Leaving Keyword Strategy – How to Back Up Your Data

Update May 2012: Competition data is back, I am happy again and re-joined KST, you can read the full story here: Why I re-joined Keyword Strategy. I’ll leave this post up for those of you that want to know how to back up your KST data for a variety of reasons …

I never thought I would have to write this post – nor the ones to follow, but with the recent removal of core functionality of the Keyword Strategy tool it became necessary. For more background information see this blog post >Keyword Strategy Suicide<, So, here we go, a step by step instruction on how to back up all your data from Keyword Strategy to your own computer / hard drive:

  • Create a new folder and name it something memorably, like ‘KST Last Back Up’.
  • Log into your Keyword Strategy dashboard and go to your first project.
  • Select the keywords tab.
  • Click ‘export’ in the footer.
  • Select ‘all’ and ‘csv’.
  • Change name of file to something like mywebsitekeywords and save to hard drive.
  • Note that you can’t export the keywords you have blacklisted, if you want to keep these, you need to ‘un-blacklist’ them first!
  • For this, click ‘show blacklisted’ in the footer’.
  • Select all and hit ‘unblacklist’.
  • Now you can export them, if so desired, into a second list / file, called, for example, ‘yourwebsiteBlack’.
  • Now go to ‘Extras’ in the footer.
  • Click on ‘Overlapping Content’ and ask for your report.
  • If you have received it, by email, save it either as a webpage on your hard drive or copy and paste the urls into a text document and save this.

Rinse and repeat with every project you have in the tool. This will allow you to keep all the keyword data you have collected so far as spreadsheets and the information about overlapping content on your site (see this blog post for more information about this >Overlapping Content<.

Tomorrow I will post about how to transfer your data (keyword-url pairs) to a free internal linking plugin to keep your internal linking structure intact after you left KST …

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