Why I re-joined Keyword Strategy

Angry dragon

That is more or less how angry I was πŸ˜‰ (cc) Mac m 13

Some time ago I throw a major tantrum (see this blog post entitled >>>Keyword Strategy Just Committed Voluntarily Suicide<<,) and left Keyword Strategy (KST for short) fuming like the proverbial angry dragon on the right, so why did I sign up again? For those of you that just read summaries, here you go:


  • I left because competition data was no longer available, I re-joined because competition data is now available again πŸ˜‰ – that was the main reason, for the others, you’ll need to read on …

Ok, still there? Great, you know me, pour yourself a glass or cup of something nice – that will be another longwinded blog post πŸ˜‰

The nearly non-effect of the Penguin Update on KST sites

Whilst my KST account was inactive, I still could browse and post in the forums, so I kind of kept up with things there. And whilst I was not anymore a KST member, I didn’t went over to the ‘dark side’ and built back links, I still followed the ‘build content, not back links’ approach. And then the big black and white bird came along and guess what? Whilst all other internet marketing forums and groups were in absolute panic mode, the KST forum was strangely quiet about the angry penguin, see this forum thread : >>>How did everyone do in the recent update?<<<

Whilst there are some remarks about changes, both up and down, in rankings and traffic, that is nowhere near the mayhem I have seen on other forums. So, that is good enough proof for me to stick with the ‘content not back links’ method also in future πŸ˜‰

Shortly after, Fraser mentioned that he will soon provide, again, competition data, so that was all I needed to sign up again. The nice thing was that I got my old account back, 10 projects for the price of two, as I was a beta tester, and that even my old affi data was still there πŸ˜‰ From that I could see that roughly 50% had cancelled their accounts shortly after the removal of competition data. If that is the average what happened side-wide I can understand why Fraser reversed his stance regarding competition data and found a solution to the problem to provide it in a Google compliant way. How to make sense of this new source of competition data is material for another blog post πŸ˜‰

But there was also another, more esoteric?, reason for me to re-join Keyword Strategy. As strange as it sounds, I want to support a school of thought that works, is ethical and as Google-proof as reasonably possible. There is so much crap on the internet when it comes to ‘make money online’ information that I think a place like KST is needed. I only wish that they would provide a bit more information / support for people that are literally just starting out and aren’t having a clue about how to buy /choose a domain / hosting, setting up WordPress, post images etc… But for that you can always join my own forum and I do the best to help you out πŸ˜‰ but I digress …

Here the other things I still like enough about KST to pay my monthly subscription fee:

Keyword Research – ok, that is pretty obvious πŸ˜‰ Whilst I do use other keyword tools (did I ever mention that I am a data junkie?) the way the tool works and makes it easy to sort and organize my keywords is amazing. What I do now is that, when I find keywords with other tools I have, I import them all into KST to have everything in one, tidy place — and often I notice then that KST has found most of them already …

Internal linking – still working on that one to do it ‘my way’ πŸ˜‰ See this blog post entitled >>>Internal Linking- The Do’s and Don’ts (IMHO)<<< to read my internal linking musings and why I don’t think that completely automated internal linking, as time-saving as it might be, is the way to go.

Overlapping Content – That is another biggie for me, especially now after the move of this blog. I really need to clean it up a bit, consolidate and update blog posts and so on. This little extra feature of KST will be a big help with that, what it does and how it works, that you can read >>>here<<< in another old blog post of mine.

What else? The ‘open house’ politic of Fraser is also quite useful, if I, or any other user, trial or paying, has a question, just hit him up on Skype or schedule an appointment with him via his Google calendar. Unlike those of other ‘gurus’ his consultations are free.

For those of you that run multi-author websites it might be also interesting that Fraser has a multi-author plugin developed, which is included in your subscription, that enables the re=author tag (important to proof your content ownership to Google and helps preventing scrapers outranking you with your own content). Other useful things are: Ranking data for your keywords, optimization tips for your website, backlink count (just because I don’t build backlinks anymore, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to know about them, with negative SEO becoming more and more frequent, this is more and more important), social media numbers, the forum (quiet but helpful and without hype), and a few useful tidbits more …

And whilst I took all my affi links down as I was not using / recommending the tool, they are now up again. I am still making more money from my own websites then by recommending KST, but I might be lucky one day and that changes πŸ˜‰ In case you want to try it out for yourself, handy, absolutely non-obtrusive, discrete and duly no-followed affiliate link below:

>>>Keyword Strategy – Free 30 Days Trial (only email required)<<<


If you like this blog post and found it helpful, why not share it with your preferred social network? Handy links and bookmarklets above ^^^ πŸ˜‰

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  • […] Competition data is back, I am happy again and re-joined KST, you can read the full story here: Why I re-joined Keyword Strategy. I’ll leave this post up for those of you that want to know how to back up your KST data for a […]

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  • […] Competition data is back, I am happy again and re-joined KST, you can read the full story here: Why I re-joined Keyword Strategy. I’ll leave this post up for those of you that need to know this for whatever reason and also […]

  • Thanks Sy, it’s nice to read this and see you back. I’m hoping you continue to see success and growth with your sites.

    The competition metric was challenging to say the least, and required about 2 months of development. We’ve also got 6 medium Amazon servers running non-stop to grind through the 5 billion page titles we’ve archived.

    Not very many of the people who left Keyword Strategy over the competition issue have returned, which tells me that’s not why they actually left.

    I still think that most marketers are looking for short cuts and levels they can pull to do the work for them. Keyword Strategy makes a content strategy possible and organized, but if you’re not actually going to sit down and write, no amount of organization is really going to help.

    • Hm, my affi stats at KST show a few known names again as trial users, so perhaps they are on the way back? At least I hope so! I think the main obstacle about KST for many is that it is really only accessible for people that know the basics of SEO and website building already, it is surely not a tool that is a good solution for people just getting started in this business. And with just getting started I really mean people that never have used WordPress before nor know what the basic SEO terminology means, now there is a market niche for somebody πŸ˜‰ And yes, people are indeed internet marketing brain washed when it comes to short cuts and wonder tools, just working on that blog post πŸ˜‰ As for the competition data, yet another blog post to write, I simply work up my way from zero, to one, to two competition value and so on. At the same time I watch which max value sends me traffic and which posts and keywords are, until now, too high in competition for my site to rank for. But honestly, just working from the bottom leaves me with more keywords to write about then my ADD riddled brain can handle πŸ˜‰ SY

      PS Thanks for the welcome back πŸ˜‰

  • Bizz

    Welcome back, SY…

    After all my grumbling and carrying on about the loss of comp/KEI metrics, I never actually could bring myself to give up on KST. I did nix a few of the projects that didn’t necessarily need to be interlinked as aggressively as my other sites, but I guess the option to recover the data is always a possibility if needed down the road.

    Anyway, the point you make about the ease of use when organizing kewyword groups and managing content overlap is ultimately why I stayed. I just haven’t found a better way to stay organized. I don’t visit KST every day, but it’s always just a click away when I need it, and so simple to pick right up where I left off.

    The tool still does some funky things when it comes to assigning keywords to URLs, but I’ve gotten accustomed to receiving emails telling me about the same keywords that the tool has ‘assigned’ over and over again.

    At the end of the day, I’m glad that I waited out the storm as it were, and that there are some comp numbers to crunch, to satisfy the side of my brain which needs that data.

  • Joey

    I have always been using Keyword strategy for all my blogs! It makes the work more easier & also makes it easier to calculate the effect of Keyword weight-age one needs for carrying out all work!

  • Maria

    Actually from reading Fraser’s forum post on the latest Google animal movement on sites, it seems that several sites with KS have been hit…

  • abuahmed

    hi,my website is 1joomla and i improve my site by using Keyword strategy for all my blogs! It makes the work more easier.

  • Ivan Jusa

    Thanks for sharing keyword strategy even though it’s just a trial version. My primary problem with my websites right now is the sudden drop of my keyword rankings. I will try this KST and see how it will help me with my problem.


    • Seems to me that you are confusing ‘trial version with ‘beta version’, the first one means that you can try something out for free for a limited period of time, the second means that a product is not quite ready yet for the, paying, market. Keyword Strategy has a trial version, but is since a long time out of beta! Hope that clears things up for you πŸ˜‰ And yes, following the KST method, aka no backlink building and adding keyword targeted content to your site and adding internal links will certainly help you! Give me shout with your KST nick if you need any help to use the tool, SY