Niche Devil a Scam ?!

If you haven’t yet heard of Niche Devil and are sure you will never fall for the “get rich over night” type of marketing propaganda, then feel free to read another blog post of mine, for example about how to build your own backlinks. If you have heard about it and are thinking of spending $97 on it, then you should read on and perhaps this post will change your mind.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used the product and so far I have only seen two sites being built with it. All concerns and opinions in this post are based on the information stated on the Niche Devil web site, those two sites I have seen and the sales letters I have received from Niche Devil so far.

What is Niche Devil
Niche Devil is, in the developers own words a tool for “Make A KFC Family Sized Bucket Of Cash By Feeding The Google Monster It’s Favourite Food And Hardly Lift A Finger”. Great statement, right? But it is not about the use of language on the web site, which, together with the spelling, could do with some improving. It is about if the product is worth the money! So how do they claim you will be able, with Niche Devil, to make this “family sized bucket of cash”. The idea / initial setup is intriguing: You buy a domain (actually they recommend you buy MANY domains), hosting and Niche Devil. You install Niche Devil on your hosting account, you run the script, insert your chosen key words and your affiliate links for the store you want to build and magic, magic, Niche Devil spits out a site with content and products. And that all in only, hold your breath and drumroll, only 36 seconds! Now you only need visitors to come and buy those products. But hey, Niche Devil even promises that the visitors will come with the help of pinging. All this sounds great, doesn’t it?! Lets look at it point for point to see what is left of this great product. Here is such a web site that was built with Niche Devil: officialcarshopper.

36 seconds to build a finished site with content and affiliate products sounds great. But if you have been more than, lets say a week, in internet marketing, then you know that building a site is not so time consuming. What takes up time is the search for the right niche and keywords. And will Niche Devil help you with that? Nops, you still have to find a profitable niche + keywords all on your own. So that’s to the “only 36 seconds per site”.

Ease of use
You have to upload the script via ftp to your server / hosting account. And this server / hosting account must meet some minimum requirements to run Niche Devil. Now if I could find those minimum requirements on the Niche Devil web site, that would be really helpful, but nops, something so basic is not worthy to be included in the sales pitch. If somebody knows the answer to that question, I would be thankful if you could post it in a comment. Edited: Finally found it hidden in the middle of the sales pitch and in small print. The minimum requirement on the web host site is “Niche Devil Requires IonCube PHP Loaders” Mouthful, but something that comes pre-installed with many, but not all!, webhosts like for example Hostgator.

Affiliate products
Niche Devil is nothing else then a glorified niche store builder. You give it the keywords, your affiliate code and Niche Devil pulls the corresponding products from Ebay, Amazon or Chitika. Similar to the good old BANS stores, remember them? They were the rave around a year ago, everybody, or nearly everybody, that wanted to make money on the internet built them. Until they all got dropped out of the Google index, no search traffic = no money, good bye BANS earnings. Similar things can happen to Niche Devil web sites also…

Niche Devil is making a lot of hype about their “ever refreshing” content. What it does is pulling / scraping content from the internet in form of videos, images, twitter tweets, articles and the like, all content that is related to your key words. This content is refreshed every time the site loads, presenting Google every time with new content to spider. This part seems to work well, as none of this content gets its own page. It is simply an exchange of content on the same static pages your web site has. My concern is more about the legality of such content and the moral issues involved. Somebody wrote this content and took the images and videos. What is about their copyright? Whilst youtube videos and twitter tweets are not so much of an issue, the images are. Obviously there are also no back links provided to the scraped content ;-( How would you feel being ripped off like this?

Traffic Attraction
Another big hype, Niche Devil web sites claim to attract traffic all on their own, WOW, the internet marketers dream! Scraped content that attracts traffic all on its own and the whole thing key word optimized! So, where is the trick? The trick is to “ping”, now “pinging” is something that a lot of bloggers do semi-automatic or manual whenever they update a blog, I use Pingomatic and Google has also its very own blog ping service. Which service(s)  Niche Devil uses to do this is not disclosed, obviously, if not everybody would do it for free. Again, if somebody has more information about this point, I would be grateful.

Sales Pitches
If there is one thing what turns me off then it is statements like “Hurry up, only available for 14days!” If somebody has a good product and wants to earn money with it, why restrict the time the product is on the market? I can think of two reasons, neither of them nice. One would be that they want to sell Niche Devil scripts before reviews and long term experience kick in. The other is to create an “urgency” to buy this product NOW, before it is too late. I was browsing yesterday and today some blogs and came across a lot of sales pitches for Niche Devil, mainly because of this urgency and the nice affiliate program they offer. If you have only 14 days to reap this kind of money in, you have to get the word out quickly, right? So a lot of people that previously shouted “BANS” are now shouting “Niche Devil”. BTW, they only say that “Niche Devil will never be sold again as a single product once the 14 day sale is over.” That doesn’t mean they take it completely from the market, they just put it in a package with another program and continue to sell it after the 14 days are over. Or, my personal guess, after 14 days they do a new sales pitch, claiming “Because of the high demand we extend the sales period one more time for xyz days.”

The fine print at the end (from their web site): “…there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.” Exactly, there is no warranty at all to make money on the internet, not with a blog, not with BANS and not with Niche Devil. Because, now comes the 50 million dollar question:

Why would they sell a product that makes money so easily and not use it to make all this nice money for themselves??? If it makes money why give it to potential competitors in the niche markets???

Is Niche Devil a Scam or not? You decide, but for what they offer I think they are way overpriced. Not only this, the whole “only for 14 days” hype gives me the feeling that they don’t want to wait until some longtime users put their reviews up!  But hey, if you want to try them feel free to use my Niche Devil Referral Link, after all, I wrote this article for you!

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59 comments to Niche Devil a Scam ?!

  • Jez

    It wont work any better than bans, there have been other scripts like this before, I know someone that wrote one a couple of years back… got de-indexed.

    Dont think Vic even understands what a footprint is… he is just banding around a term he has cottoned onto… want an example of a footprint… the standard CSS templates it ships with.

    Furthermore I dont think it was BANS footprints that got bans de-indexed… I used to think that, but there are still BANS sites in the index. Im pretty sure G used good old fashioned content analysis and was looking for ebay product dupes.

    I think you are spot on with the 14 day thing… I think once people start getting their sites dropped this will go the way of bans.

  • hospitalera

    I agree, the css template AND the product feed will be a give away for Google, also the refresh rate may alert them. Google is favoring sites that are made by humans and nobody can change content so fast! SY

  • I too agree that I get turned off by a time limit on a sales pitch, but why is it that statistically that is supposed to work the best? Those sales letters sound so cheesy, but when I was doing research to write my own, all of those cheesy tactics were exactly what works the best. Kind of odd.

  • hospitalera

    There is a difference between “one of a lifetime offers” and “special Father’s Day offers”, the second one doesn’t put pressure on the buyer that the product will disappear soon from the market. Imagine you sell coffee with the pitch “Buy coffee now, after the 15th no more coffee available”. Wouldn’t work, would it? What you want is the returning visitor that takes advantage of the occasional seasonal offer. What Niche Devil is after is the “get rich quick” newbie that buys only one or max two times such a product and then either learns the game of internet marketing or gives up. They are not after returning customers, far from it. BTW, stay tuned, I might have an ugly surprise for everybody that signed up to their referral program. SY

  • Dave

    Now what is the ugly surprise planned for people signed up for their referral program – I see you signed up too, will the ugly surprise include you. What about people who planned similar cautionary tales as yours but figured they might as well do the referral link for those who will just not listen to common sense? I am going to be pissed if my livelihood is somehow threatened just because I was one of the ones who joined their referral program…

  • indexed or not, I make a thousand dollars a month off my 15 BANS stores, all thanks to Vic. If nothing else, I’ll fork over the $97 just to help him out!
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    btw, while a few of my sites are de-indexed, some get daily traffic from Google.

  • Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens with Niche Devil. I use it myself, and there are many ways to diminish footprints.

    Do tell us all about the ugly surprise for ND affiliates. Since I am one I am just sitting on pins and needles here…

  • hospitalera

    I am writing the post regarding their referral program at the moment. The ugly surprise as I called it refers to the likelihood to be paid by it. That shouldn’t threaten your livelihood. And in the end, I always could be wrong and all is fine with Niche Devil. But that is something I doubt. SY

    @Discount iPods & IPhones
    Great to hear that BANS is still working fine for you, SY

    Writing at the moment, post will be published today. SY

  • I don’t get the reference to the affiliate program – its a clickbank product – you use your current clickbank affiliate ID and clickbank pays you as per normal – nothing unusual in that!

  • “”Niche Devil pulls the corresponding products from Ebay, Amazon or Chitika. Similar to the good old BANS stores, remember them?””-

    Nope BANS does not pull Amazon or Chitika. You need to correct that. It looks like Niche devil is causing so much hysteria right now online, hmnnn!, I wonder why? Because the software is a masterpiece you hear me. I wonder why BANS stores are still making making money? Hmmn!! Because the system works, people are getting paid. Hospitalera has an affiliate link to Niche devil, hmnn? I wonder why? Its because he knows Niche devil works and the script makes SEO sense.

  • Great post. I read Lissie’s reviews and was tempted,but now I’m rethinking. Others may laugh, but the moral aspects of scraping content without attribution DOES worry me. I don’t care if everyone else is doing it on the internet – it’s like saying I may as well chuck my litter on the ground because everyone else does.

    The other thing is that I’ve learned (by working with phpBay on my sites) that you can’t just type in simple keywords and expect to get good eBay listings. You have to tweak the descriptions otherwise you’re going to get a lot of irrelevant rubbish, which isn’t going to make sales.

    I was thinking of buying this software to monetize some domains I don’t have time to develop, but I think I’ll just leave them parked after all!

  • I actually disagree that you break anyone’s copyright with Niche Devil, the images are from yahoo search, the videos from youtube feed, the twitter from the twitter RSS. The articles are the only slightly dodgy area- and quite simple to get around – a I use my own articles/hubs whatever LOL

  • hospitalera

    Regarding the affiliate program you might want to have a look at this post.
    Regarding the images, the fact that you can find them on yahoo doesn’t make them public domain or automatically licensed for commercial use. I found my own images via yahoo image search and I sell image licenses for a living. Everybody that scraps my images from the web is effecting that. On the same note I never allowed Niche Devil to display my twitter tweets, so that is in the best of times a gray area also. The only thing that hasn’t any problems are the youtube videos as people can choose, when uploading them, if they can be embedded on other sites or not. SY

  • hospitalera

    @ Niche Devil Software
    Similar doesn’t mean the same, it means “resembling without being identical”. So no, I don’t have to correct anything.
    The hype around Niche Devil is caused by the high affiliate commission they pay, not by how good the product is. Your own site is built around it and to promote it, I wonder why? The product is out since a week, how can you now how good it is long term?
    A few BANS stores are still making money, but how many are not?
    And now to my favorite argument: “Hospitalera has an affiliate link to Niche devil, hmnn? I wonder why? Its because he knows Niche devil works and the script makes SEO sense.”
    First of all Hospitalera is a she 😉 Second, when reviewing the site I signed up to their referral program as part of the review (see next blog post). I put the link at the end of the review as a joke and to monitor how many people click / buy a product after what is basically a negative review. I must say, so far I am proud of my readers, they are intelligent, nobody so far bought it. Ok, provided that their confusing affiliate set up really works (again refer to next post for more information). SY

  • hospitalera

    @Marisa Wright
    I love your attitude to copyright, so rare nowadays 😉 I don’t think, from the video and the sites I have seen, you can tweak the script much. You type in your keywords (max 10) and the script does the rest. You can only influence the product listings via your choice of keywords. But you can influence how your site looks via css. Instead of parking I would recommend just writing a few articles for each domain and put Google Adsense on them. I wrote here an article about this and why I thing that cash parking can be harmful in the long run. SY

  • Hmm, from what I read of the reviews, not one person has mentioned this issue with ND. What about the competition? You’re taking money from the competition. If angry enough, they can report you to Google. So all this stuff about footprint is pointless. Think about the competition and if you are stupid enough to cross link to your other ND sites… well, you are just leaving a trail, aren’t you?

  • hospitalera

    @Seo Site Spider
    Good point, but isn’t that the risk in each competitive environment? And yes, linking from one Niche Devil site to the other would be really damm’ stupid. But I guess there are already people out there doing exactly this. SY

  • Cricut Cartridges

    I just bought niche devil. I dont care how long sites remain indexed as I will make the $100 I spent on it very soon and I am sure I will be compensated for my time setting sites up. I have a lot of experience with BANS and yes it was a problem when they got de-indexed by Google but at the same time I made my investment back and got paid handsomely for my time making the sites. Most of them remain indexed in yahoo and now Bing and I am making money without touching them.

    A make money online business model should not be dependent on what tools one uses. A smart business model should use tools, scripts platforms as vehicles for achieving monetary goals and should always factor in the obsolescence of any tool and script.

    What has the most value in a mmo business model is ones ability to make proper keyword selection, work efficiently and fast.

    About what SEO site spider wrote. Yeah, taking money away from the competition for a keyword thats worth $100, $50 or even $10 a day will piss someone off. However, proper keyword selection will allow your sites to rank for keywords that nobody really cares for. As a result you will be able to make your $1-2 per day with no problems. If someone has a problem with that…You just have to let your site go. Its how things work. In the end you just lost $1-2 per day and if you played your cards right you just lost a domain thats worth a max of $10. ND is great because you can go after many of those keywords very fast and thus minimizing the amount of time you spend per domain. As a result you minimize the time lost if you a site of yours gets lost.

    Working smart is the goal here, dont sweat it.

    In conclusion, I DO NOT advise you to get niche devil. Or if you are thinking about it. Think about it some more and DO NOT get it. You should always think about things more than acting on them. Maybe you have a better chance for making money by talking and writing about niche devil….I dont know…You will have to excuse me though. I really have to go think myself 400 Niche Devil sites.

  • hospitalera

    @Cricut Cartridges
    I am happy that you are happy with your purchase and think that you did the right thing. Just do me a favor and come back in, lets say, 6 months, and tells us how it all ended up. The good and the bad. This hype about Niche Devil will go away quickly and then it is just another quick rich scheme that goes to the BANS I mean to the bins 😉 SY

  • I can come back too in six months and tell you how much I have made or have not made with my nd sites. If they don’t stay in google I hope they stay in yahoo/bing. But never the less I don’t care if I lose all my ND sites cause there is so little effort gone to those sites and already getting traffic to them.

  • HospitelareNot

    It is funny hospitalera, that you are part of a “link exchange” network… what about if we report your site to Google for going against the Google TOS .
    Do you want to give it a go? I mean if you are so expert, for sure you don’t believe this. So what about if we report your site, because after doing a link analysis of your site, it shows you are in a link exchange and guess what, that is against Google TOS.

    So what about if you LEARN about how not to get caught?

  • hospitalera

    I am not part of a “link exchange network” and even that would not be against the Google TOS. Google frowns about selling links that pass pagerank. As I don’t sell links there is nothing to report and nothing to get caught for. If you check my advertisement banners, you notice that they are all nofollow, exactly like Google wants it. So, again, your ip address has been logged the moment you made the comment and I keep your details also saved off line, if something unusual happens to my blog I have a good starting point to find you. SY
    PS I wonder what your interest is with all this threats? Only your affiliate commission?

  • hospitalera-lost

    hospitalera…I think you need to re-read Google webmaster guidelines.

  • hospitalera

    @hospitalera-lost (You don’t have much creativity, do you, in the choice of your user names?)

    Please READ the Google Webmaster guidelines again:

    “Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)”

    Do you notice the word “excessive”, do you know what it means? SY

  • Jez

    Who gives a shit about Amazon or Chitika, that is not where the money is.

    Yeah, I know some stay indexed, I have some.

    I also have my own software I wrote as an alternative to BANS, it works pretty well. I use it all the time, and it will bever be for sale… I did consider selling it for a while but figured Id make more off EPN than I would burning it out by selling it.

    The question posed in this post is really whether you swallow the hype or not… and I dont.

    I dont see that adding a few content scrapes / spins is that bigger deal. My own software has a feature that will scrape content up but I dont use it as I dont think EPN would like it too much.

    As for footprints, I think Vic is confusing footprints with dorks. This thing has footprints alright, I guarantee it. Incidentaly, I invested time in doing all I could to remove footprints in my own app, Ill wager my app has far fewer footprints than ND, but it has footprints all the same.

    To say ND “has no footprints” is at best ill informed.

    TBH I would probably have got this if I did not have my own thing sorted already.

    As for the “defenders of the affiliate program”… where are you now that ND has “sold out”?

    Vic looks after number one as far as I am concerned.

    Whatever happend to the site Vic sold a shit load of “shares” in as a joint venture? That thing is a dead duck, shows the last update was November and there is little sign of the expert link building Vic promised on it…. let alone a return for his “shareholders”.

    TBH I used to really rate Vic, but he just seems to have turned into one of the very “rob your readers” bloggers that he once used to bring to task.

  • Jez

    Hmm some unpleasant undertones to some comments on this post, and the one on the aff scheme reference Hospitalera’s adsense account and link building… why is that? What is the motive for that. I thought this was pretty objective blog post, the only objective one Ive read on this software.

    @ Lissie, interesting point about Yahoo, dont know what the deal is if you scrape / hot link images. What I will say is that you dont want getty images on your tail, I know someone that took an image from Google image search and got whacked for it, but without owning ND cannot say how it works. TBH there are loads of programs out there that do similar stuff apart from ND.

    Personaly I would be more worried about DCMA if it has scraped bing content on it. If you get put in it for DCMA your host may shut down all your sites… that happened to me once after I lifted content from an expired site off… host took down over 60 of my sites 🙁 Again, dunno how ND works so cannot say if thats an issue.

    I recon ND will make money for people. It is still possible to make money with BANS, but, as Marisa Wright said, it really comes down to choosing the right keywords, getting good ebay listings and all the little tweaks you make to your sites.

    There are plenty of BANS sites still in Google, but they have been put together with a bit more care. The same will be true of ND.

    Big advantage of ND seems to be speed tho, BANS was way too slow IMO.

    Again, issue I have with ND is not that I dont think it will work / is worth the money, its the hype and wild claims about the power of the scraping / spinning stuff included with it. If that is all there is to holding one of these things in the index then all anyone with BANS need to is use PLR / Blog Content Wizzard or any other content generator on their BANS site…

  • hospitalera


    Wow, thanks a lot for all the information. And thanks also for acknowledging that this is a “pretty objective blog post” but it scares me that you say it was the only objective one that you could find. SY

  • Jez

    NP, as always 90% of posts are trying to sell the thing so are a bit skewed… also no one really knows how well it will work yet.

    Ref footprints, saw some post by Vic on about renaming all elements in the style sheet… so guess he does understand that issue after all… but as mentioned, dont think BANS were de-indexed just on the footprint… as a dig around this query will prove:

  • hospitalera

    Yes, perhaps that is why I don’t like overly promotional affiliate programs, it gets the worst out of people, just for making a quick buck. Regarding footprint, “renaming all elements in the style sheet”, I don’t know how many there, are but it increases a bit the time from built a store every 36s as you would have to do it for each single store! I looked at the link that you provided and found one that was suspended by its webhost, but all the others I looked at had well written content added. So, why not just get the free ebay editor kit? Why spend $97 if you still have to add unique content, reduce footprints and promote your site? SY

  • Jez

    What is “the free ebay editor kit”?

    Yeah 36s for deploying the site is just the start… my app will add the domain onto the host and set up a site in one click… faster than ND would be… but there is a lot more to be done than that… niche / kw research, optimising your ebay parameters to get the best possible listings on your pages, link building etc etc… but ND would probably save you at least 30 minutes per site over BANS… BANS is really inefficient in terms of setup.

  • hospitalera

    See here for ebay’s explanation of it, it seems to do pretty much what BANS did / does and most of what ND does:

  • I won't buy into it

    Jez, I want your application! Dang it sounds killer. well Vic kicked me out of his elite academy cuz i dared to criticize it. i am laughing over this product. i checked on the BMW site mentioned in this post. dang if it isn’t deindexed already. was indexed last week. here one week, gone the next. this is just another bans disaster…

    hey hospitalera proud of you for haveing the courage to go against da’ man da’ man who cannot see strait for teh $$$$ signs in his eyes…what a shame he is misleading everyhone

  • hospitalera

    @I won’t buy into it
    Yes, a lot of people spent the $97 for it and for some people, spending that amount of money, plus the domain names, plus the hosting, hurts.
    It seems there is a trend in Internet Marketing to become or to declare yourself a guru first and then sell every product possible to your readers. And a lot of the “next generation marketing guru’s” do the same, they just follow the “leader”. But what happens when these guru’s have lost all their credibility because they sold their readers? SY

  • I won't buy into it

    hospitalera i saw you posting at ms lizbeth sowerbutts blog and i was readaing over there and commented my observations that the very Niche devil blog used in the sales page is already indexed i dared her to tell the truth the real reason niche devil is suddenly sold out is because even the develpers cannot keep the example website indexed. she did not let my comment through so i am posting my frustration over here maybe shewill come here and see. maybe my comment is buried somewhere in the spam folder at her site and maybe it will be approved later i know that happens but i want peple to knkow what i learned by just being observant the site you mention in this post is now deindexed i am so srry the newbies are wasting their time and money. i hope they all get their money back

  • hospitalera

    @I won’t buy into it
    I just checked and their example web site is present in all three indexes (Google/ Yahoo/ Bing), not brilliantly, only a few pages, but indexed.
    I hope with you that everybody that wants it will get their money back. Regarding Lis, she has mentioned several times on her blog that her akismet is overly protective and returns false positives, so I am sure she will digg out your comment sooner or later. SY

  • I Won't Buy Into It

    Huh? the example Niche Devil site is not indexed in Google. Your search – – did not match any documents.

  • hospitalera

    @I Won’t Buy Into It
    Correct, yesterday the site was indexed, poorly, <10pages, but indexed. Today 0 pages indexed in Google, one in Bing and 5 in Yahoo. Seems the site pops in and out of the indexes, and even when it is indexed it is only a few sites. If this is the best what an experienced internet marketer can achieve with ND then it is really time that everybody that bought into ND asks to have their money back. SY

  • hospitalera

    They took the site now completely down, the example site they build in the video I mean, it reverts now to and an “DNS error – cannot find server” message. SY

  • Jez

    Oh dear, that pipe dream did not last long did it.

  • I was actually gone, with no Internet access during the whole Niche Devil thing … I didn’t even see the sales page.

    I do still have some BANS sites though. I think what a lot of people don’t understand about Vic is that most of these programs are not meant to be “long-term” deals. And seriously, for anybody who is planning to keep a domain for the long term, why in the world would you even consider putting scrapped content on it anyway? If you go into this with your eyes wide open; that you’re gonna spend a couple hundred bucks (for the program and some cheap .info domains), pump sites out, and promote them as fast as you can, for as long as it lasts (even if it’s only a week or two), then when google deindexes all the sites, you can just say “Sh*& happens” and move on.

    I think that’s where a lot of people run into a problem … they can’t let go of the “investment” they made in those now essentially worthless domains (and/or the now worthless software) … even though if they’ve done things right, they should have made a nice little short-term profit.

    I still have a couple of BANS sites that make money every month. But even if every single site I built eventually gets deindexed, the $100 I spent on it has already been recouped many multiple times.

    All that being said, it’s quite possible that had I been around in July, I wouldn’t have jumped on the ND bandwagon anyway … due to the copyright/moral dilemma of scrapping that you and a few of your commenters raised. I honestly can’t say for sure though. I’d also like to think I’d never download “free” music, or purchase pirate copies of my favorite movies, but I’d be lying if I said I never have.

    In the end, when it comes to purchasing pretty much *any* “make money online” type software/programs, (no matter how well you might already know the seller) you have to go into it realizing the the sales copy/pitch is going to be about 90% BS anyway (but that doesn’t always necessarily mean the product itself is BS). And for people who haven’t figured that out yet, well maybe they should consider any “misguided” purchases they happen to make as simply an “educational expense”.

    Just my 3 pennies,
    .-= Todd’s Tips´s last blog ..An Easy Way To Reward Only Your Blogging Friends With DoFollow Comment Links =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Todd’s Tips
    Hey, welcome to my blog 😉 A very well thought out comment! I agree to a certain extent with you, as long as this product wouldn’t have been marketed to people that know how to handle it, like members of a certain private forum, I wouldn’t have a single problem with it. But Niche Devil, like so many more make fast money online programs, got promoted to newbies that don’t know a bit about choosing profitable niches nor have the experience in getting out many sites very fast. If you sum up $97 for Niche Devil plus the $$ for the domains, plus a keyword research tool like Market Samurai plus one, or more (to dilute the footprint) hosting accounts we are looking at an investment of several hundred dollars. To make that much money, and more, and to make up for the time you have invested takes some experience. Plus the risk of getting your account banned by ebay etc. Not for the faint hearted, I am glad it is over and hope that not too many people fell for it! SY

  • Hi SY,

    I don’t have time for another “long” comment … sorry (trying to type and watch a 1 year old at the same time is not an easy task). A couple of quick thoughts though …

    1) I learned a long time ago (on network marketing forums) that trying to “protect” the naive (or just plain dumb) people is a fools errand. Just like most stubborn teenagers I know, many people will not listen until it happens to them. And most people who get “ripped off” are at least partially (if not mostly) culpable. If losing a couple hundred bucks causes a person to be more cautious about their future buying habits, then in the long run it’s probably a reasonably good (even if unintentional) investment. lol, ok, end of rationalization.

    2) With all the changes going on at eBay lately, you don’t even really have to actually “do” anything to lose your account. Anybody who relies on the eBay partner network for a majority of their income is probably in for a bumpy ride no matter how you slice and dice it.

    3) Of all the “tools” that I’ve bought over the past couple of years, Market Samurai (since you mentioned it) is by far the best long-term “investment” … those guys definitely know the meaning of undersell and over deliver.

    .-= Todd’s Tips´s last blog ..Twitter Ebook Not Needed =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Todd’s Tips (did you notice the keywordluv feature?)

    LOL, I like your non-lengthily comment, here my short answers:

    To One: Agree, BUT there are a lot people around that deserve to read a more neutral review of a product and that act accordingly. Imagine there would be only Niche Devil praises online, more people would buy it, correct? I am writing for this kind of people, the ones that WANT to make an informed decision, not the ones that WANT to believe in the “get rich quick” schemes. You are right, those are lost souls, until their bank account is empty or worse and they finally wake up!

    To Two: Agree again, but still you shouldn’t put extra effort in to loose it 😉 And I agree double or triple that you never, ever should put all your eggs in one single basket.

    To Three: No BUT here, Market Samurai is the best thing like sliced bread when it comes to making money online with niches. They deliver and you can try it out for free, something that is very important in my books 😉 SY

    PS The one year old is yours? Don’t give up, they evolve and one day they are reasonable human beings — and start to ask for your car keys 😉

  • (did you notice the keywordluv feature?) Woops sorry, didn’t mean to break the rules, I just figured since my name is actually part of my site title it might be ok.

    lol, as for your p.s. I’ve got some of those too (from my 1st marriage) … my son turns 17 in about 3 months.
    .-= Todd@ tm Tips´s last blog ..The Baby Milk Shake =-.

  • hospitalera

    It is far from being a rule, just a goodie to enable you to rank for your keywords AND signing with your name at the same time. You can use it or leave it, just as you like. But as they say in the UK, “every little helps”, so using and anchoring your chosen keywords can help your site 😉 SY
    PS Keep a close look at your car keys 😉

  • This all seems like a scam to me…

    I think that those guys really spent some time developing this but its just a scam and as you said getting content like that might not be legal in all cases, i would be worried greatly with this as i bet that you would get banned pretty quickly or heavily penalized if you use this feature…

    It might work in the short term under right niche but in the long run i do not see this succeeding at all… As you said, if they built it and it really worked then they would be using it to take over the internet businesses around the world…

  • hospitalera

    I would love to see if a single one of these Niche Devil based sites is still indexed and / or producing any significant amount of money. SY

  • lowrdr


    I have the script, I created roughly 15 websites in a matter of 1 week, all of them carrying various links to my affiliate products and lead generation links as well as the content included in the script.

    They are all still up, all still indexed, 2 of them have top 3 rankings in google for the selected content.

    Needless to say, I cleared alot more than my original investment. The “Moral Dilemma” of the scraped content does not concern me, I’m here to make money, not make people happy. The money has been made and is still coming.

  • hospitalera

    As the product is no longer available the discussion here becomes a bit irrelevant, but it is nice to hear that at least one person got their investment back and even earned some money. I also noticed that you didn’t link a web site to your name, so I take this comment you made with a pinch of salt as you practically post as “anonymous”. But if “The “Moral Dilemma” of the scraped content does not concern me,…” is your attitude then I am not surprised at all that you don’t want to show who you are! I must say for me content scraping equals copyright infringement. How would you feel if somebody steals and uses your content? SY

  • lowrdr

    Copyright infringement applies to works that have actually been righted. Tossing up a copyright logo on your web page, and claiming all works in that site belong to you, are falsities. There is a huge difference between plagiarism which has spread like wildfire through the web, and copyright infringement. In order for me to infringe on your copyright, you would actually have to own a copyright, that is licensed and for a certain publication, or series of publications.

    Plagiarism, even at its worst, is not copy right infringement. However, the question was, how would I feel if someone copied my sites content and reused it as their own… I own roughly 38 domains with about 200 different sites/blogs/forums in those domains.

    I have quite often found product reviews that have been reused without so much as a change of a word, am I offended? Not really, I’m actually pretty impressed that others feel my work is worth copying, I do however notify the owner that they should write their own reviews, its much better for the SEO quality of their page. However, I don’t run around checking the content of all my pages against the web, that’s why I use copyscape. (I have noticed you don’t)

    As far as not linking my webpages, considering the content we’re talking about, you should be giving me kudos, for not being stupid.


  • hospitalera

    Copyright works differently in different countries, from a wikipedia article: “but most recognize copyright in any completed work, without formal registration.” see complete article here In one point I agree with you, I also don’t run around and check for duplicate content of my web sites. I also don’t use copyscape, perhaps I should, but my experience so far with copyright infringement is that it is very difficult to fight. (I had some cases where people misused my photos and I can tell you that international copyright cases are an absolute nightmare and if you don’t have a lot of money for a lawyer, a waste of time and effort.)
    Regarding one earlier point you made “I created roughly 15 websites in a matter of 1 week” If I remember right the original sales pitch for Niche Devil was on the lines of “Less then 2 minutes per site setup” Seeing that you worked a week on 15 sites, shows that you did much more then just run the script. I guess you added a lot of additional content and made some effort to reduce the footprint considerably. And I guess that that is also the reason the sites are still indexed and make money, because you put some effort into them and didn’t rely only on an automated script.
    “As far as not linking my webpages, considering the content we’re talking about, you should be giving me kudos, for not being stupid.”
    I wouldn’t call it stupid if you link for example to your blog or similar, I didn’t expect anybody here in this discussion to link to their Niche Devil created site 😉 But as I said earlier, this whole discussion is a bit late as Niche Devil is “sold out”, or do they plan a re-launch? SY

  • lowrdr

    I can’t comment on a re-launch because I do not know, but when microsoft posted they’re crappy operating system and everyone paid $75-$150 for it, they made a better one, and still charged people who already had it.

    Worked for them.

  • hospitalera

    Lol, that was the reason I started to switch to Mac 😉 SY

  • I think of it as “you get out what you put in”, and from what you’ve described, you can probably make some short term money with this thing, but not enough to cover the expense of joining the program, and when the sites get pushed off the top 1000 search results or delisted, then it’s all wasted effort.

    Why not spend some time on a winning blog configuration, and then get some tools to do quick reproduction of a blog setup, and then add your own unique high quality material?

    The only thing I can think of that would make you profit on this is to set these sites up as fast as you can, and then flip them for $50 soon as google indexes them.
    .-= Jack Sinclair´s last blog ..By: An Easy Niche Finder Formula | Marketing Review =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Jack Sinclair
    Excellent points, yes if you want to build up a portfolio of quality web sites that also produce income in future, such scripts are not the way to go. And for flipping such sites? Not my cup of tea, also you could run into problems with the script writer as you would have to pass the script on with the site. And I don’t think that was allowed, SY

  • how to make money online

    So would you say that Chitika is the best second choice if you don’t want to use Adsense on a certain site? Or is there something better?

  • I’ve been building niche sites by hand for quite a while now. They seem to work fairly well so I’m reluctant to try and use a script such as the one mentioned in this article.

    The risk of Google banning all of the sites from a particular script just isn’t worth it. Instead I do the keyword research myself and then have several employees that build everything by hand using wordpress and a few specialized plugins.

    Seems much less risky and honestly, the sites have real content on them that is useful for their visitors, not just spammy buy this product type stuff. So everyone wins.
    .-= Paul@Sony MDR 7506´s last blog ..Replacement Pad for Sony MDR-7506 =-.