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There’s a flood of information out there on the topic of “how to make money online“. If you just google that term, you’ll get over 145 million results back, including online marketing strategies, the ultimate articles on how to make money with the Internet, commercial and private blogs, etc. I guess you could spend years to weed through the abundance of information just to get started. Now, a lot of the advice is actually for free and I must say that in sum, the information that was provided to me free of any charge was more valuable to me than many of the guides or membership programs where you have to pass a one time or monthly fee. With that being said, there are clearly a few exceptions.
A lot offers on the topic of Internet Marketing promise you to get rich in no time and with limited efforts only. However, I am convinced that there is no such thing and in order to start making money over the Internet, you must work hard and be patient until you can make a decent living from it. The problem is to figure out where and how to get started. And there is nothing wrong with putting a plan together and approaching the situation strategically. However, even the best plan doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t take any action. You actually need to do things. Just try something and see what happens. Start with getting a website and add some good quality and relevant content. And then start with one monetization system that you think could work for you. Give it a little time and see what happens. If you don’t like the results, try something new. Identify a handful of people who make money through Internet Marketing and look at their websites. What is their ‘secret sauce’? What are they doing that is different from your approach? And then just try to copy them. That’s perfectly okay and legitimate. Or, you may ask for a mentorship. Why not sending an email to someone who is a successful internet marketer and ask them for their advice?
You would be surprised; a lot of them are willing to provide you with tips and tricks for free. But as I said, it’s all about taking action. Just sitting their and thinking of what you can do, doesn’t make you any money. It’s all about execution. So why not starting today?


posted by a guest blogger ;-)

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7 comments to Make Money Online with Internet Marketing

  • Hi Guest Blogger, (sorry I couldn’t find your name anywhere)

    I agree that one must take action to get anywhere with internet marketing and making money online.

    I just wonder who could really make any money if everybody wanted everything for free as you seem to be doing and suggesting to others.

    Imagine going to a store and taking stuff without paying for it.

    Moreover, you suggest copying people who make money. You assure your readers that it’s OK.

    If everybody did that, even the people who make money now would likely make none very soon.

    Believe it or not, even the great internet marketers who will help you for free are hoping that you may buy from them in future. They are creating good will with you. But perhaps you’ll just take the free stuff and go to somebody else for more?

    If you somehow start making money, which you may already be doing, I hope that you’ll be perfectly OK when everybody starts demanding everything for free from you and in case you use advertising on your blog that you’ll be OK when advertisers will demand that you place their ads there for free also.

    Because somehow according to you things should be for free and those who advertise therefore shouldn’t sell their products but just give them away. But then they won’t have any money to pay you.

    You see, there is really nothing for free in this world, no matter how much we may wish it was.

    By the way, I too have found some free information and inevitably it always leads you somewhere where you’ll be asked to pay, sooner or later.

    .-= Vance@Marketing With Alex´s last blog ..Marketing With Alex 3.0 Preview, Gurus Nightmare Alex’s New Ebook =-.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Vance,

      This guest post came in via the guestblogger system of the already mentioned keyword academy But the guestbloggers coming through that system often don’t come back to answer questions / comments, so I will do my best instead. As for free, yes, that is also the route to go I would recommend everybody to is just starting out with making money online. For one simple reason, when you first start out with making money online you don’t know what is worth paying for and what not. And out there on the internet are a lot of scammers that only wait for newbies to sell them their ebooks, courses and / or memberships to. By starting for free and concentrating on the people that give advice for free, you don’t run into the problem that people prey on newbies for their money. Take for example Grizz from and Lissie from lots of good information on this two blogs – all for free! Or you can continue to read this blog here 😉 As for “Imagine going to a store and taking stuff without paying for it.” that is hardly the same as using tools that are available for free on the internet.

      Regarding the copying part, I understood, and still understand it like “imitating”. I have often said and written that the best method to learn from the a-list bloggers and gurus is to observe and imitate what they DO, but not to buy what they tell you to buy. I don’t think the guest blogger meant “copying content”, I understand it as “imitating methods”. For example, if you are on an email list of one or more of the gurus, you get a free course in copy writing and email marketing, just by observing what and how they do it.

      Hope that clears things up, SY

  • As well as detecting bad phrases, you may find some new good ones. For example, you may see that a keyword phrase you did not optimize your site for brings useful traffic despite the fact that your site is on the second or third page in search results for this phrase.
    Using this methods, you will arrive at a new refined set of keyword phrases.
    .-= Expert SEO Consultant´s last blog ..Jeff Beale =-.

  • hospitalera

    Correct! It might give you also ideas for a completely new niche. Sometimes I wonder why Google sends people to me for searches that are completely nonsensical and have nothing to do with my site, SY

  • Thanks – this is good information. I was researching how to get increased traffic to my site? You site appeared on Number 3 on google after only 5 days online. Guest marketing is a good idea and this really seems to work here. I have to do more research!!

    Regards Derek
    .-= Derek´s last blog ..5 Biggest Problems Starting a Business =-.

    • hospitalera

      Derek, the formula for increased traffic is:

      Excellent content + relevant back links = website traffic

      As for “You site appeared on Number 3 on Google after only 5 days online.” This blog is up since March 2009, perhaps you really have to do a bit more research 😉 SY

  • Sorry about that, it was the post that was dated 9th April – not the site – I understand that the life of the site matters as well.

    .-= Derek´s last blog ..5 Biggest Problems Starting a Business =-.