Market Samurai Discount – Now available for $75!


Market Samurai now available for $75 limited time offer! Ok, let’s cut through the hype 😉 Lately my inbox has been filled with newsletters by all sorts of Imlers announcing a special offer for the keyword tool Market Samurai for only $75 (free trial, one time fee and money back warranty). Market Samurai retails normally for $97 (when bought during the free trial period) to $147 (when bought after your free trial has expired) so this offer is good. If you look around this blog a bit you’ll see that it is one of my favorite keyword tools – since many years!

What upsets me slightly is that I, as an long time affiliate, never got an email about this promo nor is there anything in my affiliate dashboard that tells me how to give my readers access to this special offer. After a bit of digging I found out . . . → Read More: Market Samurai Discount – Now available for $75!

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Update – React Now!

Rank Tracker uses the could!

This is a quick post regarding the new Keyword Rank Tracker. It is meant mainly for those of you that own already a copy of Market Samurai or are sitting insecurely on the fence 😉 unsure if they should or shouldn’t buy it … The ninjas behind Market Samurai have updated their rank tracker module, actually they have rebuild it pretty much from scratch!, here is what you get and how to get it for free.

Clicking is believing 😉

If you become, or are, a customer of any Noble Samurai product, you can get the basic plan for Rank Tracker for free, but only if you apply for it before the 31st May 2012! Plus you are then also ‘grandfathered’ into all the discount prices if you plan to upgrade to a paid plan later on. The basic plan allows you to track the rank of 50 . . . → Read More: Market Samurai Rank Tracker Update – React Now!