Niche Devil Now the Fun starts

Seems the Niche Devil crowd doesn’t take critique kindly. This morning I found two comments in my moderation queue from a delightful character that calls him or herself  “HospitelareNot” This person threatens me that my adsense account might get suspended next week and I might get reported to Google for being part of a “link exchange network”, something what his or her “link analysis” of my site pretends to have proven. Only thing is that I am not part of a “link exchange network”, I know that for sure 😉

If you want to read the two comments, just hop over for a moment to the two posts called Niche Devil a scam? and Is the Niche Devil Affiliate Program working? to have a look at them. I am keeping records of this guys or gals IP and, probably faked, email address and if something happens to my site or to my adsense account I know where to start.

Interesting is, that this person is defending Niche Devil with such methods. Now I ask myself, why? Most probably a misguided form of loyalty towards Vic, the creator of Niche Devil. I don’t believe that Vic from bloggerunleashed, would leave anonymous comments. Or do you? So why are people not able to accept that somebody has a different opinion of their Gurus and the products they sell?

One more thing to consider if you want to buy Niche Devil. If you are not already an ebay affiliate you need a good, content rich site to get approved into the program. Ebay is increasing its standards for sites that get allowed into the program continuously. From their web site:

“Before applying to the eBay Partner Network, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

1. You own and operate the website for which you are applying to promote eBay.
2. The website is functioning, relevant for promoting eBay, and has unique or value-added content or functionality that will drive incremental purchases on eBay.
3. You are in compliance with the eBay Partner Network Agreement and Code of Conduct.
4. You have a working phone number and a valid PayPal account or bank account, which can receive direct deposits–you will need this payment information during the application process.”


“You are required to tell us all of the live domains that you will use to drive traffic to our Advertisers.” The last one would then make all your Niche Devil web sites trackable back to one account.

So before you buy into Niche Devil, make sure the sites you are about to build comply with the TOS of the affiliate program you want to use.

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9 comments to Niche Devil Now the Fun starts

  • Jez

    Bit late with this as its no longer up for sale… its “sold out”.

    Saw those grim comments … not good.

    Dont think Vic would do that… would just call you a Moth$$£^ker outright.

  • hospitalera

    It was actually posted yesterday, somehow feedburner takes its time to deliver the subscription emails. “Sold out” is a good joke, how can an electronic products sell out. I guess they discovered some additional problems and wanted to limit the damage, see
    Yes, I agree regarding Vic and I would have left his comments through, but with a bit “beeping” involved 😉 SY

  • Hmm… I am sure that this Niche Devil undercover guy is not very happy with your full disclosure of his information, haha. Was he trying to use intimidation tactics on you?? 🙂

  • Jez

    IC… perhaps thats it, the party line is that it was so successful they had to kill it off early so as not to flood the SERPs and burn the thing out…

  • hospitalera

    His / Her details are most likely faked, the ip address probably not, but as my blog is in good shape and form, s/he is safe from me 😉

    Party line is good. How could it “burn the thing out” when they pretend that it leaves no footprint? SY

  • Jez

    Yeah I know, given the thing was built to sell and make money for the owners it doesnt make much sense, sure it will be up for grabs again before too long.
    Do you do EPN yourself? If so what do you use?

  • hospitalera

    No, I am just got interested again in the whole niche store concept, I have applied for epn and plan to use their own editor kit to start with. I am also building at the moment a couple of amazon niche stores with associate-o-matic. SY

  • My Two Cents

    Personally, I wouldn’t trust a word Vic Franqui or Griz say. Per Griz, Vic’s a former blackhat: Just listen to the way Vic talks Is that the sound of a Gangbanger I hear? I doubt he’s reformed and I bet Griz knows it, too. They’re in cahoots.

    I also doubt Niche Devil was sold out. They probably got a threat from someone like Amazon or Ebay.

    Alos, check out IQbizz, the company that sold Niche Devil – last time I looked they were hiding. Why would anyone want to give money to a “company” that hides?

    Like the name says . . . just My Two Cents

  • hospitalera

    @My Two Cents
    One thing I find funny is that a lot of people that comment on this, and related posts, are not brave enough to show who they are / which blog/ site they have. Afraid of the (ex) black hatter?

    For the rest:
    I am not reading Grizz much anymore, his language becomes more and more foul and he, like others, tries to make a point by bashing and name calling others. Read his recent post regarding problogger to see what I mean.

    And Vic? Sorry, this guy should wash his mouth with hot, soapy water — regularly! I don’t know why so many people fall for this kind of speech, do they think it is “manly”, “alpha”, “leader” or “powerful” to swear with every second word? For me it just shows poor respect to the readers!

    Regarding Niche Devil sold out, I bet it was because of the change in the Amazon TOS and I bet also that all Amazon stores build with Niche Devil are empty since the 15th of August. Ebay wants to know each and every single url / web site you use to drive traffic to them and they have pretty high quality guidelines. Chitika seems to have more tolerance towards sites like this, so the Chitika Niche Devil sites might keep working for a while.

    I don’t understand what you mean with IQbizz hiding, I can access the site just fine?! Or do you refer to the domain info in Because it is a private registration?

    And some last words to the (in)famous footprint issue: The biggest footprint is that all the sites a Niche Devil user builds are typically hosted in one account. Nice clusters of .info domains looking all the same site by site on the same server. That I call a mega footprint, Google has only to find one of them and “SLAP” everything gets de-indexed like the example site from the Niche Devil video. Just my two cents, SY