The purpose of a blog

The first blog post on a new blog is always so scaring. It is not only the “empty canvas” effect, I also ask myself if anybody actually will read it. The moment the blog gets decent traffic, i.e. visitors, this post is so far down in the archives that barely anybody will find it.

So why writing a first blog post at all? For two reasons, if you don’t write your first blog post you will never write your second, 20th, 234th or 657th blog post. The old saying that every journey starts with the very first step is also true here in the blogosphere.

To make this post a bit more meaning full, at least for my good self, I will try to outline why I started this blog, where I want to take it, what I do want to achieve with it. So that, in a year or two, I can go back to this very first post and look how far I have strayed from the way 😉

So the intended purpose of the blog? Quite easy, I need a place to consolidate all my webventures, a place where I can write about what I am doing elsewhere on the web, a place that is hosted by me and that is my home, where I decide on the decoration so to speak. And where do I want to take this blog to? I want it to be an useful resource for people that try to make a living in cyberspace. Sounds easy? I don’t know… But I’ll try! So welcome to hospitalera’s home in cyberspace, take a seat, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine or whatever your favourite drink is and enjoy the read. SY

PS Yes I know, the sidebars are still not properly laid out and nothing there is linked, but enjoy, it also means I haven’t come around to put up the ads, *insert evil laughter here*

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5 comments to The purpose of a blog

  • Hans

    Your last entry is closed for comments..((
    Now I understand why you reject my ad, leaving entrecard, but you are on my blogroll..))

  • Sher

    Hi Hospitalera,
    I just found your new blog from your Prague blog this morning! This is a neat idea–I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for visiting and welcome 😉

    My mistake! I had this set-up like this whilst I was doing the lay-out and forgot to enable comments again ;-( Nobody is perfect, not even me!
    BTW I left a comment in my EC rejection, didn’t you get it?

  • seo expert

    my purpose of blogging is just to make money and sharing my thoughts with my colleges.

    Thanks for the resource.

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome 😉 SY