Keyword Strategy Case Study 2 Reindexed ;-)

Just in time, with the beginning of the New Year, my case study site has been re-indexed by Google 😉 If you haven’t a clue what I am taking about, you might want to have a quick look at my previous article >Keyword Strategy Case Study 1 – My Set-Up <. Here is what I have done, what I haven’t done plus a short status update.

  • Niche / Topic: Theology 😉
  • Published Articles: 4
  • Indexed Articles: 5 (see below)
  • Rankings: highest 37, lowest 290 in Google
  • PR: 0 (from PR-)
  • Back Links built: 0
  • Visitors: 0
  • Income: 0 (No ads etc as of yet)

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The Problems

  1. The site had fallen out of the index due to the fact that there was barely any content on it and with barely I mean <100 words of ‘about what this site will be about one day blablabla’. So there was no reason at all for Google to put it in the index, why should be there?
  2. I also noticed that there were some ‘residues’ of sitemaps and sitemap plugins I had used in the past and that I am not using anymore.

The Solutions

  1. First I published keyword focused content in form of one post and three pages with background information on the subject.
  2. Next I took care of the old sitemaps by deleting them (the plugins in my dashboard and, for good measure, the sitemaps themselves in my cpanel).

Big word of warning here! Only do this either with a new site or a site that is so messed up (read nothing is indexed) that you have no other choice! Never do this to a site that is indexed and working well!

And finally I reinstalled a sitemap plugin, let it create the new sitemap and re-submitted that one to Google in webmaster tools. Eh voilá!, less than a week later my site was fully indexed again!

And for the very clever math geeks out there that wonder how 1 post and 3 pages can result in 5 urls indexed … The site is so set up that the latest article appears on the front page, so that makes for one more url in the index, at least in Google’s logic 😉

What I didn’t do

I didn’t build any back links of any sort as this Keyword Strategy Case Study is about to show how you can get traffic to a site and convert this traffic in online income by solely publishing keyword focused content that is actually useful for somebody that searches for >keyword< or >keyword phrase<.


To get this site back into Google’s index the only thing I had to do was to add more content and to make sure that the sitemap was working correctly, nothing else 😉

The next step is now to simply publish more keyword focused content that is actually interesting and useful for readers. If you want to know how I chose my keywords and how I go about writing my articles, have a look here >How to Write a Blog Post<

Next post will appear, most likely, when the first search engine visitors appear or if I run into a major problem / do something really silly and mess things up royally. Has been known to happen 😉

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