Market Samurai and Thirty Day Challenge 30DC

Market Samurai and Thirty Day Challenge 30DC

Ok, that will be a longish post, so grab something to drink and bear with me 😉

Back from the fridge? So lets start. Back in 2007, I heard for the first time of the Thirty Day Challenge which is basically a free annual event to teach people how to make money online with the help of a lot of videos, an own forum, blog etc. Now, I am not a “on day 7 we all learn to use xyz” person, but I truly appreciate the information that is available for free on this site and the exchange with others. Some of my oldest twitter friends go back to the time of my first 30DC! So, if you like a more guided and structured approach, hop over to Thirty Day Challenge and join. It is free and you can learn a lot from the guys there!

One other reason I keep an eye on each years 30DC is that they often promote cool new software releases that help to make money online in a smarter way. And this year they have an especially nice goodie to test out. A 40 days trial of Market Samurai! Now, I know the landing page of Market Samurai could do with a bit of re-vamping, and to be honest, for a long time this “loud” landing page was the reason I not even looked closer at Market Samurai. The other reason was, that their trial period is normally very short, around a week or so. So I put it on the list of “one day when I have enough time I will look deeper into that” and there is stayed.

As I signed up for this years’  30DC I noticed that as an extra bonus they throw in a free FORTY days trial of Market Samurai. So I went straight to the site and downloaded it and I am hooked since the first minute I opened it.

Market Samurai has many features that are extremely useful to work smarter and can help you to make money online more easily and in less time. The full list of features can be seen here Market Samurai Full Feature List.
And to see how it works in real time have a look at some of the Market Samurai Videos.

Like they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, a video even more!

The full version of Market Samurai is $149 at the moment. No that is not cheap, but after using it only for a short time, I can say it is worth every cent of it. I have only used a few features, but the amount of time I have saved to research profitable keywords was worth a lot. And the list of potential keywords is worth more then the full version price of Market Samurai. I am sure I will buy it as soon as my trial expires!

Is Market Samurai a quick rich scheme? Far from it. It is a research tool that cuts down on time and effort needed to find potentially profitable keywords. It does more than only that, but that is material for another blog post.

So, you have nothing to loose to try both the 30DC and Market Samurai for free and to learn to make money online the smarter way. You still have to work, it is not a get quick rich tool. It is a tool that helps you to work smarter but you still have to do your part of the work with web site building and promoting.

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8 comments to Market Samurai and Thirty Day Challenge 30DC

  • I am just interested in the time that it is saving you in keyword research, which to me, would also be a valuable commodity. I also appreciate that it is not a get rich quick kind of scheme because I always am suspicious if you don’t have to put forth any work.

  • hospitalera

    Look at the videos I have linked to in my post and compare how much time a similar search would take you with your methods. Everybody of us works differently, so it is difficult to say how much time you would be able to safe. SY

  • I join the 30 day challenge to make money online easily, the videos are so helpful and the most good thing is I got free trial of Market Samurai for 40 days!

  • hospitalera

    @Reza Winandar
    Wrong reason, making money online is NOT easy, especially when you are just starting out. It becomes easier with the time, but you need still to work. If you are only after easy money, you will soon give up. SY

  • Saad

    you are very right internet money is not easy , but once you find some good techniques you can get on top , but take a hard work of around 6-7 months , some also some investment of about $500 , and use the money intelligently

  • hospitalera

    Why do you have to invest $500, you can make money on the internet with very little (domain+hosting) or even for free (blogspot). SY

  • Market Samurai

    Where I find archive of 30DC Market Samurai

  • hospitalera

    The thirty day challenge web site can be here , but I think their Market Samurai special offer has expired ;-( For a free 12 day trial click here: