SheToldMe – Another way to write your own backlinks

If you like the idea of writing your own backlinks, I have another goodie for you 😉

I just came across SheToldMe . Now, I just started using it, so it is a bit early to tell you anything about the long term effects, but a few points I do like to share:

The basic idea of SheToldMe is to provide a platform to promote your blog and other content you like. Members can vote content up and down, comment on it and so on. Similar to Digg, the idea is to get the good content to the top and let the bad content sink to the bottom.

What interests me more is that the links in the teasers, called scoops on this site, are do-follow and they have even an adsense share program to share the sites’ revenue with their members. Additionally they have a nice referral program, so feel free to click my link to sign up 😉

It is definitely too early to judge the potential of the site, if you are afraid that your Adsense account might get smart priced, you don’t have to submit your code to participate. What you have to do is to write a short teaser for each item (blog post, video, article etc.) and submit it. After approval your item will show up in the timeline and users can start to vote on it. Even if SheToldMe seems to be a bit “girly”, a free backlink is a free backlink in my eyes 😉

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