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Benjamin Cip asked recently in a comment “I didn’t know about Market Samurai until I visit your blog, could you tell me more about it?” I am happy to oblige 😉 I must admit I have so far only scratched the surface and not fully explored all the features Market Samurai has, so I will write about what I know it does, and not about what the sales copy says it does, ok?

Let me also get one thing more out of the way, the banner in the top left corner of this blog post, the one in the sidebar and the text links are referral links. That means that if you use them to get your free Market Samurai trial and decide later to buy it, I will earn $s 😉 These $s are paid by Market Samurai, not by you btw, but if you really, really don’t want to use my referral link, here is a squeaky clean link to their web site: no strings attached! Your decision which link to use 😉 Now back to Market Samurai’s possibilities.

Market Samurai is a tool that helps you to find profitable niches and to monitor the progress of sites you have set up in those niches. It is a great tool to find low competition niches that are still profitable enough to warrant to set up a site, nano niches so to speak.

Market Samurai is ideal to find (nano) niches because it allows you to generate long lists of potential keywords, analyze them for their earning potential, analyze them for their competition and monitor the progress your new site(s) make in the SERPs. It is easier to rank for those kind of low competition niches, then for highly competitive keywords. Better to be the big fish in a small pond, then a small fish in a big pond!

Additionally Market Samurai allows you to find sources for potential backlinks and content that you can use legally on your site. I have only scratched on this one, and not done a lot with it as I prefer to write my own content. But the “Promotion” tool looks promising. Perhaps one of my readers can chime in and tell us more if it is really as good as it looks?

Market Samurai also tells you what is the best way to monetize the niche you just found, some keywords are better monetized with Google Adsense, others will work better with Amazon, Market Samurai helps you also with this decision.

In one short sentence, Market Samurai is all what you need to make money online. If you use the keywords you find with it to build hubs on Hubpages, lenses on Squidoo, articles on Infobarrel or just write / set up a free blogspot blog you not even need to pay for an own web site to earn money online. But you will earn obviously more if you apply your findings to your own sites and blogs 😉

Market Samurai can also help bloggers to write better headlines and posts for their blogs, sometimes a little shift in the keywords of a blog post / title makes for a much bigger potential audience as more people are searching for it.

Sounds cool, right? If you are a regularly reader of this blog you know that I normally don’t write raving reviews about each product I come across. Actually, I think, this is the first time I do this 😉 I made always a point of only recommending something I am using myself and / or something that is free. I use Market Samurai extensively since weeks and it is free to try, no credit card details required.

Summary: Market Samurai is a great tool, but it is exactly that – a tool. You will need your brain and your hands to actually use it. You will have to — work!

So, did I got you curious? Why don’t you download the free trial and see for yourself if you and Market Samurai are a good fit? Remember, the keyword research feature stays available even after the trial period is over, what do you have to loose? You need only your email address to sign up for a free Market Samurai trial, no credit card details required!

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  • From what you write, i conclude that market samurai do all research and we just read from market samurai research to get full benefit of it.
    .-= Dana@LetUpdate´s last blog ..Create WordPress Blog Lab =-.

  • hospitalera

    Have you read my Summary: Market Samurai is a great tool, but it is exactly that – a tool. You will need your brain and your hands to actually use it. You will have to — work! ???

    You have to do the research yourself, nobody does it for you BUT Market Samurai saves you time and effort by generating and analyzing keywords based on the data you give it and so on. There is an old geek / nerd saying that goes like this “Nonsense in, nonsense out” If you feed a tool / program bad data to start with, the result will be less then optimal, if you give it a great starting point the results will be spectacular. Why don’t you download a free trial and see for yourself how it works? SY

  • Oh, so that how it work. Ok, i may try it to make sure. 😀
    .-= Dana@LetUpdate´s last blog ..Ban IP Address ??? =-.

  • hospitalera

    Best way to find it out for yourself 😉 SY

  • Legal content is a huge deal to post on your site if you are not writing your own. Market Samarai seems especially helpful for blog titles because little tweaks can make a big difference relating to SEO.

  • hospitalera

    That is an added bonus, the main bonus in my eyes is the ability to find quick and easy profitable (nano) niches with a low competition, SY

  • This sounds interesting, I have seen the potential in niches and the odd keyword which I have stumbled on accidental in the past, there was one I picked up in the debt industry which is shocking I know given the vultures that are involved these.

    Ill give the trial a go and see if I can pick anything (or see potential that the full product could pick something up) up at the weekend
    .-= competitors keywords´s last blog ..Competitors keywords, trademarks and adwords =-.

  • hospitalera

    @competitors keywords
    Yeah weight loss and debt are two niches I stay normally far away from, too many lives ruined by too much rubbish. But on second thought “weight loss scams” and “debt scams” might make for nice, ethical niches. The trial is the full product for 12 days, and the keyword research feature will stay active even after the trial is over, so yes, give it a go! SY

  • Shahbaz

    Looking great software. Thanks Does it works just mentioned above? Is there is any success stories?

  • I’ve read plenty of reviews of Market Samurai, and most of them just copy the sales copy, so it’s great for a change to read yours Hospitalera.

    Re the Promotion module/tool: I hope you have used it by now Hospitalera – it definitely is as good as it looks! Amongst other things it finds gazillion places where you can get a link by posting a helpful comment 😉

    It also shows you which potential links are edu/gov links (which as you will know Google rates highly) and also the Page Rank of the potential link and whether or not the webpage supports pingbacks.

    I recommend that you open up your Market Samurai now and take a look. I guarantee you’ll be pleased.

    .-= Isha of Market Samurai Resources´s last blog ..Market Samurai Case Study 1: Assessing Camping Sleeping Bags SEOV and SEOC Matrix =-.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, a lot, but the best way to find out about Market Samurai is to try it out for free!

    Don’t worry, by now I have tried out all the features Market Samurai offers and I will continue to write about it. I might even leave then a comment on your blog 😉 SY

  • Damon

    [same comment submitted twice, see below for answer]

  • hospitalera

    I have answered your comment here: SY

  • Hello Hospitalera,

    I am not sure what was going on with either my browser or the commenting plugin but it was a totally different question that I submitted here. It is weird that it showed up as my comment about spammers. The comment on the stupid spammer post was the one I submitted about market Samurai here. Then I was browsing through your posts and I saw the one about the spammer submitting the same thing, and I wrote a rather lengthy comment actually (I get heated about spammers 🙂 ). So I am not sure what happened, but somehow the software missed one of my comments and duplicated the other one. Sorry for the confusion. Didn’t want you to think I spammed your stupid spammer post with the same comment copied and pasted 🙂
    .-= Damon@Debt Settlement´s last blog ..Debt Collection Statute of Limitations =-.

  • hospitalera


    No problem, just out of interest, what browser are you using? If that happens more often I might have to investigate a bit more 😉 SY

  • I am using firefox. Version 3.0.11
    .-= Damon@Debt Settlement´s last blog ..Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans – Do they still Exist? =-.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks, I will keep an eye on it if this problem reoccurs, SY

  • No problems for me using the latest Firefox/IE.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks, seems it was an isolated incident 😉 SY

  • Hi dude 🙂 🙂
    Even i never knew about this tool :(, will try it once and see the results 🙂 🙂 🙂
    .-= Sunil Jain@gupshup´s last blog ..5 Things to know before creating a blog =-.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, it is great! Try it out, the 12 day trial is free and only costs an email address 😉 SY
      PS I am a “dudette” 😉

  • I never have read or heard before anything about market samurai. Your post shows me that this software gives me many possiblities – thank you for posting!

    PS: I just have “ordered” my free trial 🙂
    .-= Ohne Schufa´s last blog ..Credit without Schufa =-.

    • hospitalera

      You are welcome, if you have any questions, feel free to leave another comment. SY
      PS Regarding keyword research, the term “schufa” is typically German, you might want to concentrate on that market 😉 SY

  • Tony

    I’ve heard about this and I’m pretty excited to give it a shot. I would love to hear from some of the other posters. Let me know what you all think of it.

  • Hi H,
    This is a great summary of the product. I have only used the basic stuff like checking possible keywords, potential search traffic and the backlinks of the sites on the first page of Google. I know that this tool has so much more potential.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but was it easy to join their affiliate program? I would be interested in helping to spread the gospel myself at some point in time.

    .-= Tiptopcat @ Money Making Experiment´s last blog ..Earnings For February 2010 =-.

    • hospitalera

      Hi TipTopCat,

      Nice to see you here 😉 Yes, Market Samurai is great, I still discover new cool things I can do with it. And the training material they provide (for free!) is outstanding! As for their affiliate program, there is no official and open one, the best thing is to drop them an email and ask! Nothing more to it 😉 SY

  • I did exactly as you said – I emailed the Market Samurai team and have now signed up as an affiliate. Glad it was so straight forward.

    Thank you.
    .-= Tiptopcat @ Money Making Experiment´s last blog ..Earnings For February 2010 =-.

  • Hi Hospitalera, I went to Google with a Market Samurai affiliate query and found you 😉

    I signed up as an affiliate today because like you I like to promote tools that I use personally and of course tools that work. Even though I have had Market Samurai almost six months I still have a lot to learn!

    Anyway I was wondering Hospitalera if you would help me with that affilate query I have… I have found the resources page with the promotional banners like the one you have here in your side bar but where did you get the code for it?

    .-= Hayley@Legitimate Home Business Opportunity´s last blog ..Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland Quotes To Inspire You. =-.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Hayley,

      I wrote the html code myself and put it in a text widget, it is the same system you use for any linked image 😉 See below, hope it helps 😉 SY

      For whatever reason known only to WordPress it keeps adding a “< / a / >” to the code above, just strip that out and you have a working template to do your own version. Any problems, just ask, SY

  • I use Market Samurai to. Beside the Keyword module I use extensively Page Rank and SEO Competition modules. I hoped that Promotion module will be of greater use but it is not. Blogs and Yahoo answers are all nofolow links for example and this doesn’t help much.

    I also think that it could be more user friendly and organized. But in terms of what it does, it does very good.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, but you found this blog post to comment on with it, didn’t you? As for “could be more organized”, I wholeheartedly agree, from time to time I go to my folder and put things in subfolders to keep the overview, but that helps only temporarily. One word to backlinks, make sure you have a healthy mixture of them, you need nofollow and dofollow, well anchored and “click here” backlinks, if not Google may raise a warn flag. SY

  • Simon

    Yes I found you with MS =). Thanks for tips. As you probably know, recently they released free software which includes a Keyword research part of Market Samurai.

  • It is a Domain Samurai – a new FREE domain search product that includes also a Keyword research module from Market Samurai that I was reffering.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, Domain Samurai is quite neat, but my problem is more that I have too many good niche ideas then too few 😉 And don’t forget that the Keyword Research Module of Market Samurai stays free and available even after the trial has expired 😉 !SY

  • Hi SY, I am very tempted to sign up for the free trial, but I might wait until I am back at my own computer… (see my blog post here ).
    I am interested, have you got any experience with MicroNicheFinder? If so, how do the two compare? – If not, don’t worry.

  • hospitalera

    Hi Petra, as my main working computer is a Mac and MNF doesn’t run on a Mac easily, I have never tried it out. Market Samurai runs without problems on PCs and Macs 😉 that was one of the reasons I choose it. Other reasons were that people I know and trust use it and it was also recommended during the last 30 day challenge. So far I have not regretted one second that I bought it and really can’t imagine how I would do without it! Perhaps you should think on the lines of what you are missing with MNF and then decide if you need another, additional tool. If MNF does everything what you want the way you want it, then you have no reason to look further 😉 SY

    PS Good luck with the move and with setting up your new internet access!

  • Hi SY,

    I’m glad I clicked on this post because it has good info in it and I’m especially glad that I read all the comments and your replies to them.

    It’s good to know that Market Samurai also works on Macs.
    I just hope that it will work on mine which is a bit aged.

    MNF is great but like you say it only works on PC.

    I’ll click on your MS link and hopefully it’ll work on my Mac.
    If not, I’m due for a new one, ouch. Getting it may take a while.

    .-= Vance@Learn Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Marketing With Alex 3.0 Preview, Gurus Nightmare Alex’s New Ebook =-.

    • hospitalera

      Keep us posted how it goes, Vance. If you run into problems, the guys that run Market Samurai are outstanding in support. The program can be a bit of a memory hook, but it runs fine on my Mac Mini with 1GB memory. One thing that can help is too go to the settings and choose only to allow “simple skins” without fancy animation. That doesn’t affect the functionality, but can speed things up. Anything else you want to know, just give me a shout 😉 SY

  • A lot of people are now talking about market samurai nowadays, I’m really intrigue on how it could help our website, but based on your convincing power. I’ll try it out for sure!
    .-= diocelin@website design münchen´s last blog ..XT Commerce Abonnement Modul =-.

  • I have been looking at word tracker but was put off by the high monthly cost, the fact that this is a one time payment is very important.
    Recently I have been using Web CEO, but find it a little cumbersome.
    Actually one of the most important points for me is that it works on my macbook pro and from the above comment it apparently does!
    I will sign up for a free trial… (through your link 😉