Best WordPress Plugins 2011

Best Wordpress Plugins 2011

These are the best WordPress plugins I found and used in 2011. The WordPress logo is no endorsement by WordPress itself, it only serves as decoration 😉

Ok, since it is already December 2011 (Tempus Fugit!) I think it is safe to write up a post about the best WordPress plugins I used in 2011 and will, most likely, also use in 2012! Here a list of those that I use on some or all of my sites, just bear in mind that the less plugins you have the better as your site will load faster and less plugin conflicts might occur. So choose wisely 😉 BTW the titles of each description will take you to the main page where you can download the plugin – and yes, all of them are free 😉 A bit of a pre-Christmas gift for my readers 😉 All of them in order . . . → Read More: Best WordPress Plugins 2011