Penguin Musings

Angry Penguin with fly squatter.

Google did it again and a whole bunch of internet marketers are shaking their feeble fists in wrath and disgust. I am speaking obviously of the latest Google algorithm update named ‘Penguin’. What happened? On 24th April 2012 Google rolled out yet another update that addresses web spam. You can read more about why Google hates web spam so much on this old article of mine called >>>The Real Reason Google Fights Web Spam<<<. Back? Great!

Have you been hit by the angry penguin?

I really don’t want to regurgitate what others have already written, or better said yelled into Cyberspace, so here my musings about an aspect which I believe has been overlooked by many. If you read >>>Google’s announcement about the Penguin Update<<< carefully and have a close look at the images you will notice something interesting in the second image – the . . . → Read More: Penguin Musings