Nano Niches

Everybody, ok nearly everybody, knows what a niche in internet marketing terms means. But do you also know what a Nano Niche is? Nano means “extremely small” or “extremely narrow”. In terms of internet marketing it means a very, very narrow niche, nearly without any competition, but still with an earning potential. A typical broad to nano hierarchy can look like this:

Dog>Small Dogs>Car Seat for Small Dog.

The competition for “Car Seat for Small Dog” is very low, but there is still an earnings potential as this nano niche has buying search traffic. In the end, somebody who looks for a car seat for his or her small dog does this because they are interested in buying one! Googles’ External Keyword Tool shows 480 searches per month for it.

Obviously you don’t want now to run out and buy a domain with the words Small Dog Car Seat in it and purchase also hosting for it. Even if you could reach place one in the Google search rankings for your keywords, the costs of maintaining such a web site would eat up, nearly, all the earnings you could make with such a web site.

BUT a nano niche is an ideal candidate for a Hubpages Hub or a Squidoo Lens. This way you can still earn money with it, but without having to pay anything in advance.

Having a lot of such nano niches on Squidoo Lens and Hubpages Hub, can add up nicely to a steady, recurring income with minimum effort apart of writing the content and some basic promotion. Nano niches are very easy to promote and rank as they are very specific and have normally a very low competition.

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