Only 17 days until WBSD

Tempus fugit, as they say and the next World Blog Surf Day is standing before the door. If you are not an Expat blogger you might as well stop reading this post ;-(

World Blog Surf Day Logo (c) earth>NASA Images

World Blog Surf Day Logo (c) earth>NASA Images

Still there? OK, World blog Surf Day was something that I invented as I had still my Golden Prague Blog. As I left, I quickly found out that this, my personal blog, isn’t really an Expat blog, despite me being a true Expat. So I twisted Sher’s arm a bit and she agreed to run the next WBSD from her blog Czech of the beaten path. Then she twisted my arm in return and ‘convinced me’ that I could still participate. OK, as at is now her baby, she makes the rules, I wouldn’t have approved my own blog, rofl. So, still there, completely lost in space what all this is about? Let’s see, WBSD is an event for expat bloggers where people blog about a common theme, this time about food, at a certain day. And each blog post will link to another, related post on another expat blog. Poor Sher has to make the link list for this…  So for example, I blog about my expat food life here in the Czech Republic and link to the next blogger that blogs about his/ her expat food life in his/ her country of residence. Hopefully we’ll create a chain of yummy and interesting food blog posts that goes around the globe, connecting us Expat bloggers. So if you are an Expat with a blog and are willing to post a food related blog post on the 13th June, than sign up here for the World Blog Surf Day.

This time the whole event will be also twittery reported by Thandelike aka Anastasia Ashman, she is an expat micro twitter blogger that also maintains Expat Harem, a web site about foreign women living in modern Turkey. Originally from America, her twitters focus on travel, women, history and all kind of resources for writers, travelers, Expats, turkophiles and other culturati. It is actually quite cool how we will use different media and ways to get the word out 😉 I myself might have some nice surprises up in my sleeve, so stay tuned! SY

PS Best way to stay tuned is to subscribe to this blog *hint, hint*….

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2 comments to Only 17 days until WBSD

  • Hi Hospitalera,
    Thanks for posting about WBSD. Sorry if I twisted too hard! Thanks for your continued advise and guidance with WBSD!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • hospitalera

    Lol, no problem, Sher