Make Money with the Market Samurai Affiliate Program

If you sat on the fence until today and have asked yourself if you should purchase Market Samurai or not, than here is another reason to do so now:

  • Market Samurai will open its affiliate program to everybody in 72h! Ok, everybody that is an owner of the full version.

Why that? Because they believe in a) rewarding loyal customers and b) want honest, review-style promotion approaches that are delivered by real users of the software.

How to get into the Market Samurai Affiliate Program

  • Download Market Samurai for free. You will be able to test drive the full version for 12 days.
  • If you like what you see, buy Market Samurai (Hint: The earlier in your trial period you buy it, the cheaper you get it.)
  • You will receive your affiliate code on Monday 14th June 2010.
  • Start promoting a great piece of software and get paid a great commission on every sale you refer.

That was the summary, here a bit more of background information, my personal experience as a Market Samurai Affiliate (before you ask, I got in last year by invitation) and a bit about the attractive affiliate contest the run. Can you say “Yummy Apple Prices”?

How much money can you make being a Market Samurai Affiliate?

Market Samurai is one of the highest paying programs in the market, you get a whooping 48% commission per sale. Depending on when somebody buys Market Samurai (early in/ late in/ after the trial period) the commission results in being between $46.56 and $71.52 for a single sale. As Market Samurai offers a full, no questions asked, 30 days money back warranty, you will get paid your commission after this time frame is over. At the start of each month, the nice people at Market Samurai, also known as Noble Samurais, count up all of the sales generated by you that are 30 days old or older (and exclude any refunds), and pay you the resulting amount in commissions via Paypal. Any sales that are less than 30 days old (and therefor still inside the refund period) will be paid in the following month.

My personal experience as a Market Samurai Affiliate

No, I will not tell you how much I made exactly with this program (but I am making good money, so much I can say, plus I own now one of the best niche and SEO tools on the market). Here a bit of my experience with them:

I bought Market Samurai last year after doing a long and thorough research on niche, keyword and seo tools. I decided on Market Samurai, because it was simply the best, it was available in both Mac and Windows editions and was sold for one, low, price that includes lifetime updates. Many other, similar, tools out there require monthly payments and are only available for Windows. Now, I am using a Mac as my desktop computer and a Windows laptop, guess what? For one price I could download, install and activate the two different versions of Market Samurai for my machines. That I call great customer service. Soon after having test driven the software, I started to spread the word about it, yes, I admit, I was a Market Samurai fan girl from the very beginning – and I am still one. After a while, it occurred to me to check if they actually did have an affiliate program 😉

Until now, joining the Market Samurai affiliate program was only possible by invitation. An invitation that I received in August 2009. Since then I have promoted Market Samurai, both on this blog and elsewhere on the internet. And yes, the links here in this blog post are also affiliate links 😉 My experience in these few months has been so far:

  • Market Samurai practically sells itself due to the attractive free trial they offer.
  • The support of the guys that call themselves the Noble Samurais is superior, both from a user as from a affiliate marketer perspective. You always get a real answer from real people that actually care about what they -and you- are doing.
  • And, last but not least, they pay in time!

Why is it such a great affiliate program?

A lot of things on the internet are sold with the help of affiliate programs. Meaning that the companies do little to no direct advertisement, but instead share the money they earn per sale with the person that referred the buyer to them. Market Samurai is not only sold with a “30 days money back, no questions asked” warranty, but also with a free trial period of twelve days. And that is the big selling point! People are more inclined to download and test drive a program for free, than paying for it and hoping to get their money back if they don’t like it. If you join the happy crew of Market Samurai affiliates, the one most important tip I can give you from my experience is to promote the free trial heavily. People need only to provide a valid email address, nothing else and can then try the software for free for 12 days. Plus, even if they don’t buy the full version, the keyword research tool, stays available for life. “Only” the seo, content, promotion and other exciting tools turn automatically off after the trial period is over.

The next reason you should know is that Market Samurai does the whole follow up for you. Means they send people additional emails with tips on how to use the software more effectively etc. They don’t spam, that is important to note, they don’t spam people into buying their product, they add so much value to it, with training material, videos, blog posts etc that being on their email list is beneficial for everybody, users and not users of Market Samurai. If you have your own email list, membership site etc they are happy to either help you promoting the product or to even tailor a campaign just for you (if your list has a certain size).

If you are just a normal, starting out affiliate marketer like me, the best thing you can do to be successful is to use their banners, links, custom links etc to promote the free software trial and let them do the rest.

Oh, you wonder why I didn’t mention how long their cookie lasts? Here comes the surprise, their cookie is of the “hard-coded for lifetime” variety, providing you with a true passive income possibility. I explain, lets say somebody signs up for a free trial via your affiliate link, than the email used to sign up and to download the software is linked to your affiliate account as long as you both shall live 😉 Even if the person in question decides only a year later to buy the full version, your account will still be credit with a nice 48% commission! Sounds better than the 24 hour cookie Amazon uses for their referral program, doesn’t it?

Conversion Rate

Market Samurai states, and I have no reason to doubt it, that an average of 20-25% of the people that download the free trial end up buying the product. If you have been longer then a few days dabbling in affiliate marketing than you know that is a superb ratio! And none of the people I recommended Market Samurai to came ever back to me and regretted buying it, because they could test everything in advance, before parting with their hard earned cash!

Where do the Noble Samurais actually live?

For support and other questions it is good to know that the developers of the software and their support team are living down-under, in Australia. Bear that in mind when you contact them!

A little tip, apparently there are only few people in the UK, Continental Europe, South America, and Asia that know about Market Samurai, if you have contacts and / or website visitors from these parts of the world you will have a very low competition and a nearly untapped market on your fingertips. Especially if you are from Asia, one of THE growing internet marketing markets, you are in luck.

Just to repeat it, this affiliate program is EXCLUSIVE to Market Samurai owners, you have to be an owner and user of the full version to promote it and get commission for it. If you sign up for your free trial now, you have time until Monday to decide if you want to be part of the team or not. If you do, just submit your details after you bought the full version and you are good to go. Not only can you make money with promoting the software, you also have a great tool for lifetime to do your keyword, niche and seo research. Oh, you can join the affiliate program obviously also later, after next Monday, but than you might miss out on:

The Affiliate Contest

Eugene, the head samurai and his team start this really off in style. The contest runs from Monday the 14th June to Sunday the 27th June and look at the prices they offer:

iPads, the sparkling new, just announced iPhone 4G and more. Prizes will “unlock” for you as you refer buyers, the more you refer, the better the prizes. Full details will be revealed on Monday, when the contest starts officially, but the big, fat, first, grand price is already announced, it is:

A collection of Apple products worth US$4,400 including:

A MacBook Pro, the newest iPhone 4G, an iPad 3G, an Apple TV (160GB), a set of Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini-Speakers, a wireless Apple Keyboard with Bluetooth and, drumroll please: A Magic Mouse, also wireless 😉

How is that as first price for the one that refers the most new Market Samurai owners? And don’t forget the 48% sales commission you get each time!

Now, don’t go crazy now, there are a few things that the Noble Samurais don’t tolerate and that is “crash car” advertising. If you use one of the following approaches, chances are 100% that you loose your affiliate account, so:

  • Don’t use spam, black hat techniques like cookie-stuffing, lies, other dirty coding tricks, scams or similar.
  • Don’t use ads or promos that start with “Market Samurai is a scam” or similar.
  • Don’t use anything you wouldn’t tell your mother -or Google- about.

Do play clean and fair and you will be rewarded, try to deceive people and you will be quicker out of the program than you can say “Oops”. Seriously, the following is a literal quote from the Market Samurai crew:

“We’re willing to make less money – and refuse or reject affiliates – if it means we get the RIGHT affiliates. Our reputation is worth far more to us than a few extra sales. (That’s why we’re “Noble Samurai” – not “Evil Ninjas”.)”

They want to protect their good names, and that of their product, understandable, isn’t it? They are into this long term and not just an overnight super-duper offer. And that warranties that the affiliates, us, also have a lasting income opportunity that we can be proud to promote. Any questions? Leave a comment and I am happy to help as good as I can, SY

Get a great niche, keyword and SEO research tool plus the possibility to refer it for a 48% sales commission by signing up here: Download Market Samurai now for free.

If you like this blog post and found it helpful, why not share it with your preferred social network? Handy links and bookmarklets above ^^^ 😉

26 comments to Make Money with the Market Samurai Affiliate Program

  • That’s a nice write up and I can see you’re excited about it. Personally though I won’t join as an affiliate and promote it unless I actually own the product and am able to test it thoroughly so that I can accurately vouch for it’s true worth.

    • hospitalera

      Sounds you would be their ideal affiliate, that is exactly what they are looking for 😉 Just keep them on your ‘may be’ list, they are in this long term, not just for a few months, SY

  • I have heard about market samurai , do you think it would be beneficial for someone like me who is relatively new to affiliate marketing. I mean all though it has lots of tools etc I guess I wouldn’t be using much in the beginning.

    • hospitalera

      The best answer I can give you is to download the free trial and see if the tool itself is useful to you. The best way of getting started in affiliate marketing is to start promoting something that you know well, use often and can stand behind. I never promote a tool or service I haven’t used, feels simply not right for me. So, download the free trial (you need only a working email address for that) and see if you like it. If you do, great, if not you have nothing lost. But I wouldn’t recommend buying a program only to be able to promote it. Hope that helps, SY

  • Ed Dale’s new challenge starts July 1st, and I’m hoping he will provide a free version of Market Samurai for the duration of the course (it will be a two month course this time), and hopefully will buy after, as he usually negotiates a discount. I understand this is what he did last year.

    I must admit, having seen the Market samurai videos, it really looks good – particularly the rank checking feature.

    • hospitalera

      They offered a Market Samurai deal last year, normally they choose something new each year. But they might well offer one again this year, who knows. Nevertheless, no reason not to try it out now for free. You have 12 days to test it and will have already learned to use it when the 30dc starts 😉 SY

  • Hi SY, well, after such a brilliant post I had to go and sign up for the free trial, finally! So – I will check it out and see how I go! Thanks for bringing Market Samurai to our attention, – I trust you! 😉

    • hospitalera

      Hi Petra, just make sure that it really ads functionality to your work flow that your other tools don’t offer (I know you have a few of them) If the tools you have do all what you need as quick as you need it done, no reason to buy more. But if you think that it makes your work flow better / quicker than go ahead. Just don’t buy for “collection”, rofl, SY

  • I think I might have to sign up for a free trial too, just too tempting not to! Thanks for a great review of Market Samurai!

    • hospitalera

      Yes, the free trial is tempting, just make sure you actually test it also, and not only download it and let it collect dust on your hard drive, SY

  • Market Samurai is the last tool I will ever use for keyword research, back linking, and finding content. When I first tried Market Samurai I had tested out the unfinished beta version, and even then I was so amazed at how easy it made keyword research for me. Then after it was finished all the features that were added to my Market Samurai arsenal truly makes Market Samurai the best market research tool I have ever tried, and trust me I have tried many. Being as lazy as I am I always seem spend money on tools that claim they will make keyword research easier. In my opinion Market Samurai definitely over delivered.

    • hospitalera

      I couldn’t agree more Rachel and what I like most is that the one-off price includes lifelong updates, quite a difference to all the other subscription services out there. Oh, and that it works with a Mac is also a big point for me 😉 SY

  • Hi SY,

    Very well written post and I still learned from it new things even though you demonstrated to me how Market Samurai works during our visit.

    In this post you really lay it down as far as the affiliate program virtues.

    I don’t recall you mentioning anything about that when we met.

    I’ll get the free trial through your link so that in case I decide to buy the full version you get rewarded for your efforts demonstrating it to me and for this post.

    I’m not going to sign up yet though because I wouldn’t have the time necessary to devote to it.

    I’ll be getting a new computer soon and setting it up and learning how to use all its features will take up all my available time.

    Once that is settled I’ll plunge into test driving Market Samurai.


    • hospitalera

      Hi Vance,

      It came a bit of a surprise to me also, the Market Samurai Affiliate Program was for the longest time “invitation only”. That is the reason I didn’t mention it to you, this development is pretty new. But even better for you when you decide you like it, you can promote in to your own readers! I am pretty sure Market samurai will go viral very soon, SY

      • Hi SY,

        You may be right that it will go viral. Just the other day I saw it on another blog where I’d never suspect of seeing it.

        If it’s as good as you say, and I don’t doubt that, then the word will get out very quickly.

        Since you’ve been promoting it for some time and likely among the first few people, considering that the cookie is for a lifetime you may find yourself making significant money from it. Good, you deserve it.

        I wonder what you think about Mac and PC and if you’d want to join the conversation about it on my blog.

        The sooner I decide which computer to get and the sooner I get it the sooner I’ll be able to check out Market Samurai on it.


        • hospitalera

          Vance, I left a long reply on your blog some days ago, unfortunately Akismet hates me and buried my comment. Can you digg me out please? SY

          • Hi SY,

            You were indeed dug up by Akismet. Once in a while it doesn’t work as it should but 99% of the time it deserves a praise.

            I unearthed your comment and it now appears for everyone’s enjoyment on my blog.


  • The concept of only accepting customers as affiliates goes down well with me. That way buyers know that they are getting first hand info from folks who have tried and tested the program, making sure that it works as it should ;-).
    Best wishes as an affiliate.

    • The concept certainly helps. There are a lot of people who sell affiliate products without ever trying them out.

      Genuine users will tend to give genuine recommendations although there will always be some who will buy the product just so they can sell it as an affiliate.

      Luckily we know that SY uses the product on a regular basis and genuinely likes it.


  • I’ve been using Market Samurai for more than a year now, and it is hands-down my favorite keyword and niche research tool. I’ve used other tools like Keyword Elite 2.0 and Keyword Blueprint, but none of them can match the versatility and awesomeness that is Market Samurai. It’s just so easy to use, and I never enter any niche without running it through Market Samurai first.

  • Love Market Samurai 🙂 I to am keen to be an affiliate for the product. I reckon that once the rest of the options have been implemented this software will beat everything else hands down.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  • Mark

    You mentioned about the Akismet plugin in WordPress. I just would like to clarify how does this thing really work, I know I should learn this but I am not able to understand it in any way.

  • Market Samurai is no doubt one of the most popular marketing tools in the Internet marketing community. This multi-purpose tool is the start of most projects to many, including me. Despite being in a constant beta stage, the software built on Adobe AIR (which makes it available on all computer platforms, including PC, Mac and Linux) is reliable and often updated via an auto-update feature.

  • As much as I like it, there are still some thing that I think MS lacks. First of all, there’s a considerable slowness of the software with big amounts of data, especially on slower computers. I think speed is something to improve upon.

  • I think it would do with a better project organization. Every project you create is a file that you have to open each time from the hard drive. The list of recent projects helps a little but its capacity runs out quickly. And since you can’t work with more than one project at a time, working with many of them is a hustle. I’d like to see some multi-project organization, especially with regards to the rank tracker.