Matt Cutts Video and a challenge

Following up with the discussion in the comment section of “How to write your own backlinks”  here the video mentioned by Staysure from “travel insurance over 75“, take a glass/ mug/ cup of your preferred beverage and enjoy 😉

The challenge

As I wrote in my comment, I challenge Staysure to join me in a friendly experiment-cum-seo-battle:

We choose one niche topic, the same for both of us, and each of us makes a Google blogspot blog about it. I propose max 10 pages/ articles/ posts with max 500 words each (give or take). Matt and I will promote our blogs then with whatever method we know of – with one difference: Matt will make use of directories/ mass submissions and I will not. After 3-6 months we should see who ranks higher for the niche. I am happy to built a niche blog in travel, health, animals, internet marketing, blogging, etc. I am useless when it comes to cars (no sexiest comments, please!) and all things mechanical.

What do you think Staysure? Do you accept the challenge? And which niche/ topic you would like to battle in? SY

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12 comments to Matt Cutts Video and a challenge

  • I love the challenge that you are using! I hope that you post the results in the future to see who will rank higher for your specific niche that you are choosing because I am very interested to see if his use of directories will make a difference in the rankings.

  • hospitalera

    Unfortunately Staysure hasn’t responded yet, I hope he will before I have started too many other projects! SY

  • I’d love to take up the challenge except at the moment I don’t have the time or money to buy bulk spammy links 🙁

    I’d be happy to do it the other way around though if you want to go the spammy way I will take the natural way.

    We can define keywords and use very similar content (to compete). I am happy to come up with the keywords and content. The niche I prefer Travel or Internet Marketing.

  • hospitalera

    Rofl, no thanks, I don’t like spammy methods, but you still could submit to a multitude of directories by hand, lol. Or do massive social media submissions. I would be fine with either travel or internet marketing and we simply define the main keywords we target. Means we set a niche and 10 main keywords we want to rank for in that same niche. At the end we see who ranks higher for these ten keywords plus the niche / web site as such. I think we should write our own content but stick to the main keywords, this way it looks more natural to Google 😉 SY

  • Ok, here’s what then.

    Here are the ground rules.

    I only get links from bad neighbourhoods / spammy directories etc…

    We go for the same keywords

    All pages we get links from must be pagerank 0 or grey.

    How’s this sound?

    Internet marketing or Travel which one? Do you want to flip a coin?

  • hospitalera

    @ Staysure
    You flip the coin and decide on the niche. But I would amend the rules a bit: You can get links also from non-spammy sites, the spammy sites are an additional tool you use. We can get links from every page we want to, have access to, get into link exchange with. Everything else would be too difficult to monitor / to check, especially as Google is updating its ranking very frequently lately. After you flipped the coin, we drill it down to a main niche and each of us decides on 5 main keywords. When that is sorted we both built a niche blog on Blogspot around it, or on if you prefer. Max 10 posts with max 500 words each, each post centering on one of the main keywords. And then the fun starts! SY

  • I’m very curious of the results of the challenge, please keep us updated.

  • hospitalera

    It is all back to staysure, he has to decide on the niche and then we can decide on 5 main keywords each 😉 SY

  • thanks for the video, i think this could be a cool challenge

  • I really liked your blog!Good Grammar , very different from those blogs where written english prefers to be the last word they have learned

  • phill@scrapcars bromley

    For some reason i could not here the sound is there a problem with the vidieo

  • hospitalera

    @hill from pscrapcars bromley
    The sound is working fine for me, must be a problem on your side 😉 SY