reasons. The most important one being that by doing so I would provide a backlink from this site to that site, plus one or two of my fellow internet marketers might be tempted to throw a ‘sympathy back link’ in my direction which I don’t want and which would distort this case study. If I get backlinks, it will be solely on the merit of my content, aka natural backlinks, and not because I wrote them myself or a friend, that thought ‘that is what friends are for’ wanted to do me a favor. Has been known to happen …

But I am not afraid that somebody will break into that niche 😉 Come on people, how many SEO savvy theology nerds are can be out there? So if somebody wants to start another theology site, great! Let me just tell you that you are facing some real competition – and not only from me 😉 Oh, and I know that a lot of you guys and gals can find easily out which domain I am speaking about! Pretty please, do me a favor and keep it to yourself in order to not to distort this case study, thank you kindly!

Will I be outsourcing content and / or accepting guest posts? Not likely, I have a bit of a ‘control complex’ and a real hard time to even find my own work good enough to be published AND this subject is so close to my heart that I am actually eager to write about it – speak about a passion site!

Will I use social media actively? More likely passively, at least at the moment. Meaning I will provide ‘Share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter’ and the like buttons for readers to use, but I don’t plan to create for this site a Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter stream or similar, at least not at the moment – perhaps later, perhaps never!

So, what can you do to stay up to date or follow this case study? Very easy, see the sign up form in the footer? That way you can get an email via feedburner when I update this blog with a new post or you can also bookmark / add this category RSS feed to your preferred feed reader if you only want to follow this topic but not my other blabbering 😉

So, that it is, my personal 2012 challenge!

Anybody else out there willing to put their favorite SEO strategy to the proof? Leave what you intend to do in 2012 in a comment plus everything else you would like to say.

And no, the world will not end in 2012 btw … And yes, just in case you wonder, I have already a few sites that make money following the Keyword Strategy method, this one is ‘just’ to show the doubting Thomas’s out there that it works by taking a site from scratch to success 😉

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15 comments to Keyword Strategy Case Study 1 – My Set Up

  • Helson

    Nice challenge. I hope I can reach my aim.

  • Bizz

    Holy Hell, that’s crazy! Is is even possible to get a site re-indexed just by adding new content, or is there more to it than that? I mean, wouldn’t Google need to be contacted directly, and permission to enter their realm be granted by an actual eyeball look-see? Good luck, and this gives me hope that maybe one of my other sites can follow that path as well.

    I’m glad you’re publishing this case study; I have a domain that has basically been sitting around with a very short ‘this will eventually be a portal into my world’ post on it, but I’ve been spending the past week using KS to find new keywords, and have started putting posts up as well. This would be the closest thing to a ‘passion site’ that I have (I only have 3 websites with any earning potential), so writing for the site is just a matter of hammering out quality article after quality article.

    I will follow the case study with great interest, and will probably be mirroring your efforts on some level. I hope ‘we’ do well…

    Good luck…

    BTW, is this Liz or SY running this particular case study, the opening paragraph corn-fused me just a bit…?

    • hospitalera

      Hi Bizz, the site is de-indexed / not indexed not because I did anything shady with it, simply because there is really nothing to index 😉 So yes, normally if a site falls out of Google AND has content on it you need to file a re-inclusion request and they look at it. But in this case I am confident that simply adding content will help. I can see that Google still downloads the sitemap, so there is hope.
      As for ‘the closest thing’ to a passion site. See it this way: You need to work on and write for this site for a long time to come, if you are not passionate about the subject that can get tiresome. As for earning potential, I am confident that any site that receives decent amount of traffic can make money, but sometimes you need to be a bit more creative and do more than just slapping Adsense on it 😉
      As for your confusion, sorry about that, forgive a non-native English speaker 😉 I normally don’t disclose my online income, I keep it between me and my tax accountant, but will do so now for the first time regarding that site / case study.
      Lis is publishing her online income in her newsletter, if you want to know it, you have to sign up for it. Highly recommended, she writes also about a lot of other things that are good to know. And no, she has nothing to do with this particular project of mine. Hope that clears things up and looking forward to hear how you are doing!

  • Bizz

    OK, that clears a lot of things up. I’ve never been one to purchase a domain unless I thought I had a firm grasp on the subject matter, and the ability to write plenty of good content to go with it, except for that Forex site I started as my first project (I was still very new and didn’t know the difference between ‘spammy’ content and ‘useful’ content, though the line still seems blurry to me).

    So now I have a passion site, an obsession site, and a site that can take any keywords that I throw at it, in the event that I find some juicy morsels and need a site where they won’t seem outta place.

    As for shady, I would never intimate that you had done anything to get a site de-indexed, but I just assumed the site had been indexed at one point and now it isn’t. Makes sense, now that you explained it to me. My site was a very thin Postrunner site, with some garbage links pointing to it, so I assumed that PANDA got a hold of it. The links were all manual, they just weren’t ones I would shout from the mountain top as being quality. I don’t even really pursue links these days, except for occasional PR articles and forum posts 🙂

    I look forward to reading more about your endeavors with this case study…

    • hospitalera

      Lol, I did actually something ‘shady’ with another domain 😉 I used an Amazon store script on it that pulled descriptions, reviews etc resulting in duplicate content. But I got it re-instated without problems as soon as I rectified that problem! Useful content is what you would be proud to actually direct a good friend to that is searching for information that matter. Spammy content is content that you wouldn’t like to be seen by anybody that knows you personally, imho. As for “a site that can take any keywords that I throw at it” I have one of those as well, very useful and helps to fight temptation to buy yet another domain 😉 Hope your own case study goes well and, btw, a very Happy Christmas and may 2012 be better than 2011 already was 😉 SY

  • Toby Hanks

    Keywords bring traffic to blog.I have severeat strong keywords and I do not have competitors, and on the other way people aren’t getting onto my site 🙁

    • hospitalera

      If you have strong keywords, which means people are actually searching for these keywords, and no competition, you should check your descriptions. Perhaps there is something in the preview / snippet text that appears on the search results pages that turns people off?

  • Hi SY,

    First good review on your previous post about the KS membership and definetly will take that plunge and get the 30 days trial from your site. I wanted to know what your opinion is about using the free blogger platforms vs paid, in particular the platform.

    I was a former TKA member for about less than a year and decided to part ways with them, no bad experience just felt that it wasnt getting me anywhere further.

    Best regards,
    Brian C.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Brian,
      The problem with all free platforms is that you don’t have full control about your content. I am a bit confused why you think is paid? The software is free and most hosts allow you an easy installation via Fantastico. So, what you need is a domain name plus hosting and then you can install WordPress for free. As for free blogging platforms, Google owns Blogspot and has been known to shut down blogs it doesn’t like. doesn’t allow you to make money from your blog (ok, that is simplified, but true in most cases) and most of the free websites out there will display their ads on your site. Does this answer your questions? SY

      • SY,

        By far yes that answer’s my Q, you are a great help. I will continue to follow this blog, hopefully this time i can sep up a blog following my passion and use the KS method to maximize it.

        Best regards agian,

        Brian C.

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