Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

Market not Article Samurai

Market Samurai is a good product, Article Samurai is — NOT!!!

Hi guys and gals, I just got the ‘priority email’ aka ‘don’t miss this super-duper chance that comes around only once in your lifetime (Not!)’ that Article Samurai opens again and that begs the question: Should you buy it or NOT!? Like I wrote in my previous post here >Article Samurai or Spamurai?‘ I consider this type of internet marketing and attempt at SEO sooo pre-Panda! And no, imho, save your money also this time round and don’t buy it! Why you ask? I still hold to what I stated previously:

Cheap article marketing, especially one that uses / promotes, spun content, is an absolute No-No since the latest Panda / Farmer Update that Google implemented.

Methods like this add no value whatsoever to your own websites nor to the internet as . . . → Read More: Article Samurai Opens Again – Should You Buy?

Article Samurai or Spamurai?

Updates regarding ‘Article Samurai Price’, ‘Article Samurai Launch’, ‘Article Samurai Sold Out’, ‘Article Samurai Purchase Link’ etc can be found in the comment section 😉

If you own a copy of Market Samurai and / or are subscribed to their newsletter, chances are that you have received over the last weeks a series of well made sales pitches. Today I received the email with the details of their new product ‘Article Samurai’, including the price. Before you even think of buying it, I would strongly suggest that you read not only this blog post, but also the comments left on the last Article Samurai video! Here a summary what is published so far and my, not so humble, opinion about their latest offering.

First let me make clear that I love Market Samurai to bits and use it extensively (for some of my previous blog posts regarding this genial piece . . . → Read More: Article Samurai or Spamurai?