Market Samurai Rank Tracker Update – React Now!

This is a quick post regarding the new Keyword Rank Tracker. It is meant mainly for those of you that own already a copy of Market Samurai or are sitting insecurely on the fence 😉 unsure if they should or shouldn’t buy it … The ninjas behind Market Samurai have updated their rank tracker module, actually they have rebuild it pretty much from scratch!, here is what you get and how to get it for free.

  • Rank Tracker uses the could!

    Clicking is believing 😉

    If you become, or are, a customer of any Noble Samurai product, you can get the basic plan for Rank Tracker for free, but only if you apply for it before the 31st May 2012! Plus you are then also ‘grandfathered’ into all the discount prices if you plan to upgrade to a paid plan later on.

  • The basic plan allows you to track the rank of 50 different keywords in Google plus your domain metrics (back links and indexed pages) across all your projects (number of domains / urls doesn’t matter).
  • The tool is situated ‘in the cloud’ and updates are automatically once a week and you can download the report as a spread sheet.

I have played around with it and must say I like it a lot and here is why:

  • 50 keywords are more then enough for me as I am monitoring only the main topic keyword for each site, why I explain further down below. So, I am happy with the free plan for the moment, but even if I would want to upgrade later on, the prices are really great.
  • All projects are monitored from one interface inside Market Samurai – handy and tidy – no more switching between projects to monitor your rankings.
  • Speed has increased – really considerably! This is due to the fact that tracking is now done ‘in the cloud’, not anymore from your own computer and internet connection. Pretty Google safe also, if you know what I mean, and I prefer this approach to the previous one. Me don’t want to let Google know which keywords I am tracking for which sites. (I am not so white hat as some of you might think ;-)) or better said I have absolutely no love for Google trying to spy on every aspect of my life – online or offline!
  • Works fine on Mac and Windows – I have a hybrid style office, so that is important to me! And I absolutely love the cloud aspect of it! This way I don’t need to shuffle files around just to check / see the rankings.

 Other good points:

  • If you target the same keyword with different web properties, like your own site and >>>Wizzley<<< articles for example, it doesn’t count towards your quota. That quota is per keyword and domain metric. Handy for those that still believe in writing back link articles …
  • You can export your data as a spread sheet, that might be interesting for the spread sheet geeks or the ones that work for clients – I am none of them 😉 but you might love it!

What I / some might not like:

  • As I installed the beta version, that is what is at the moment available, it overwrote my old version. Not really a problem for me, and the beta works fine btw, but some of you perhaps would like to keep the old version for comparison of functionalitiy? In that case, download the new version to another machine. Each Market Samurai license comes with the permission to use it on two different machines. I use it on my Mac desktop computer and my Windows laptop for example.
  • The providers for the rank data are not disclosed. Understandable, but I still would like to know, I am curious like the proverbial cat!, who provides the data. I did some spot checking with and the results are solid so far …
  • Its automatic and updates only once a week. You have to wait until things have updated ‘in the cloud’ and then you get notified that new data is available for download (one click in the interface does the trick). Those of you that check their rankings several times a day might be able to learn some patience. Spend the time you waste with that and create some killer content instead 😉
  • And here a ‘ROFL’ for you – the good guys at Noble Samurai haven’t released any affiliate links for Rank Tracker yet, nor pretty banners for that matter! So if one of you upgrades to one of the paid plans chances are I get – nuffing! C’est la vie, as the saying goes, but I still found it important to get this blog post out for all of you that have a copy of Market Samurai collecting dust on their hard drives so that you get the free plan without problems. You know, karma, pay it forward and all that stuff 😉

How to get the new Rank Tracker – for existing users

  • Log into your Noble Samurai account >>>link<<<.
  • Click on ‘My Software and Services’.
  • Download, install and enjoy 😉
  • Important! You have to use Rank Tracker at least one time to get your free plan assigned!!!

 How to get the new Rank Tracker – if you don’t own Market Samurai

  • Click my handy aff link >>>Market Samurai<<< and download and install the free trial version.
  • Proceed now as outlined above, you are now an existing user 😉
  • If you read this after the 31st May, bad luck, you only get 10 free keywords to track and have to pay if you want more ;-(

Important Note!!!

If you want to keep your free plan AND are a trial user, user of the free version, you need to upgrade to the full version, aka pay for it, before the 31st May 2012 also. The guys at Market Samurai are kind, but not stupid business wise and anything else wouldn’t make sense for them when it comes to budgeting …

Rank Tracker Costs

And for the real thorough readers amongst you, those that made it until here, a quick summary what the other available plans cost. The first value is the price if you sign up before the 31st May 2012, the second, higher one, will be valid after that date. Also note that if you sign up for the free plan before the 31st May 2012, you will get the 50% discount every time you upgrade later! So signing up now for free can save you some bucks in a year or so …

  • 100 keywords tracked – $5 / $10
  • 200 keywords tracked – $10 / $20
  • 500 keywords tracked – $25 / $50
  • 1000 keywords tracked – $40 / $80
  • 2500 keywords tracked – $ 99 / 198

Why I track only a few keywords

  • I mentioned above that the free plan is more than enough for me and here my reasons:
  • I am actively reducing the amount of sites I own, aka selling them, in order to be able to concentrate better on the winners.
  • I don’t care much about the ranking of each keyword I target, I concentrate on traffic and conversion! Plus I build / have sites that have an awful lot of content on them with each article targeting a group of related keywords (but remember not to write more then one article about the same topic / keyword, you don’t want to compete with yourself ;-). So, since a long time, in internet terms, I would anyway only track the ranking of my main topic keyword. So, for example, if I would have a website about ferrets, I only would track ‘ferret’ and ‘ferrets’, but not track ‘best pink jumpers for trendy ferrets’ separately with a keyword tool 😉
  • Being a stats addict keeps you from getting any real work done, so having less to check means I have more time and energy to write incredible blog posts like this – just kidding about the ‘incredible’ bit 😉

Unhappy with the direction the Rank Tracker module has developed to?

Some are apparently! If that is your case, simply drop support a line, chances are good that you get a full refund ‘If you feel that you haven’t received value from Market Samurai’, at least that is what Eugene, the ‘Head Samurai’ said in a comment on this >>>blog post<<<.


  • If you are an existing Market Samurai customer you need to take 5 minutes out of your busy live and sign up to the free plan!
  • If you aren’t, just use my >>>handy affiliate link<<< and sign up for a free trial, doesn’t cost you anything either!
  • And, btw, even if you decide not to purchase the full version after your trial is over, the keyword research module stays free and gives you more keywords than you ever can hope to write content for 😉 But you lose your free ranking plan also, your choice, but you have 12 days of free trial to decide about that 😉

Like always, any questions, suggestions or different opinions, please leave them in a comment!

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3 comments to Market Samurai Rank Tracker Update – React Now!

  • Tom (Noble Samurai Support)

    Thanks for the review 🙂

  • I read your article and Market Samurai’s and that they removed the old way of using Rank Tracker. Here is my issue with this. I purchased this program so that When a NEW CLIENT comes to me and I need to show them where they are at I can quickly list their keywords and show them what pages that they are on. Now I’m limited to 50 when I have over 300 keywords or more used. I bought this software so that I wouldn’t have to use other monthly serves. This is unfair to me and is no longer the program that I PAID FOR. However I think that it’s a great way to move forward and works great on the cloud but they shouldn’t remove the manual way.