Keyword Tool Down! What Now?

Google revoked access to their Adwords API for literally hundreds of developers and applications on the 12th September. Here is what Google said about this:

โ€œWe have done this to ensure quality, improve Google products and services and compliance with Adwords API Terms and Conditions.โ€

Developers have to reapply for their tokens and it can take 5 to 6 weeks before they are re-approved, if they are, that’s it! My personal suspicion is that Google did this to reduce the amount of webspam created with this kind of tools, you know, the good old ‘find profitable keyword, buy exact match domain, write some crappy content and promote the heck out of it’ approach. I really doubt that Google is eager that the information that is meant for Adwords advertisers is used in this way, but that might just me being suspicious …

So your favorite keyword tool is down and you are not knowing what to do now? Here a few tips and ideas until Google sorts things out and allows developers of keyword tools to access their API again โ€“ or not:

Start Writing Content
If you are like me, you have umpteen keywords saved for further use, now is a good time to write content. And if you are not like me and haven’t a backlog of keywords to write about, write a great blog post just for fun and readers ๐Ÿ˜‰ A site that only targets keywords without one single post that doesn’t do so with mathematical precision might actually raise Google’s eyebrows, don’t you think?

Strengthen Your Site with Internal Links
Outlined in my oldish post entitled >>>Getting better Ranking for Keywords you are already Ranking for Without Knowing It<<< is a method on how to find out what your site is actually ranking for and some ideas on how to use on page SEO, especially internal linking, to strengthen your internal pages even more.

Improve Existing Content
All of us, me included, know that we have articles on our sites that could do with a serious overhaul, combing in one, updating, spell and grammar checking etc. Now is a good moment to start to prune weak content and to improve what can be improved.

Beautify Your Site
Does your site look hundreds of others that are made only for making money puposes or does it look like somebody actually cares for it? A new banner, some custom design, a simple color change, even a new theme, all this can help to make your site stand out from other similar ones. If you don’t have an inkling how to do this, you can always resort to the nice people at >>>Web Service Pros<<< for help for, nearly, everything website and design related.

Get Involved in Social Media
Yeah, I know, internet marketers often look at social media like Severus Snape looks at a bottle of shampoo โ€“ with disdain. But seriously, don’t you think Google would prefer sites that get traffic from more than a few sources? So, search out a forum that is relevant to your web sites topic, open a Twitter account, answer questions at Yahoo or >>>Webanswers<<< and so on. You might even meet some like minded souls for a joint venture. At least you widen your reader base and gain some traffic, just don’t spam! Sign up, be helpful, get a good reputation and then drop a hint (link) that you have a related website, not the other way round. Another great tip is to sign up to a few yahoo email lists (groups) that relate to your topic as Yahoo will display your signature every time you post and as some of these lists have literally thousands of readers, that are thousands of potential visitors to your website. Works best with ‘non-spammy’ topics like DIY etc btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overhaul your Seasonal Site
Do you have a site that is seasonal and that is now in its nadir? For example the travel season for some places is now over and traffic is down, a good time to do a necessary overhaul with such a site without damaging potential earnings. On the other hand, the Christmas season will start soon, so if you have a gift or Christmas related site, I would wait until January or work really, really fast on it
Back Up Your Site
That is one of the things that is boring but necessary, but as you have time now, the time you save by not being able to hunt for new keywords, you could set up a good back up solution. There are a multitude of ways to do it, either from your cpanel, as a plugin or you could use Peter’s service at >>>Codegarage<<< who monitors and backups up to 10 of your sites for only $15/month, highly recommended! And if you are still in need of a ‘keyword fix’, from all the keyword tools I use, >>>Market Samurai<<< is the only one that is still working! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, any more ideas on what to do with your sites until your favorite keyword tool starts working again?
Leave them in a comment please ๐Ÿ˜‰

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