Seo Contest and Health Update

Health Update

Thanks again to everybody that left a comment on my shortest blog post ever (I was really not in my sane mind as I posted that one, I even messed up the url ;-() It turned out not to be the real flu (thanks God) but “just” a very nasty cold. I am feeling better by now and managed today to approve / review / answer all comments on my blog. Next thing, after publishing this blog post, is to visit all my favourite blogs and catch up with things in the blogosphere! So, yes, I am back 😉

Seo Contest Update

Regarding the Oes Tsetnoc, I am still lingering around on place 20 and, bearing in mind that the contest finishes tomorrow, I have a very slim chance to win anything unless Google does one of its fancy snakelike SERPentine-dances 😉 But I learned an awful lot during the last three weeks. The most important one is, that I do have more online friends than I thought I have. Especially Petra the internet marketing woman went out of her way to help me. Thanks Petra, and thank you everybody that helped with a link, write-up, comment, stumble or similar. To give back and to share what I have learned, I have already started to write two articles for this blog: “How not to win a SEO contest” (A humorous account of my shortcomings) and “How to win a SEO contest” (or at least how to do your best to win a SEO contest). Stay tuned as they say. You even could subscribe to my free email updates via feedburner (top right corner) to make sure you don’t miss a single blog post!

And finally a goodie I found today for “Pay it Forward SEO”:

Internet Marketing for Mommies (don’t let the blog title fool you 😉 also non-mommies will find interesting tips on this blog) has published a free ebook called Squidoo Christmas Cash. I downloaded it and just finished reading it through and I tell you it is pure gold for everybody that wants to make money with product orientated lenses. Now you tell me that it is a bit late for Christmas, but hey, the same tips can be applied for — Valentine’s gifts! You are not into Squidoo? The same tips can be applied to niche web sites / blogs, Hubpages or even Infobarrel.

Dear FTC: The three links above are referral links, if somebody uses them and makes money – I make a few bucks. If they don’t make money, I don’t make money. That is the reason I recommend only programs, services and products that are beneficial to my readers 😉

Now the feedback bit for you internet marketers and niche bloggers out there:

Have you done anything special for this “shopping season” or are you just plotting and plodding along with what you do the rest of the year? Do you include seasonal events like Xmas into your make money online plans or not? Speak to you soon, and again thanks for all your “Get well wishes” and Oes Tsetnoc support 😉



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4 comments to Seo Contest and Health Update

  • I’m not big into the Christmas product thing myself – mainly because I am crap at selling product at any time of the year! What I am starting to noice is the annual highs and lows of soem of my sites which have now made it to their first birthday! Both this year and last I have been away around this time of the year – so its a little tricky actively promoting stuff at this time of the year because I just wont have Internet for a few days hopefull (weeks worst case)

    • hospitalera

      I am actually discovering product lenses and hubs just now, they really do make sense if you go for a low-competition, micro niche product. Check out the Christmas Squidoo Cash link I wrote about, it is worth every letter of your email address, SY

  • Dhany

    “Do you include seasonal events like Xmas into your make money online plans or not?”

    It’s been past the holiday season, but the question tickling me. Hehe… So yes, as an amateur niche marketer I have once tried to put seasonal events into calculations for a few of my product based sites, but the result is not good at all (have I mentioned I’m an amateur), as the SEO competition for the keyword was too fierce. I think I should be targeting long tail first.
    Just tried it once, anyway. 😀
    .-= Dhany@Panduan SEO´s last blog ..Faktor Pemeringkatan On-Page =-.

    • hospitalera

      Try out Marketing Samurai to evaluate the potential of keywords and the competition they have. The trial is free, that should help you to discover great niches that are easy to dominate, they also have excellent teaching material online, free for everybody to see! SY