Pay it forward SEO

Sometimes it takes several hints / nudges until the message sinks in, at least in my case 😉 As I posted my “cry for help” with the Oes tsetnoc Seo Contest I actually didn’t thought that a lot of my readers would response and take the time to link to it or promote my entry otherwise, but you did! But this blog post is not so much about my entry, it is about what I learned from it.

After updating my contest page, I did my usual surfing the blogosphere to visit some blogging friends and I noticed a ?new? trend that I nicknamed spontaneously “pay it forward SEO”. Instead of always the same people linking to each other, they were linking out to bloggers they have not linked before to, or at least not much 😉

One thing I read was Todd’s blog post about his intention / project to “help others to promote” their great blogs and blog posts. And then it clicked!

Lets do Pay it forward SEO!

We all know of great blogs and web sites that could do with a helping hand. Blog posts that make us laugh, that help us and / or blog posts that we simply like to recommend to our own readers. By including one single link to it in each post, by re-tweeting or by promoting it otherwise, we can do “Pay it forward Seo”. One blog that I think could do with such a promotion is AdventureRobs, I liked especially his article -and his photos-, where he explains how to build your very own BBQ grill from scratch and how to grill a kangaroo! The later one, thankfully without photos 😉

What do think and do? Do you take time out of your busy blogger life to help others to promote their blog posts or do you have too much to do in promoting your own? Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention my ravid readers. (Ok, ok, I read / watch to much HP lately ;-))

If you like this blog post and found it helpful, why not share it with your preferred social network? Handy links and bookmarklets above ^^^ 😉

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  • david

    I have too much to do in promoting my own )

  • hospitalera

    That is ok, please check to see why your link was not approved, please understand that there are certain types of sites I do not want to, SY

  • I always try to link to others when I can as it’s a great way to network and share with others. When I don’t link I will Tweet or stumble, anything that may show my gratitude for being entertained or even somewhat more educated.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why Marketing Your Ad Space Should Precede Marketing Your Blog =-.

  • @hospitalera, sorry didn’t help you in this competition, but by current trends of google algo it doesn’t like links in not related content. My blog has nothing to do with seo..

  • hmm…what did happen with name in previous post?

    • hospitalera

      No idea, it shows up perfectly in the site bar. As I know your website I will put the link manually back in for you, give me a moment. Perhaps you just commented as I was updating something and that provoked a hick-up in the system? Sorry about that, I do like your site and have no problem at all linking to it! SY

      • hospitalera

        Ok, done, it looked like you typed only Vi@Travel Tips in the name field and didn’t specify an url. That or the system hiccuped and throw the url out ;-( Now all is back to normal again! Unfortunately I can’t put in your last blog post for you, but I liked this travel tip “Lake Marian trail” The photo is gorgeous! SY

        • Vi

          I didn’t put my url at all, may because of that script was confused? 🙂

          • hospitalera

            Yep, that was it then if you put @your key words after your name and the script can’t find the url it messes the name up! I hope you have nothing against the two links I edited in 😉 If you insist I can take them out again 😉 SY

        • Vi

          hmm…now there is no “reply” link near you last reply 🙂
          Don’t worry about links. Leave everything as it is. Thanks.

  • A cute idea and in a way I do this already since I often follow links of other blogs particularly in comments that I enjoy reading and that add value to the post. Adding a link or recommendation is an excellent way to promote this furter.

    For example I have just clicked on the links in your post. A bit like exploring the countryside rather than sticking to the regular highway.

    I often think how big the blososphere is and how my representation and that of others too is often confined to a tiny corner of this universal communications highway.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Across the Universe-A Trip Down Memory Lane =-.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Mike,

      How are things over in Thailand? Did you sort your blog gremlins out and how are the SERPentines treating you now? SY

  • Things in Thailand are great, its the coolish season. Lower humidity and blue skies. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Mr Google apart from cool! I have done quite a bit of work to reduce duplicate stuff and even submitted a reconsideration request which they say has been actioned-unfortunately they don’t tell you if everything is OK or not! Watch the serps I suppose is the answer.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Across the Universe-A Trip Down Memory Lane =-.

    • hospitalera

      Oh dear I hope the SERPentines like you soon again. Not really sure what else I could do to help? It seems so unfair, so many people get through with black hat stuff and you were not doing anything that should bring you into Googles bad books in the first place! I mean, your double content was caused by some settings in the Google blogspot blog itself, big G really should know by now how their own blogs work! ANd make life easier for all of us, but then, it is Google we speak about! SY

  • You know what’s really cool about having a “smallish” blog? When you come up with a thought, it gets read by a few cool people, with a bit more of an audience … and they run with it … spreading it wider than I would be capable of myself.

    I gotta run right now (literally, I’m supposed to be at the gym), but should have some online to time later this evening to do a little more “practicing what I preached” (starting with popping over to check out Adventure Rob, and answering a few comments on my own blog).

    Thank you much for the mention, and I’m glad you liked the idea 😀


    • hospitalera

      Happy running, keep fit! Yes, I liked the idea very much and you are right, “smallish” bloggers do help each other — and others, SY

  • Wow I saw this on my rss feed and a big smiled beamed across my face. I feel honoured to be mentioned in one of your blog posts!

    I used to retweet peoples posts on twitter, but I’m not sure how much traffic it ever got them, so I’ve started experimenting with stumble upon now (although have even fewer followers on there).

    Now I’ve ventured into more random blog posts rather than be strictly sticking to travel like I used too, I guess a mention of someone elses blog will be much more of a gesture than an all too common RT on Twitter.

    Thanks very much Sy, I will be repaying the favour to you in the future 🙂
    .-= AdventureRob@Hospitalera likes my blog <3´s last blog ..How to Entertain on the Streets =-.

    • hospitalera

      My pleasure Rob, but don’t pay it back — pay it forward!

      I actually went the other way and removed the social bookmark thingies from my blog and installed a re-tweet button. Lets see if people use it or not and what it brings in terms of traffic. SY

      • Vi

        Stumble upon works best for me. Not much traffic from twit.

        • hospitalera

          Stumbleupon brings me nice “peaks” of traffic, but it doesn’t last and it affects my bounce rate negatively. Twitter converts for me better to readers, not just hit and miss. But that might be just me 😉 SY

  • Hey, I’m really liking this idea of pay it forward SEO, especially since SEO is normally seen as a greedy process. 🙂 I always feel very flattered when people RT me on Twitter, so I can only imagine what type of joy this would spread to unsuspecting people who are getting their blogs mentioned.

    • hospitalera

      That is the idea and yes, I also noticed the “greasy greediness” about some seo efforts, SY

  • […] soon to be friends) … mainly thru doing a better job of sharing some of their good stuff … or pay it forward SEO as SY has called (lol, I wish I had thought of that, much better keyword blog title than my […]

  • I have started using the retweet button more often. But I think I should do more to ‘pay it forward’ – it was great to see that you’d done it by linking to my site. I really like this idea, I am just always disorganized and need to keep a better record of where I see great posts that I should link to from my blog.
    .-= Ruth – Web Career Girl´s last blog ..The Importance of Looking Forward to Well-Earned Time Off =-.

    • hospitalera

      Aczually I just took the re-tweet button of. My site is really bad when it comes to page load speed and every removed plugin helps. I just put great blog posts I want to link to in future in my bookmarks in my browser. As soon as I have done the linking I remove them from my browser bookmarks. This way I have always a selection of great blog posts to choose from and can select one that is in keeping with the blog post theme / key word 😉 SY

      • Vi

        But “caffeine” will take more attention to social networks and bookmarks(fb,twitter,, digg and etc), so it is good to have easy option for readers to share your post.

        • hospitalera

          Why do you think caffeine (the new generation of the Google search engine, not the mug of coffee we all need ;-)) will take more attention to bookmarks? Social networks I can understand, because they are “real time results” but bookmarks? As for readers sharing my posts, I think that most people are like me and have their favorite sites’ toolbars etc installed in their browser and don’t need to rely on the social buttons web sites and blogs provide or not. Just my thoughts, as I said, mileage might vary for other blogs and sites, SY

          • I’ll find I’ll post link to video I saw about social media and bookmarks site. I think it was one of Matt Cutts’ video, but not sure and can’t find quickly now.

            For me it makes sense as people (including myself) bookmarks what is interesting and useful and should have more weight in search results.
            .-= Vi @ Travel Tips´s last blog ..Most dangerous species in New Zealand =-.

      • Vi

        BTW did you check you page with “page speed” tool?

        Google added it recently to webmasters tools and called “Site performance” under the labs.

        • hospitalera

          Yes I did, still have to learn what the whole techno bubble means 😉 But one thing I have already done was to compress my header image, every little helps, SY

  • I really like your highlighting of the pay it forward idea. On ehow a group of writers just made an effort to build links for a writer who’s income took a big dip. It seemed to work too as her earnings jumped.

    I’ve been doing this randomly but your post just gave me a thought on how to extend this concept. I’m going to go write a blog post on right now to work out the details.
    .-= JadeDragon@InnovativePassiveIncome´s last blog ..eHow Apologizes =-.