Niche devil sold out?!

I actually promised myself not to write again about the niche devil scam, but today I visited the Niche Devil Developpers personal blog called “bloggerunleashed” and noticed that he, Vic, has erased every trace of Niche Devil from his blog. Not only the banners, also all posts that relate to the Niche Devil Software and its affiliate program are gone. What the h… is going on over there???

The program is declared as “sold out” since several days. Now somebody please explain to me how an electronic program or script can be sold out??? As one of my readers pointed it out in a comment, the party line was “not to burn the serps” and “not to overload the internet” or something along these lines. Now lets be honest, a script or program is only as good as its users, remember the good old “Garbage in, Garbage out” rule of programming? So how can it put the “efforts of experienced internet marketers” in danger, when a lot of newbies are using the script? Naugh said, just stay clear from the “get quick rich schemes” and learn how to earn your money the honest way on the internet. Do yourself a favor, get Market Samurai and start to work yourselves.

There are no quick rich schemes on the internet,

they exist only for those that sell them to you!!!

Blog News: I am busy to test Market Samurai and take it to the limits, so I will post only short posts during the next weeks, just to keep you up to date and on your toes. Go out there now, build a  few niche web sites and make some money the honest, smart working way 😉

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13 comments to Niche devil sold out?!

  • Hmm.. Niche Devil sounds like a crazy business, and it is pretty obvious that they are using a marketing ploy by saying that their script sold out, even though that is pretty much impossible.

  • hospitalera

    And the most obvious point is that Vic took all his niche devil related posts and their comments down. Why that? SY

  • “Do yourself a favor, get Market Samurai and start to work yourselves.”
    Yes! This is the right decision. Market Samurai is just awesome!

  • hospitalera

    @Google Hacker
    And remember, if you are a member of the free 30DC you get a free forty days trial of Market Samurai! SY

  • Jez

    Market Samurai is a good general tool but I dont think it digs as deep into keywords as some other products around… still a good one to own though.

  • hospitalera

    Any tips which tools are better than Market Samurai? Perhaps you would like to write a guest post here about “My favorite keyword tools”? 😉 SY

  • no fax payday loans

    What a croc. I hate people like that.

  • Jez

    Haha I dont have time for my own blogs im afraid, not right now anyway 😀
    I know someone else that may tho, if they are interested Ill let you know.

    As for KW research I have Keyword Elite (got that free with SEO Elite) which is utter junk, and Market Samurai, which is good high level tool, but just does not dig deep enough. KRP is the best tool I have come across. There used to be a free trial available, not sure if that is still available.

    There is also a cheaper sales page where you can get it for $20 less than current list price, mail me if you want that (not aff 😀 ).

    Its clickbank so you should get cash back in the event of disapointment.

    keywordresearchpro dot com

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for the offer, I am using Market Samurai at the moment, but I may come back to you! SY

  • I feel sorry for people who fall for those sites. Getting rich overnight simply does not happen anywhere, espescially on the internet. I can’t people who do this can live with themselves. I could never rip someone off like that.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, and I am pretty sure that all Amazon sites build with Niche Devil stopped working after the 15th August ;-( SY

  • Hi, would you know of any similar resources which could help me in my internet marketing? Also, do you offer a subscription service?

    • hospitalera

      What do you mean by subscription service? Something like the subscribe by email in the top right corner? SY