Synchronize blog and feedburner

Do you use feedburner to deliver your new blog posts by email to your subscribers? If yes, do you have this service synchronized with the time(s) you post a new blog post? If not, you might be missing an advantage over other blogs and bloggers.
I must admit it took me a bit of time, ok, some weeks, to notice the importance of that, sometimes I am a bit daft 😉 But I thought now that “I got it”, I might as well share my findings with you:

First of all, this blog post refers only to email subscriptions delivered by feedburner. Similar services might be adjusted similarly, but as I don’t have any experience with it, I can’t give you any advice on it.

Second OK, that is the point: Imagine you subscribe to a blog by email, do you want to be informed immediately of new posts or with a delay of several hours? IMHO, the point of describing to a blog via email is to get alerted asap to new blog posts, NOT hours later.

Third If you want to alert your subscribers that you have posted a new blog post in time, and not hours later, you have to synchronize the both. If you use Feedburner, go to Publicize>Email Subscriptions>Delivery Options. Here you have the option to set up the delivery time frame, i.e. the time an email is send when and after you have posted a new blog post. First set the time you are at, in my case I am at +2GMT and I blog / schedule my blog posts to 16:45, so my ideal delivery option would be 5pm-7pm. That is all what is there to it 😉 Set it like this and your email updates will be delivered via feedburner asap.


  • Blog always at the same time, use auto scheduling if you need to.
  • Set Feedburner to send out the notification email the next time frame AFTER you published your last blog post.
  • Get maximum exposure for your blog posts 😉

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6 comments to Synchronize blog and feedburner

  • It is kind a new knowledge for me. Thanks for sharing. 😀
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  • hospitalera

    You are welcome! It took me a while to figure it out myself 😉 SY

  • I always post to my blog at the same time every day, so that is a good edge to have over other bloggers. It is much better to be able to alert all of your readers in real time to maximize your blog exposure, so thank you for figuring that out for the rest of the world 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Yeah, it really works, as long as you have your blog post ready in time, something I am not really good about ;-( SY

  • Do you use analytics to determine peak times during the day and post at those times?

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  • hospitalera

    I tried, but it was not really conclusive, but yes, posting before 16:45 and scheduling the email delivery as described in the blog post is the closest I came to this ideal 😉 And I am not always good at sticking to my blogging schedule ;-( Also, if you start to do this your actions will influence your readers, you will see a peak around the time they receive the notification email. A bit like the good old wave corpuscle dualism in quantum physics 😉 The system is influenced by the observation and even more by our reaction to this observation. Better not to over analyze, can make headaches, SY