Stop buying from the Gurus and start Making Money Online!

First of all, I have a confession to make โ€“ I am an Internet Marketers personal nightmare, I hardly buy anything from them. Since I started my ‘make money online journey’ in 2005, I have bought so few internet marketing related products and services that you can count them on one hand. If you are interested to see which ones that are, scroll down to the end of the blog post.

Back? Ok, this post is not about what you need to buy in order to make money online, it is about to stop you buying stuff and get you to start making money. Do me, and yourself, a favor and take a piece of paper and note down all the internet marketing related stuff you bought over the last years. Membership sites, ebook, programs, software, services, the whole shebang. Write all down (little tip, your Paypal account history will be a great help in order to remember everything …) and then make a second row and put a rough estimate against it how much money you made directly and indirectly from it. Take your time, if you are like a lot of my online friends, this list will be rather long. Now have a look at the both amounts (invested / earned) and see for yourself how often you made your investment back and how often you made a loss.

Scared? You should be! Experience shows that most people are actually loosing money in this game and not earning it. Or, to put it even harder, there are a lot of super affiliates and A-list bloggers that cater exactly to this crowd, knowing full well that they make money buy selling products to people that don’t have a need or use for said product. Take for example Aweber, nearly every guru and wanna-be guru blog I come across pushes them as the best email list management service out there. And to a certain extend they are right, Aweber does provide great features and services, but it is completely overkill for somebody that just starts up. They do offer a $1 trial month, but after that, you pay a minimum of $19 / month or $194 / year, no matter how large or small your email list is. You would be better off to use MailChimp for example, lists under 500 subscribers and less than 3000 emails send per month are โ€“ free. And the features are very comparable to Aweber. 500 email subscribers are a lot when you just get started, don’t you think? So, why do nearly all the gurus push Aweber when MailChimp is the cheaper option for somebody just starting out? Because Aweber offers a lucrative affiliate program and MailChimp not. The guys that ‘only want to help you, to make money online’, are mostly interested in selling you things in order to make a commission, in order to make first and foremost money for themselves.

I could go rambling on without end about overpriced membership sites and mentoring programs, private forums and expensive ebooks and video courses, but instead I will show you how to actually start to make money without spending a single cent. First of all I ask you to stop buying anything new until you actually have earned the money to pay for it. You know, that is the traditional way of doing business, you earn the money before you spend it, not vice versa ๐Ÿ˜‰ And now follow this easy three step program. I assume you have already an Adsense account and an Amazon affiliate account, if not, do so in

  • Step 0 Open accounts for Google Analytics, Adsense and (free)
  • Step 1 Open an account at Hubpages (free)
  • Step 2 Use the Google Adwords Tool and the Seo for FireFox Addon to find profitable niches to write about (free).
  • Step 3 Write hubs and publish them! (PRICELESS! Sorry, couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

If that is a bit too condensed for you, here the three steps, plus preparation, a bit more explained:

Step 0 Adsense, Analytics and Amazon
If you don’t have already these accounts, you will need them, the easiest way to open them is to follow the instructions provided here: Open New Google Account and then add / apply for the services you need. In this case Adsense and Analytics. Connect your Adsense and Analytics accounts and set Hubpages as the primary domain as soon as you have Step 1 completed. Sign also up as an affiliate: Amazon Affiliate Sign Up.

Step 1 Hubpages
Sign up to Hubpages by clicking here. If you have any problems, their learning center is really good and guides you step by step through the sign up process and the task of filling out your profile.

Step 2 Market Research
Few of us are gifted or experienced enough to write an intelligent and useful article about anything and everything under the sun. Especially when you are just starting out is it better to stick with a topic you already know a lot about and could talk and write about the whole day. But you have also to find a topic that people are also interested in and looking for. Enters the Google Adwords Tool (use this version, not the new, beta one). Enter you topic in the box, enter the correct captcha and hit ‘get keyword ideas’. Adjust the columns so that the ‘Match Type’ is set to Exact’ and you only see ‘Global Monthly Search Volume’ displayed, forget about everything else.

Now starts the work, you have to evaluate the competition for each keyword / topic by doing a simple Google search for it. If you haven’t done so already, install now the Seo for Firefox toolbar and activate it. Keep both tabs open and compare keyword by keyword, taking notes along the way. You are looking for a keyword that has at least 1000 searches a month and no results with a PageRank higher then 3 in the first ten results in a Google search for it. The higher the number of searches and the lower the average PageRank of the results, the better. This will take some time and experience, so please, don’t skip this step until you have found at least ten keywords or topics that fulfill this condition.

Step 3 Writing and Publishing Content
The second part of your work is now to write the absolute best hub imaginable about the keyword or topic you chose. Make Google proud of you! Remember, Google wants to have the most relevant search results on top, make sure your hub fits the bill. If you write a hub about a high traffic and low competition keyword and do your job so well that you end up on the first page of Google, you will make money from it โ€“ one way (Adsense) or the other (Amazon).

Rinse, Repeat and Evaluate
By starting your make money online and internet marketing journey this way, you not only not spend any money, instead you earn some money and learn the ropes by actually doing things and not only reading about them. Remember that I said you should link your Adsense and Analytic accounts together? This way you will see which hub makes you the most money Adsense wise! After time you will find interesting and profitable niches faster and easier because you have acquired something that no Internet Guru in the whole www can ever sell you โ€“ experience!

Note to more experienced readers
Yes, I know, I have left some bits and bobs out, like the whole back link thematic, but this blog post is aimed at people that are already suffer from information overload ๐Ÿ˜‰ And you will agree that Hubpages is a great place to start to learn to make money online by actually doing it. Every journey starts with the first step!

And now the promised information about the few things I bought since 2005 and what I think now about them:

Make Money Online Ebook $18
The ebook in question has not been updated since 2005 and therefor I don’t recommend it anymore, but at that time it was useful for the complete newbie I was, helping me to get my head around all these terms, concepts and general make money online slang.

Domains from Godaddy
One time, when you have passed the first stage and started to actually make money, you want to re-invest some of it into owning your own web sites and not only writing for others. Godaddy is one of the biggest, and imho, one of the best domain registrars out there. I only use them to buy my domains, not to host them. Costs: $1-10 / year, depending on domain extension and saving coupons used.

Webhosting from Hostgator
I host all my sites with Hostgator, there is no better and more supportive web host out there, period! I am with them since 2006 and haven’t regretted it one only second. If you decide to sign up, feel free to use the coupon code ‘Hospitalera’ to get the first month for just one single US cent ๐Ÿ˜‰ Costs: Available from as cheap as $4.95 up to $14.95 / month for shared hosting, depending on contract length and hosting plan.

Market Samurai Software
If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am a big, huge Market Samurai fan girl! It is an incredible powerful and versatile piece of keyword and SEO tool software that runs on both, a Mac as on a PC, but can be a bit of overkill for a beginner. They offer a free trial, so no harm in trying it out, only thing they want is an email address and you can try it out for free for 12 days. All features are included in the trial and the keyword research feature stays active even after the trial has expired. I have written previously about using Market Samurai together with Hubpages, so no need to repeat myself. Costs: $97 one time payment, includes lifelong updates. To get best price download trial first and buy during the first seven days.

The Keyword Academy Subscription
I am using The Keyword Academy, TKA, as it is known for short, mainly for its member only tools like Nicherefinery (automates the competition evaluation described in Step 2 above and is a huge time saver) and Postrunner (A guest post distribution hub that allows you to get free, original content and back links with minimum fuzz.), but they have also a great, helpful forum with a lot of experienced people that are willing to help โ€“ and to network! I have written a long review about The Keyword Academy (sic!), so again, no reason to repeat myself. Costs: $33 / month after your free 30 days have passed. There is a slightly cheaper option available that doesn’t include video / webinar downloads and forum access.

Oops, forgot one! For a short time, before I found the TKA forum and tools, I was subscribed to Darren Rowse’s Problogger Forum. I think it cost at that time $1.99 / month. I quit it, because it was pretty much run by newbies for newbies and didn’t offer much of value to me. So, yes, make the number of products and services I bought ‘can count them on one hand + one finger.’

So, as comments get now automatically closed after 90 days due to the increase of spam, hurry up and post one ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would be interested to know which internet marketing related product or service made YOU the most money so far and which one was a complete waste of time and money for YOU …

If you like this blog post and found it helpful, why not share it with your preferred social network? Handy links and bookmarklets above ^^^ ๐Ÿ˜‰

58 comments to Stop buying from the Gurus and start Making Money Online!

  • Hi SY,

    I totally agree, that in the long-run (and in many cases even the short-run) experience (and experimentation) are simply the best “investments” that people can make when it comes to learning how to make money.

    My cynical side also has an opinion about “gurus” selling advice about making money … for the most part (and there are always exceptions) if a technique was still working well, they’d be keeping it for themselves, and Not telling you about it.

    As far as tools go, I’ve bought a few things that haven’t proven to be terribly useful (see above). But when it comes what has proven to have by far the best ROI for me, it’s not even close … first BANS, then PHPBay. The Ebay Partner Network can be a bit “temperamental”, especially since they switched to the smart click pricing, but over the past couple of years, I haven’t found anything else that works as well (for me).

    • hospitalera

      Hi Tood, I never tried out BANS or PHPbay because I never made it into the Ebay Partner Network (half my own laziness / half reports of diminishing returns) but I do seem to get lately a good ROI on websites that are monetized with Amazon, to my biggest surprise, bearing in mind their 24h cookie. SY

  • Claudia

    MailChimp is awesome! I have used a few other free autoresponders but most of them didn’t work very well, but MailChimp is really professional, does stats and all the tracking!

    Any reason why you prefer Hubpages over for example blogger, squidoo etc.?

    As for the products I have bought: Magic Article Submitter (works beautifully, but didn’t really increase backlinks), 10,000 backlinks (links from software directories, works, but you need to buy additional software for submission and it’s still quite time consuming)

    I guess there is no magic pill, neither for weight loss nor for IM, but there are a few things that help us along the way!

    • hospitalera

      I prefer Hubpages because I did a bit of testing and, for me, it is the best method when it comes to ease of use versus Google authority. Squidoo, in my experience, lost a lot of credit with Google over the last years as has blogger (and Google can delete your blog in a heart beat if they fancy to!). Another site that has great authority with the big G (and good returns / clicks) is Infobarrel but they have really high editorial hurdles, you need to get through a long time of pre-approval of your articles before they go live automatically. But they have a good authority with Google, I guess because they try to keep the quality on their site high! I never bothered with anything that had ‘auto’ in its name, Google advices strongly against it. The only methods of getting backlinks Google approves of (and values the links nicely) are human edited directories such as DMOZ and the exchange of content for links and vice versa as in guest blogging, SY

  • Ayanda

    I have not used hostgator but really reading reviews suggests that it is a great host provider. How easy is it to set up and can we buy domains from other providers and then change DNS to hostgator.

    • hospitalera

      Extremely easy, and they even help you to transfer your sites to them. I never run into any question / problem they refused to help me solve, quite different to some hosts I used previously. And yes, you can buy a domain from another provider / registrar and point the DNS / name servers to Hostgator Something what I highly recommend, keeping registrar and hosting apart, I mean, SY

  • Godfrey Miles

    HostGator is good for php, and seems to have reasonable support. I wouldnโ€™t recommend them for Ruby on Rails, however, as they only support fcgi (meaning you have to use cgi, which means you app restarts with each request which makes it pretty slow).
    Other than that all right.

    • hospitalera

      Thank you for your input, Godfrey, to be honest, the majority of the readers of my blog are not likely to need Ruby on Rails, they are more after cpanel and easy site set up with Fantastico (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) All of this is provided by Hostgator in an easy to understand manner, SY

  • Thanks for your advice, this sounds like taken from real life. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just today I got one of those mails with the exact phrase “I personally recommend Aweber…”

    Before my serious interests in “making money online” started a few weeks ago, I did receive far less e-mails. Now, after I have filled out a lot of opt-in forms of the gurus, the number of incoming mails has increased rapidly. And the more offers I get, the more do I wonder if they actually make money themself whith the concepts they are teaching – OR – if they just make money with their teachings (lessons/ebooks) about “how to make money online (lots of money of course, and really fast, with almost no effort, etc.)” So thank you for confirming that probably the latter is the case.

    In the end, you could even say these concepts look like the modern/online form of MLM: The gurus sell their product to you and teach you how to make money online. And if you want to, you can become their affiliate and you will earn some money if you sell their product to someone else. No, it’s not dubious per se, but I wonder what happens if everybody interested in making money online has bought all the necessary tools and trainings. Will there be a point when the market is saturated with all the trainings?
    As there are so many gurus, trainings and tools out there, it still seems to be very profitable. Anyway…

    You gave great advice here in starting making money without spending too much. I followed your link to Hubpages and signed on. Now I just have to find some good keywords/topics I can write about. I didn’t know that Hubpages offers you to put your own Adsense and Amazon partnerlinks. Do you know a German “hubservice”, too? might be comparable, but it’s only about products.

    Some other questions:
    I already have a Google account for my own blog, would you recommend getting a different one for Hubpages or when starting a new niche-site?
    You are a partner of, so I guess you can get a partner there even if you are not living in the US? Did you choose the US program for yourself?
    You suggested to set Hubpages as the primary domain in Analytics. Would that be or a different URL?

    You asked for the marketing products I bought. As I said I just started so I didn’t make any money yet by a special marketing related product.
    – I bought Market Samurai, which looks really helpful so far.
    – I registered for the course/site by David Scocco, the deal was so sign up for at least three months with Hostnine to get a “lifetime” membership at onlineprofits.
    – Then I started the Challenge 2010 which is free so far and offers a lot of helpful tips and examples. Well, not just for being kind I guess ๐Ÿ™‚
    – And I found your site, which is full of free, helpful tipps, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    If someone is interested, here is my little story about how I made my first money online:
    I was really surprised when I wrote an article in my blog about a device that can heal (fresh) mosquito bites and even wasp- and bee-stings. It does this by heating the sting for several seconds up to 50ยฐC/120ยฐF. That, so far as I understand, destroys the proteins that cause the pain and itching. And it really works, I even tested this on two bee-stings my children got. I placed an Amazon partnerlink in that article, and since I wrote this article about 2 months ago, 3 people bought 6 of these devices. Great, isn’t it?
    However the article is written in German, it contains a picture of this device, called Stichheiler (stinghealer): Healing mosquito bites

    (Boy, am I glad I copied my comment to the clipboard before clicking the submit-button. I took so much time to write this article that I got a Captcha error and the comment was gone when I returned. But fortunately it was still in the clipboard, waiting to be pasted :-))

    • hospitalera

      Hi Martin, one very important tip would be to use the ‘unsubscribe’ option frequently, keep only the email subscriptions / newsletters that provide you with real value instead of just being thinly disguised sales copies! And yes, Guru style internet marketing has a lot in common with MLM, always good to keep that in mind! As for the market being saturated, I don’t believe so, the current economical situation makes even more people desparate to find a second source of income and as we say in German ‘Die Dummen sterben nie aus! ;-)’ Now to your questions:

      ‘Do you know a German โ€œhubserviceโ€, too?’
      No, unfortunately not, and I have simply not the programing skills to start one, but that would be a project I would be gladly cooperating in! Regarding the original Hubpages, remember you have to write and to publish hubs in order to make money from them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t get information paralysis, just start doing it!

      ‘I already have a Google account for my own blog, would you recommend getting a different one for Hubpages or when starting a new niche-site?’
      ATTENTION!!! IMPORTANT!!! You are not allowed to have more then one Google Adsense account, you can have more than one Analytics account but not more than one Adsense account. See here: for more background info. And for the rare cases when you are allowed to have two accounts and how to set this up.

      ‘You are a partner of, so I guess you can get a partner there even if you are not living in the US? Did you choose the US program for yourself?’
      Correct, you can become an Amazon affiliate for which ever country you want / need, independent on where you live. Only drawback is that Amazon is not paying by Paypal, they pay per check ;-( (Going the giftcard route is not a great option as you can’t transfer the giftcard to another Amazon branch and there are a lot of thing will not ship to Europe) I have Amazon affi accounts for the US/ Canada, UK and German markets, but the US one makes me the most money, just the check fees suck!

      ‘You suggested to set Hubpages as the primary domain in Analytics. Would that be or a different URL?’
      No, that would be simply plus putting into Hubpages settings your Google Analytics account code, something like: UA-0000000-00

      I would be interested to read your opinion one day about the onlineprofits program by David Scocco, feel free to contact me if you want to write a guest post here about it!

      Ok, thanks again for the long comment and the kind words, one tip, if you hit the refresh symbol of the captcha before submitting your comment you get a new, not expired one!

      Any other questions I have not answered? just leave another comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • Weight Loss Article

    Hai there,

    A quick suggestion, I cant find a tool/widget to bookmark ur site to delicious or digg.. this is a usefull info and also crucial to almost IM beginner out there. A new or wannabe Internet Marketer usually end up as a milking cow to gurus, thru some forum, they maybe read other success story, and start the dream, end up broke or too tired to continue the journey. I cant blame them since this thing need brain not only dream. When I start back in the day, up till now, the only software I purchased was wprobot ( man.. it was fun before everybody start to do autoblog :-D, those suggestion that u mention on the post, I would like to translate it to my language and share them on my forum.

    Indonesian Blogger

    • hospitalera

      Lol, Digg and Delicious are not really useful when it comes to SEO and MMO! They just provide you with fly-by social traffic that is not lasting and eats up bandwidth. Same for Stumbleupon, waste of time. And if somebody really uses them, they have the toolbar installed and can do it from there if they want to. I try to keep my sites as fast loading as possible and having only the minimum of widgets and gadgets is a key to it! As for autoblogging / scrabber sites, that is just lettering the internet with garbage, adds no value for readers and gives internet marketing a bad name! As for using my content, please write your own, taking content from others and only translating it will not provide your readers with the value they are looking for as you have not the same experiences as I. How would you answer questions regarding the content if you haven’t written it yourself? So, no, please don’t try to benefit from my work, write your own stuff! SY

  • Brent

    Which one is your favorite application in this tool bar.

    I am trying to see whether this can tell me about No Follow,
    My website
    status for a particular keyword in various search engine

    Alexa or Page Rank is available in my last installed tool bar.

  • hospitalera

    Brent, I am not sure I really understand which toolbar you are speaking about. Nor am I sure what you mean with the rest of your comment, can you try to re-phrase your question please? SY

  • Hi SY,

    You are giving a lot of sound advice in this post. I wouldn’t say that the so called gurus are as bad as you are suggesting though and I think you know it.

    While not all products are exactly what they pretend to be most of them have good value if they are used as intended and all the value is squeezed out of them. Comparing what the gurus do with MLM is taking things too far.

    I have bought a lot of products and at least 65% of them I’d buy again. I think that the biggest problem is that most people buy courses that they never use and then blame the people who they bought them from for their failure.

    Buying too many products and not using them is not wise. Not buying anything will result in lack of knowledge about what is available.

    The best approach may be to learn as much as possible from free sources and then start with buying just one product and use it 100% before considering buying the next one.

    Using Hubs is a good start but for anyone that is serious I think it’s a good idea to get their own domain soon as well.


    • hospitalera

      Hi Vance, thanks for your kind words. As for which gurus are bad and which not, just check the relation of free, useful information versus sales pitches on their blogs. If their blog provides free information as well as information about products that they promote, sounds fine to me. But most the internet marketing blogs I come across are littered with ‘buy this’ posts and not much else of value to the reader. And yes, a lot of people buy things they never use, kind of ‘just buying it will make me money’ attitude / wishful thinking.
      But I do disagree with this statement: ‘Not buying anything will result in lack of knowledge about what is available.’ I don’t need to buy something in order to know what is available. I can read reviews from trusted sources or use only products / services that have a free trial available. That way I can try before I buy for myself.
      But I do agree with your last two statements. It is certainly advisable to ‘exhaust’ one product / service first before buying the next one and having your own websites should be your ultimate goal. But given the international nature of the internet, there are people that can’t even afford one domain plus hosting to start with. IMHO making money with free sources like hubpages and then re-investing the money you have earned is the smart way forward, SY

    • hospitalera

      I came, thanks to Lissie’s blog, across a very interesting series of articles about ‘The Internet Marketing Syndikat’ I real eye opener and well worth reading. The language is not always family friendly, but the facts are sound. I had a real OMG! moment when it came to the Frank Kern video. Read the article and the ones that follow it up and you see that a lot of internet marketing gurus are even worse than I described them, SY

  • Tulsa White Filling

    AT first site I thought this is about hospital, concerning my profession somewhere, but then the blog is really content full and this is what has stopped me here. Niche blogging and blog commenting is one of areas that invite me at any given time. Valuable opinions from gurus and non gurus [who are again seniors to all novices] matter a lot when one starts thinking on the topic.

  • Alex Brandon

    The best part about the keyword academy is the PostRunner guest posting system. That alone is worth the membership cost without even taking into consideration everything else that comes with the membership. It is an awesome way to get backlinks, traffic, and increase search engine rankings.

    • hospitalera

      Yes, Postrunner can be great, if used wisely, because it takes the emotional element out of guest posting / guest blogging, SY

  • Tony

    I’m a little skeptical myself but I’ve actually heard good things about this if you want to work hard.

  • Great piece! I too love godaddy and hostgator. I remember registering on hub pages long back, seems like it’s high time I start using them..

  • Kelly

    I agree that PostRunner is one of the simplest tools I ever find for building SE friendly one-way text links.
    Also great that they allow 2 in-content links in article body.

    • hospitalera

      Kelly, looking at Postrunner only from the point of view of back linking is only half the story. I have also a receiving site in the system and getting free, keyword targeted content is great also! SY

  • Sacrilege! Surely you know that SnakEoiL, smoke, mirrors tat peddling and swindles are the lifeblood of all good internet marketers?

    Have you never read that you need to “lie to make money online”?

    I cannot believe you want to kill off such a lucrative industry and think your being very very selfish here ๐Ÿ˜›

    • hospitalera

      ROFL, Jez, yes, I would love to get rid of those you described. But, then, on the other hand, what would be then the entertainment value of the MMO world? Difficult to decide ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • Vinfotech

    Nice post… I love godaddy and Hostgator.. I also like PostRunner is nice tools I ever find for building SE friendly links.

    • hospitalera

      Hm, perhaps you should read my article again, if you think that Postrunner is just a ‘nice tool for building SE friendly links’ than you missed a few important points. SY

  • alex watermelon

    You wrote about almost all services I use. I read a lotabout market samurai, but didn’t try it yet. Any one has an experience with it? I promote websites, but till the moment I’ve been using just wordtracker to find keys + keyword stealing (when the work was about competing against certain sites). For domains I use goDaddy and

  • Adam

    Hi Hospitalera,

    Iโ€™ve actually been on your blog before. Its good to see that youโ€™re putting the work in. If you keep it up I have absolutely no doubt that you will manage to make money with the keyword academy long before you reach the 6 month mark.

    The trick is to keep on pumping out more websites in more niches even through the times when you feel like you arenโ€™t getting anywhere. Eventually the Adsense revenue will start to come in and will grow exponentially over the months.

    • hospitalera

      Hi Adam,
      Welcome back. As for making money with The Keyword Academy > I am already making money from my web sites, but there is obviously always room for improvement. But as for ‘pumping out more websites’ I disagree completely. I am actually actively reducing the amount of web sites I own in order to provide better quality content to the ones I have. The longer I am in this game the more I realize that only quality will give you long term results, garbage works only short term. If you have followed the recent discussions and webinars on The Keyword Academy You see that also TKA is moving more and more in that direction. Look at the whole SuperSite concept, SY

  • Bernie Richardson

    Iโ€™m a powerseller on eBay and itโ€™s a very easy process to make money online. I use a drop shipping service for my products as I do not have the space in my home to store products.
    Once you have found a reputable drop shipping service and have built up your store, all you need to do is check your PayPal account for any sales, process those payments to your drop shipper taking out your commission and leave feedback to your customer. Just make sure you keep in contact with your drop shipper on a regular basis to see if all your products in your store can still be supplied. If they have ran out of stock end the listing, if you do not and an item sells, the drop shipper canโ€™t send them the product, which will increase the the chances of a negative feedback.

    • hospitalera

      Nice advice, but can you explain to me how this relates to “Stop buying from the Gurus and start Making Money Online!” ? SY

  • Sri Lanka

    Going to try Market Samurai thanks for the heads up.

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the tip about MailChimp. I just started a blog and I didn’t want to shell out the $20/mo for Aweber since I don’t have that many subscribers yet (only 30). I’ll check out MailChimp. So far, I’ve had the most success with the Amazon affiliate program. They raise your commission as you get more sales, so it’s a nice motivator for trying harder.

    • hospitalera

      You are welcome and I agree with what you write about Amazon, once you get the hang out of things it can be a nice little earner with an even bigger potential, SY

  • Graham

    I am looking at using Mailchimp and this seems the most detailed report on it – THANK YOU, you are right too in your article as we listen to much to “gurus” and miss opportunities making money, so it is time to stop listening and to start doing.


    • hospitalera

      If that is really the most detailed report on Mailchimp than I am surprised. Or actually not, too few incentives to promote them. I bet, if they would come up with a half decent affiliate program, all the gurus would flog them to their lists ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • Sarah Hastings

    i would definately go with hubppages. i feel that google is fraudelent and it can ban your blog and your adsence account when ever it want. i lost my account when i had $ 97 due to some unexplained reason by google.

    • hospitalera

      Sarah, one way of making money on Hubpages is by using your own Google Adsense account. If you have lost it, you can’t use this possibility to make money on Hubpages. As for Google being fraudulent, I politely disagree, do you really think that a multi-billion company like Google needed your $ 97 ??? Most likely they suspected click fraud on your account, like when you click your own ads, get others to do it for you and / or a victim of Click Bombing. Other possibilities are that the content of your web sites didn’t comply with the Google Adsense TOS. If you are sure that you have done nothing wrong you can always ask Google to reinstate your account, SY

  • […] Stop buying from the Gurus and start Making Money Online! »    […]

  • hospitalera

    I agree with you Scott, a very good place and if you are willing to put some time and effort into The Keyword Academy than it is a very good place and you will make money online over time. If somebody is just looking for a quick way how to get rich over night, it is the wrong place. People tend to forget that even online you have to work in order to make money, at least initially ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

  • Can Crusher

    Thanks for listing all this free information Hospitalera. Some unscrupulous gurus out there would likely love to repackage this in ebook format and sell it to the gillible noobs on their list for $67 ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m using Market Samurai but never heard of Keyword Academy until reading this post, so will check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

    • hospitalera

      Yeah, I know, one of this days I have to ghost write my own ebook and market it to my non-existent list ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check TKA out, what do you have to loose?! SY

  • Ste

    Ah, the trap I fell into myself! I can’t remember any specifics of which services I ended up signing up for, and paying for, but rest assured I found myself stuck in the trap of paying a monthly fee for a 12 month contract for something I didn’t even need, on many an occasion!

  • SEO Orlando

    I feel that there are two ways you can make money online. One, you get lucky and strike oil on you first few attempts, or two, you grow to understand the industry and work hard at doing everything you can to turn a profit.

  • Michael Anderson

    When I first started online, I bought a couple of Internet marketing eBooks that were a complete rip-off. I promised myself then that I would only buy stuff that actually helps me make money online. Since then, I’ve bought an article submitter, a bookmarking program and a keyword research tool. The only other thing I pay money for is hosting and domain names. I’m working on the Internet to make money, not give other people my hard earned cash.

    • hospitalera

      The sad truth is that most ebooks on IM, SEO, MMO etc are just rehashed versions of older stuff. The main problem is that this game changes so fast that whilst you are still writing your ebook information becomes already outdated. Just a very easy example, you finish writing about ‘how to set up a wordpress blog’ and, bang, wordpress releases a new version and you have to update all your instructions and illustrations. That is the reason why I like blogs and forums best to gather information, you need still to check if the info is true, but on the other hand, it is so much fresher and up to date. SY

      PS I like your last sentence ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Blackhatter

    yeah, and i maintain few autoblogs on for a last few years-from my own desktop, i recently made aff. site to promote the software(still working on it) but i still can’t promote mass production of low quality spautoblogs-and i never will!

    • hospitalera

      I am sorry Blackhatter (the name says it all, doesn’t it?), but autoblogs are spammy by definition as they are just re-hashed (and often without permission of the original copyright holder) content and don’t add any value for a reader. Google has already announced that they will crack down on this type of content farms and I fear your blogger blogspot blogs are in danger to be deleted if Google catches you, SY

  • James

    Hi SY,

    very well said. This is of great help to all starters who wants to earn online. It is not new to us that there are lots of earning money online programs that being rampantly sold when in fact earning online can be not that expensive. I am greatful to see that you have posted almost every starter should know from Goodle Adsense, Analytics and an affiliate site. I am glad that there are till people like you who aims to share without asking anything in return. God Bless you more. ๐Ÿ™‚