The Internet is a rich resource of information, but it can serve a greater purpose in generating a legitimate income. Instead of falling for one of the many scams online that will entice you to become part of a program to make money at home, you can use legitimate tips that will enable you to earn an income at home for free!

  • Referrals: There are several websites, like Bohire and ReferEarns, which will allow you to refer candidates to job hunters for a headhunting reward. This will help to connect job seekers within employment, and it will also help you to start working part-time as a recruiter, making money.
  • Blog: If you begin to set up a blog that generates a legitimate following, you have the opportunity to make money through Google Adsense. This is a common practice used by many blogs that you may have visited, but the bottom line is that a blog that is drawing traffic can create an income through simple ads.
  • Write: The need for content online is seriously growing, and there are a number of websites, like Associated Content, which will pay you a small cut of their profits based on how many views that your articles get. On top of that, you can work full-time as an online freelance writer on websites like Elance.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can use the simple tool of affiliate marketing to promote products on your website or blog, which your visitors can click on. You will receive a portion of the income through the sales that were made by working as the middleman.
  • Internet Auctions: This is a popular option for making money online since so many people are well-versed in eBay. You can sell your own items or other products for a direct profit through the beauty of online auctions.

The bottom line is that it is possible to make money online without having to “invest” in any expensive business opportunities. When you know what to look for, you can generate a legitimate part-time income or even full-time income, depending on how much work you put in.


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  • Those mentioned above are indeed ways to make money online. There are a lot of people trying to make money, others I know do that by finding buyers on Elance, Odesk and other freelancing sites that buyers and providers meet. Apart from that, blogs are one of those I often see with ads and others talk about some product. Although many people try to start something with what is mentioned above, it takes determination and the knowledge to start.