Online Business Opportunities Are Where You Look

If you are looking for a new business opportunity online then start looking around you at what is now done offline and see if you can find a way to do it cheaper online.  You have probably heard that traditional newspapers are going the way of the dinosaurs.  Have you ever wondered why?  One of the big reasons is a web site called Craig’s list.  You see, newspapers generally would develop about half their revenue from classified ads.  These are the small little advertisements that are placed in one of the back sections of the paper in which people sell everything from toasters to car parts.

The classifieds were not expensive but there were several hundred or thousand every time the paper came out so it was a good revenue stream.  Now this money is drying up for the newspaper companies because the same advertisement can be placed on Craig’s list for free.  And with more and more people becoming active online the audience for these online services is growing exponentially.  The key to this website’s success was finding a need, people need to advertise things for sale, and then making it easier for people to solve their problem.

Many other online business owners are making money with online business opportunities that cater to customers needs and solve problems easier than current businesses do.  Or maybe there is no solution at all and the web site now offers a way for people to get their needs met that didn’t really exist before.  An example of this could be a site like Facebook.  One of the problems with our mobile society is that it is very difficult to stay in touch with people as we move around.  Facebook allows friendships and relationships to continue no matter where the two participants are located at geographically.

Both of these examples show how to use technology to solve problems for people.  What can you come up with?


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2 comments to Online Business Opportunities Are Where You Look

  • It would be nice to hear the author share some brainstorming with us on the issue, rather than just cite the normal successes. What is the next frontier on the internet? What need is unfulfilled? I’d gather it has to do with saving time, saving money, or bloating people’s egos.

  • hospitalera

    It is not rocket science:

    1. Identify a problem / need.
    2. Create a solution.
    3. Sell it.