Making Money Online 2011 2012 – What has changed?


My personal take on making money online in 2011 and what I plan to do in 2012 and what not.

Seems it is this time of the year 😉 You know that time when all, or nearly all, internet marketers publish their yearly review and make their firm resolutions what they will do better next year 😉 Actually I didn’t plan to do this, but as it seems to be a sort of tradition in the MMO world, who am I to swim against the stream 😉 So here my take on 2011 and my resolutions for 2012:

Making Money Online 2011 Review

1. Adsense: Pretty much stable, Hubpages took a dip, some of my own sites improved, especially the German ones, income pretty much the same or slightly rising over that of the past year.

2. Amazon: Nice, nice, very nice year for me on Amazon! Compared to . . . → Read More: Making Money Online 2011 2012 – What has changed?