Keyword Strategy is closing down – What are the alternatives?

It was a completely normal day in my Webmistress life until I received this evening an email informing me of the sad fact that Keyword Strategy is closing down for good on March 28th. (Insert favorite swearword here) Keyword Strategy and I go back since it was in beta testing and frankly I will miss it like a reliable old friend that has suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth ;-( We had our disagreements, but over time, we got on well together and straightened out our different ways of working and came to a “mutual benefit” agreement.


Apparently if you hold a Smartphone close to this image it takes you straight to the website. Alternatively you can just clicking it and you also go straight to it 😉

The first thing I did after I got the email was firing up Skype and contacting Fraser, the tool’s creator. The reasons given were sad but completely understandable: It is a great tool that is expensive to run server cost wise and that had too few customers to keep it economically viable. Fraser recommended to use in future Keyword Organizer – I get to that in a moment.

The one thing I want to mention first and for all is what emerged in the short chat we both had. Literal quotes are following:

Fraser: “Seeing the announcement that they’re encrypting all chrome browsers was just the last straw.” My comment / opinion: Remember Google owns Chrome, they want your data, but they don’t want you, or anybody else, to have access to it. That is Google for you!

Fraser: “We made the coolest tool ever… that nobody wanted to buy.” My comment / opinion: Yup, that sums it up. Keyword Strategy was also nicknamed by us “insiders” a “complicated tool for complicated people”. And so we come to the last point I want to make before presenting any alternatives for replacing the functionality Keyword Strategy used to offer.

Fraser: “It was the right solution, but it required work and effort. And people wanted a quick fix.”

My Comment / opinion: Yes, people don’t want to work, they want instant gratification for no effort, people are the problem, not the tool. And that is what it all boils down to, people want a “magic tool that literally forces Google to put money in your bank account”. Hint, that tool doesn’t exist! You do need to work to make money, online and offline. An excellent tool just died and is soon gone for those of us that were and are willing to put in the work because there is no market for it. But there is a market for all these spammy tools out there that promise everything and deliver nothing. Go figure!

Ok, rant over 😉 now to the alternatives:

1) Using Spreadsheets

Ouch, I do hate spreadsheets (exported from Google Webmaster Tools and otherwise) with a passion! I don’t think I will go down that route! Apart of that, they are all about manual updates and nothing automated. Brrr.

So here is what I want:

  • A tool that tells me which keywords gets how many people to visit my website and which page they land on via  their search.
  • A tool that analyses the content of my website automatically and suggests new keywords / topics based on it, including a rough estimation of the competition.
  • A tool that gives me an indication of the competition a topic / keyword faces and how I rank already for it or for related keywords.

Gosh, there should be a tool out there somewhere that does that! The internal linking I do anyway “by hand / other plugins” for several reasons, but I do need something to manage my keyword / topic database in a way that keeps me sane. See this earlier article here on this blog

Why Keyword Organizer is, nearly, perfect for me:

  • It seems to be good for importing keywords from different sources, including KST export files, Market Samurai and Google Webmaster, and keeping track of which keyword / topic you have already covered with which article.

Why Keyword Organizer is not so perfect for me:

  • It doesn’t have a native MAC version. My main work horse is a MAC ;-(
  • It doesn’t seem to keep track of how your articles are ranking, which articles are getting how many visitors via which keywords. For part one, ranking data, I can always use my existing Market Samurai account, but I do want to have it all in one interface ;-(
  • No trial version available, as far as I can see. I do know, as an online contact, the tool’s creator, and trust his money back warranty, but still, I prefer “try before you buy” over that.
  • $77 as an one time payment is just ok, but the tool’s creator doesn’t exclude paid upgrades in future.

I will have an even closer look at it, but I don’t hold my breath that I will buy it. If anybody of you, dear readers ;-), has a better suggestion for a Keyword Strategy Alternative, I am all ear as the saying goes! Feel free to use the comment section for this 😉

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