Cool Market Samurai Tips- Keeping track

This blog post was inspired by Lissie’s review of Andy Blacks Index Checker, if you scroll down to the comments of her blog post, you can see that Lissie and I had a little exchange about this. She said it can’t be done, I said it can. So I set out to figure out “how” and after using it for weeks I came finally around to write up this short blog post.

Why bother checking your indexing?

Indexing means that the big G (and other search engines) have visited your new blog post, article or hub and have taken noticed from its content and included it in their index. Checking that all your blog posts and articles get quickly indexed is a good way to check if “Google still loves you” 😉 Bearing in mind the recent crack-down Google did on mini-sites and especially on spammy Google blogspot blogs, monitoring the health of your content on the web is more important then ever. So let’s get started!


(Skip if you already have it installed)

In case you don’t have Market Samurai installed, download your free 12-days trial from here:

Market Samurai Free Trial

(Yes, that is a referral link, a woman has to live 😉 Nevertheless, using it doesn’t cost you a cent nor do they want your credit card details, just a working email address will do.)

Install Market Samurai and open it. Now the playing field is for everybody the same, new and experienced user!

Setting up a new tracking project

  • Lets say you want to monitor the health of all your infobarrel articles. In the Market Samurai start screen you click “Create a new project“ and under keyword you put in “Infobarrel”, leave the rest as it is and hit “create”.
  • On the left hand side of the screen you see the available modules, click “Ranktracker”.
  • Click “add domains”, and enter (or any other url of a directory you want to track articles on). Click “add domains” in the popup window. I suggest that you keep it at one domain per project, so don’t mix hubpages with Squidoo lenses 😉
  • Click “add keywords” in the bottom right corner. Enter the keywords you want to rank for. Click “add keywords” in the popup window. These keywords are most likely part of the url of your article, so for example, I would choose for an article with this url: “mini oven” as keyword.Or for: “not buy dog christmas”.

  • You can type in all your keywords / article titles at once or do it by alternating with the step below.
  • After you have added your keywords, click “add urls” and add the url you want to track AND (BIG IMPORTANT Step!) tick the box beside the corresponding keyword. Click “add urls” in the popup window.
  • Rinse and repeat until you have a nice list of all your article urls and their corresponding keywords.

If you have already lots of articles published, you will have to invest a bit of time to add them all to the project, but when the initial set-up is done, it takes me less then a minute to add a newly published article to the existing project!

Now comes the fun part:

Hit “Update Rank Data” and you see Market Samurai working away and after some time (how long depends on the number of search engines and the search depth you choose) you are presented with an updated list that shows you which article is indexed by which search engine (or not!) and where each article ranks in the SERPentines for its chosen keywords.

If your article is not yet indexed by a search engine it shows up as a small “-” in the result page. I suggest you give that article a bit of TLC and linky love.

What do you think? Neat little trick to save you a lot of time, isn’t it? I have different projects set-up for each article directory I submit to. Checking their success or failure is as easy as opening a project and hit “Update Rank Data” and lean back. Compare that with checking each article manually in the search engines and you see why I am “a bit” excited.

Do you have any cool ways to share how you use Market Samurai? Any questions about this whole “article indexing tracking business”? Just leave a comment and I will do my best to answer all questions and suggestions.

And if you still not have tried out Market Samurai, perhaps now is a good time to start with the free trial:

Download Your FREE Copy of Market Samurai here!

(Sorry couldn’t resist, little call to action 😉 )

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16 comments to Cool Market Samurai Tips- Keeping Track

  • Hi SY,

    I’m not able to use Market Samurai on my computer but when I get an update I may try it and put your procedure to the test.

    I have no problem getting indexed with my main blog where it usually only takes minutes after I publish.

    But checking how different keywords rank would certainly be fun.

    .-= Vance@Get Traffic To Your Blog´s last blog ..Get Traffic To Your Blog, Build Blog Links With Top Directories =-.

  • hospitalera

    Hi Vance, I can show you how it works when you come to visit us 😉 SY

  • Hi..
    I have been using Market Samurai for a month now and I must say I am impressed. Only one problem: Sometimes I get the feeling their data are either outdated or wrong. The ranktracker module said my site is 102 in Google for one of my keywords, but I cannot find my site on that spot or even near it. Maybe I’m not using the software properly, I’m relatively new to IM and the program has more features than I could have ever dreamed of. So I won’t nag too much about it, but it would be interesting if someone has had a similar experience or maybe a different way to read the data.
    The support and dojo teachings are great though, they not only teach you how the different modules work, it is a complete IM course too! It’s worth every penny. The free trial also gives you acces to all of the paid features which makes buying this product pretty hard to resist.

    PS All the training videos are on Youtube, where they show exactly how it works.
    .-= andreas kramers´s last blog ..Chickens that made History =-.

    • hospitalera

      That is easy explained. When you use Google and are logged into one of their services, they will present you with a “personalized search result” if you use a software app such as Market Samurai this doesn’t happen, hence the difference. Results also differ depending which data center is used during the search query. I found Market Samurai pretty reliable as their results coincided with the traffic a site received. Oh, and it is also normal that new sites go up and down in the SERPentines, it is known as the “Google Dance”, hope that helps, SY

  • Paul Jones

    Why wouldn’t I simply use awstats or other web statistics to find Googlebot’s visit for any of these pages? Market Samurai is doing WebCEO’s work, they should stick to niche research 😉

    • hospitalera

      Not sure why you think that one tool should only do one task, as long as it does it well, what is the problem? Oh, and you have obviously not read the blog post carefully enough, it is about monitoring your rankings for your keywords in the SERPentines, something that awstats surely doesn’t do! SY

  • I’ve been using Market Samurai since last August, and have found a fair number of ways to speed up and improve my use of it. I have noticed lots of very useful features in Market Samurai, and sometimes trying to get to grips with them can seem overwhelming. It’s easy to get sided into just using the features that you know best, but you really want to learn to use this software to your best advantage.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, and they provide also excellent training material and help in their Dojo and forum to achieve this, SY

  • Hi SY,

    From what you’ve shown me, Market Samurai is something I’ll definitely test drive and most likely get.

    The demonstration was indeed good and I appreciate it very much.

    The capability of keeping track of different projects is a big plus.

    .-= Vance@Make Money Online Review´s last blog ..Make Money Online, New Book by John Chow the e-Marketer Reviewed =-.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Vance, glad you liked it, you can even use it to do SEO for other sites, as it allows you to gather a lot of relevant information about areas that need improving, SY

  • Sam@Denver Limousine

    Before I found market samurai, my process for researching keywords in new Niches was to use a bit of luck and Google’s keyword suggestion. After that I would double check the real results on search pages and then click through to the top couple of results seeing how they were optimised as well as checking their Page rank. This then gave me an idea of how easy it will be to rank my new niche website on top of first page of google for that search term. But this process became very time consuming.

    • hospitalera

      Yep, Market Samurai is a real time saver, and in the end ‘time is money’ as the saying goes, SY

  • Anderson

    Thank you for clarifying how to use this feature! I love Market Samurai but I still have much to learn in order to fully benefit from all that it can do.

    I’d like clarification on #5. It was my understanding that we shouldn’t analyze more than 180 keywords (or is it 150?) at a time, therefore we need to pare things down to that level or less before paring down with Total Searches + SEOC. So is the paring down to 180 or less only necessary when we’re analyzing the words with more than Total Searches + SEOC? Hope someone can answer this – I have spent a lot of time paring down my keywords manually before clicking on any kind of analysis and it can be time consuming.

    • hospitalera

      The website you linked to returned a not found error, hence I took the link out. As for your concern, I have my projects divided so that I don’t run into this problem. As explained, I have different projects set up for hubpages, infobarrel etc and use Market Samurai to check their rankings. Hope that helps, SY

  • Elina Chong

    With Market Samurai you can also find highly relevant back links to point to your site. If you are experienced with websites you know that back links are the most important thing when it comes to traffic and getting listed. Sometimes it can be hard and time consuming but not with Market Samurai.