Please, I need your help!!!

OK, ever since Andrew NG wrote this guest blog Brand: [insert name here] I am sorely reminded that I don’t have a decent “about me” page. To make things even worse, none of my many online profiles has a good one. I know that I am missing out big time, but I hate sooo much writing about myself. So more interesting stuff to write about then tiny, unimportant, privacy-loving me.

So here you come in, my beloved, dearest, most cherished and so on readers. I need your help! What would you like to know about me? What do you think a “decent about me” page should contain? What would be a good replacement for a portrait photo (I do love my privacy, did I mention that?)

Ask, make suggestions, help me, pretty please! SY

PS I know only one thing, I will NOT write in the third person singular. That sounds so alienating ;-(

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26 comments to Please, I need your help!!!

  • Hopefully you won’t get any of those ‘show us how much you earn’ type of requests. How about this; where do you see yourself in 20 years time and how do you intend to get to where you want to be (that way you give us a detailed plan of how you intend to get seriously stinking rich and we’ll rip your ideas off and beat you to it!) 😉

  • hospitalera

    In twenty years??? You speak to a middle aged lady 😉 Regarding “show us how much you earn” I plan a blog post around that one, showing both how earning reports can be photoshopped and how earnings are not always net earnings. You can earn $123456 per month, but if you spend $123455 to reach that you have still netted only $1 !!! But your last idea is the best, I love to help other people, feel free to rip me off! This blog is all about, at least in my head, to help others to make money online with blogging. Great ideas, James, and btw, thanks for commenting, SY

  • First introduce yourself then tell us why do you write Second, tell us what are your visions for this site. Third, tell us your expertise on how you can be of help to us. Then some personal aspects on why you’re doing this.

    About the earnings, yeah it could be altered so easily but we readers can detect if a blogger is lying. It’s in the writing. It shows.
    .-= nathan@blog marketing´s last blog ..Video Archives – Mel And Joey =-.

  • why do you write this blog? I think that the answers will enough to tell me about your blogger side. 😀
    .-= dana@online knowledge´s last blog ..Better Permalink For WordPress Blog =-.

  • I think one of the biggest things we do not see is what you do when you are not online. What kind of other hobbies are you interested in. Furthermore, perhaps another thing is what got you started on the web? What was your first computer? Etc.

    Perhaps a good replacement for a photo would be some sort of characterchure?
    .-= shae@Internet Make Money Online´s last blog ..Building a Web Presence =-.

  • hospitalera

    Good tips, will follow them!
    That is a good question I have not really found an answer for.
    Hm, characterchure is an idea, I even know one to do it for me 😉 Also great idea about online activities.

    Thanks a lot and keep the ideas / questions coming! SY

  • I couldn’t talk about myself so I asked my BFF to write it for me. I love her.
    .-= Julie@Momspective´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday – Moxie Goes To Charlotte =-.

  • hospitalera

    @ Julie
    Thanks for stopping by, any news on the Verizon front? I asked my hubby to write it for me, but got only a long, blank stare back, so I keep looking for another “victim”, 😉 SY

  • Yes, please don’t write about anything in the third person because that is creepy! I would love to know how you got started and created the idea for this blog because it’s always inspirational for other niche marketers.

  • This is an interesting dilemma. I can appreciate your not wanting to share a photo. Even though mine is posted in a few different places, I debated over it for quite a while before making that first post. Unfortunately, being a blogger, I guess you need a public personna.

    Here’s an idea, what if you ask your closest friends, who have known for a long time to describe you in writing?

    .-= Chris´s last blog ..A Purple Polka-dotted Chocolate Lab? =-.

  • Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of your pictures in this blog. Not even a glimpse ^-^
    .-= nathan@blog marketing´s last blog ..Video Archives – Mel And Joey =-.

  • I just did this myself on my site as I noticed after the landing page it is the most viewed page so I figured it was important.

    I wrote what the website is, and what it’s doing.
    About myself but edited out a lot of my background, just kept in what is relevent to the blog, and slapped my mug on there too.

    I ended it with how I made the website for the techies out there.

    I’ve also loaded it with links to bits of my website to back up what I said in the about page and hopefully keep people on the site!

  • hospitalera

    Definitely first person singular, even if I get somebody else to write it.
    A lot of my closest friends don’t have an idea about blogging, I live in two worlds, the real and the virtual one 😉 My “public persona” was symbolized for quite some time by an avatar with a Golden Retriever puppy face, but I found that a bit limiting so to speak. Would you trust a dog that blogs?
    There are actually some photos I have taken here on this blog, but not a lot.
    Good work, and nice example of internal linking also 😉


  • I guess a few personal details that you don’t mind sharing (city you live in etc.) will do and why you are doing this blog.
    Although privacy should be respected, I feel people become more curious the less is disclosed.
    However, your post reminds me that I still have to do my own “about me” page … :-O
    .-= Claudia@calories to lose weight´s last blog ..VIDEO: Calorie Counter To Track Your Daily Calorie Intake =-.

  • hospitalera

    “…why you are doing this blog.” Now that IS the $50 000 000 question 😉 SY

  • Hey, for $50 000 000 I’ll write something up for you! 😉
    But seriously, there doesn’t always have to be a big fancy story. There is so much hype on the internet anyway, so it would be a nice change to see somebody “normal” around who is maybe blogging for the fun of it and is making a few $ with it at the same time. Nothing wrong with that!
    .-= Claudia@calories to lose weight´s last blog ..VIDEO: How to burn an extra 200 calories per day =-.

  • hospitalera

    Lol, if I had so much, I would pay you! But I promise, I will keep it “hype free”, how does sound “Read my blog to learn how I made $256789 the first two minutes my new web site was up?” Just joking;-) SY

  • I don’t have any clue about how a “decent about me” page should look like, but I’ve always considered that putting a pic with me naked would solve the issue. Not on your blog, that’s understandable 🙂 But why would you spend that much time and effort in filling with a not interesting text when you can add some spicy glamor without any appeal to rationality? 🙂
    .-= Sebastian@SEO Tweaks´s last blog ..Read, write, send, get posted, get indexed =-.

    • hospitalera

      ROFL, bearing in mind that I am slightly over 40 and a tiny bit short for my weight that wouldn’t be an option. But perhaps I should do a research and see if the majority of my readers are female or male? And then get a pic from a nice looking bikini model to display here 😉 SY

  • Hi SY,

    Not having any ideas about my own About page I should probably remain silent. I’ve read about the importance of having an attractive and informative about page and yet I don’t have one yet.

    The following is what I think might be a stunning about page:

    Why do I have this blog? What is the purpose of it?

    There are a zillion and one reasons for which there is not enough room here. I have not decided yet which reason is the most important.

    I enjoy blogging but let’s face it, I enjoy making money too. If I say I do it just for enjoyment you will doubt it. If I say I do it just for money you won’t like it.

    Are you looking for my picture?

    Is that because you want to see if I have a poker face, a beautiful face or fat lips?

    In any case would the picture add to your enjoyment of my blog or would it turn you away?

    Now, I don’t suggest that having the above on the about page would work for you but it would certainly be unexpected and different approach.

    I may yet try it myself.

    .-= Vance@Marketing With Alex 3.0´s last blog ..Marketing With Alex 3.0 Preview, Gurus Nightmare Alex’s New Ebook =-.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks Vance, really have to get around doing this! Have put it off far too long. My main problem is too give enough information that is interesting to the readers of my blog and to retain a bit of privacy 😉 SY

  • I think that a simple explanation of who you are as it relates to your blog is sufficient. You don’t need to include personal details about your life if you don’t want to, but as a reader I like to know things like: why do you blog? when did you start the current blog? what is your current goal, for yourself as the blogger and for me, the reader? what do you want to accomplish with your blog in the future? Stuff like that helps me get a sense of who you are, which is the kind of faux-relationship that will keep me coming back 🙂 It also gives you the freedom to include as little (or maybe just a little tiny bit) of personal information as you are comfortable with. I look forward to seeing what you write up!

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for your input! Good points! SY

  • Jay

    A ‘decent about me page’ sounds like an interesting project lol. But seriously the about me page is one of the first pages i look at when I find a Website interesting. I think it is important to let people see a face behind all the beautiful content you have. I have noticed better relationship with my readers since I included an ‘about me’ page with a photo of me.