Just a quick note for all my fellow ex-today’lers and others that might be considering blogging for and want to hear experiences with that company. If you don’t know what I am speaking about you might want to check this post: closed my blog down

Yesterday I got the following email from today support:

“We apologize for any confusion. For security purposes blogs that had posts indicating information regarding’s business needed to be removed. Bloggers indicating that they were leaving had to have the accounts closed. Unfortunately in regards to Entrecard, so many are running the paid ads that we have to delete the widgets on closed blogs. If you think you would like to reactivate your blog we can let an admin know and they can address your concerns.”

Really made me laugh! ‘For security purposes’? I mean read what I really posted on my Prague Expat blog.  Hardly a security concern, don’t you think? And ‘Bloggers indicating that they were leaving had to have the accounts closed.’ Had to have, really, why? Oh, because we could have removed our own images, the ones you are now holding hostage? That is a completely different can of worms. always stated that we only sell the copyright to the written content to them but that the copyright to the images stays with the original copyright owner. But I have really to look into if they can keep my images online when I am not anymore managing the blog? Any opinions on that one?

If you are in the same boat like me than you might want to stay in contact with other ex-today members and do a little bit of mutual promotion of our new blogs. I have set up a page for ex members where I would like to show case all our shiny new blogs. This way we can stay in contact and help each other! Take care and do stay in contact, SY

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  • I know *exactly* why they did it this way. I believe it’s my fault. I also believe I was the first to be exiled.

    I was actually logged in, and in the middle of a post, when I got the email telling me they had booted me. But I realized that I could still post and still tweak my blog, until I logged out and then would not be able to log in again.

    So I stripped the blog of EVERYTHING. Widgets, links, blogroll — and ESPECIALLY links to all my Flickr photos that were showing up in the blog. Let them try to make money off of **MY** images?? Not a chance.

    So I suspect they learned from that, and made sure that nobody would be able to protect their images or their work again, once the decision was made to kick them out.

    So my advice, for anyone who’s deciding to leave — DON’T LET ON. Strip your blog of everything, and THEN go into the forums and let ’em have it!

    If you do have a Flickr account, and your blog is full of photos that are being linked from there, I’d advise you to either delete all those photos and re-upload them (so that link won’t work any more), or make them all private for a few months.

    Meanwhile, if you’re interested in keeping in touch with other exiled bloggers, and maybe helping each other a bit, check out Flit’s blog, where we’re musing about trying to do a little something together.

    And some of us are creating a page on our blog with a list of all the Td.c bloggers who have been liberated. If you’d like to be on mine, leave your name on this post at my Bookishgal blog.

  • hospitalera

    Good advice here, Phyl! I had a free blog hosted with them ( and did exactly the same thing! The only thing that is now still on it are the few posts from the time as it was a paid blog. BTW, I asked them to go ‘free’ with that blog as I wanted to display my own affiliate links 😉 So, yes, if you want to leave, before making any noise strip what you can from your blog and than leave a empty and clean house behind 😉 SY

  • no no no no … if you’re using flickr – replace all the images with a new one that will show in their place.

    I am so disappointed that I can’t do it… would amuse me no end!

  • I’ve just been writing a to do list post that included that 🙂

  • I liked the message they posted in the forum … belated guidelines…

    i.e. kick first, THEN set the rules. Not the firt time; won’t be the last.

  • hospitalera

    @Flit, I like the idea with replacing flickr photos, a pity that I didn’t hot linked images from flickr ;-( SY

  • Flit, what a scream! You could replace all the photos with something really horrible that would be a total turnoff to anyone visiting a post on your old Td.c blog. Or — a great big photoshopped “TODAY.COM TREATS ITS BLOGGERS LIKE DIRT; DO NOT READ HERE ANY LONGER!”


  • I was part of the problem, too. I had moved my non-PPP blog to blogspot and left a note saying, “Well, bye.” They locked me out of both of them, but then, the next day for no discernable reason, they unlocked it.

    I took down my header, deleted all my family photos and defaulted the template. I left the photos that were public domain. Left a “find me here” post (which they subsequently removed), but I’d left both buttons for my other blogs. Interestingly enough, I’d updated them with the NEW websites. They hadn’t caught on to that yet. Not that I care much if they do.

    Damn blog doesn’t look the same with the standard template.

  • I know what you mean, Stephanie. It’s kind of a forlorn feeling, remembering how nice the blogs used to look.

  • have you seen the latest? I posted it on just flitting… now they’re planning to reassign OUR BLOGS WITH OUR CONTENT to whoever they want.

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  • hospitalera

    Yes, I have seen it and I counted with this, I’ll keep an eye on Golden Prague, lets see what an eventual new owner does with it. Never forget the power of comments 😉

    Flit the blogspot blog connect to your name is not visible to me, are you sure you have published it??? LOOK OUT AND CHECK YOURSELF!SY

  • that’s what I get for typing instead of cutting & pasting … new one added now… let me know if you would like to join us there 🙂

  • hospitalera

    update: blocks now ip addresses from troublesome ex-members, 😉 SY