Using Market Samurai to write SEO optimized head lines

Writing catchy headlines for Google and SEO

Remember those old days when newspaper vendors would actually scream the newest headlines loud out? That was the time when a head line was a “catcher” of attention and a photo just a nice add on! The head line was, and still is, what catches the attention of the reader, and of Google. I want to show you a nice and neat and legal WordPress trick to have a catchy and SEO optimized headline  at the same time! First of all you will need to download Market Samurai, as of time of writing, you can get a longer, free trial by signing up, for free, at the same to the 30 Day Challenge.

You can achieve a similar result also by using the Google Keyword Tool External, but it will take longer and be more complicated, so go, sign up for the 30DC and download Market Samurai, in the end it is free and what do you have to loose?

Back? Ok, lets start, lets assume you know what you are writing about, and lets say you are writing for a niche blog related to christmas and want to write today about “Christmas Cookies”. Fire on Market Samurai and create a new project called “Christmas Cookies”. Click keyword research and start with the following selections “Google Synonym Tool” and “Google Search Keywords”. Try the highest minimum keywords setting first, and go down until you see results. As soon as you see results click on “Analyze Keywords”. Now you see a list of keywords analyzed for their SEO value, by mouse over you’ll see what every column means. Choose now the keywords that are closest to your planned post and has the highest SEO value. So for example my results would look like this:¨

Planned blog post title:  “Christmas Cookies”
Best SEO optimized post title with highest earning potential : “Christmas Cookie Cutters”

You will have to play around between “Keyword research” and “SEO Competition” to find the best combination, but in the end you will have a SEO optimized headline fitting your planned post that promises the best return for your chosen subject. Now comes the trick.

Write your blog post, mentioning in a normal amount the keywords you want to target. Make sure that the SEO optimized title is in the url and your catchy headline is the, headline of the post. In an ideal case this would look like this:

Your headline: Funniest Christmas Cookie Cutters this year

You see now how you can have a SEO optimized and catchy headline at the same time?

Have a SEO trick regarding headlines? Feel free to share it in a comment! They are do follow 😉

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  • It’s all in the headline. Keyword research os imprtant whatever tool you use be it samurai, wordtracker, adwords keyword suggestion tool or seobook keyword tool

  • It is important to have the keyword not just in url and title, but also in meta keywords and meta description. All these on-page factors can be analyzed with Market Samurai.

  • hospitalera

    Exactly, but some tools make it easier to do that task.

    @Google Hacker
    Correct, I was referring to optimize a single blog post not to general on site SEO. The idea is to have the keywords in the url of the post and to add then a, matching, but catchier title. SY

  • I love the Google Keyword Tool, but I am all for anything that makes it less complicated. Even if you are looking to optimize for SEO, time is definitely money. This is the best way to get the keywords in the URL of your post and then correspond with the title.

  • hospitalera

    Market Samurai has many advantages over Google Keyword Tool, one is that you can save your projects and so keep all the information collected. SY

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    Hey, thanks for the tip about the free trial.

  • hospitalera

    @no fax payday loans
    You are welcome, just make sure you also sign up to the 30 day challenge to benefit from the longer trial, SY

  • Catchy headline is really the way to go…
    also most of the time is not so easy to get 🙂

    anyway I’m learning here.

  • hospitalera

    @ austinjames
    Just stick around and you may learn one thing or the other and also teach us here something by sharing what you know. SY

  • MS gives a great visual of what keywords would probably be easy to rank for. It is a great tool that internet marketers can use to pin point unfound niches

    Internet Marketing Portland

    It sure beats using the Google keyword tool and checking out the source code of all the high ranking websites.

    All that to say, I KNOW Keyword Elite 2.0 will be much better.
    Can anyone refute that?
    .-= David Internet Marketing´s last blog ..Seomoz, PageRank Update, Nofollow movement and more =-.

  • hospitalera

    @David Internet Marketing

    May I give you a tip? When new to a blog, please don’t stuff your comments full with links to your site and affiliate links. I am in a good mood today, so I let them through, but other bloggers or me on a less happy day, may just delete your comment and / or ban you. This blog offers anchored keywords in the headline of the comment (if you use it properly) and a link back tp your last blog post, both dofollow. No need to stuff more links in, unless they actually contribute to the discussion and are not just “self-serving” links that only benefit your good self. SY

  • Bloggers are like keyboard samurai. They don’t exist, they don’t have a name they don’t own a country. But they do attack,. Lol.
    .-= Personal Trainer AZ´s last blog ..Want to know why I created CF1? Watch this Video! =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Personal Trainer AZ
    ROFL, I like the analogy, but I prefer to see myself a bit less violent. SY

  • Very informative and helpful post for me, a total newbie who is considering Market Samurai. I use a Mac, so Market Samurai fits the bill nicely unlike Micronichefinder.
    .-= infowrangler´s last blog ..Get more website traffic – 5 free ways! =-.

  • hospitalera

    Yes, seems a lot of SEO software developers haven’t caught on with the fact that MAC users are around in the SEO / MMO business. SY

    PS For a comparison between Market Samurai and Keyword Elite see

  • Free Market Samurai Use

    Okay, here’s the deal. I have the paid version of Market Samurai, and I’m thinking of using this great piece of Internet marketing software to do some good. I also need some ideas for great posts, so this is a win-win situation all around.

    If you want to know more, please take a look at my blog post! Thanks!

  • hospitalera

    @Free Market Samurai Use
    Why should anybody tell you his or her niche ideas, or even worse, leave them in a comment that can be read by everybody? Especially as the keyword research feature will stay available also after the trial has expired! Honestly, this idea is either not very well thought out or you even try to prey on the ideas of others. SY

  • hospitalera

    @Free Market Samurai Use
    I checked out your web site, sorry, not really the stuff I like to link to from one of my sites. Please refers to to see why your url has been removed. SY

  • I’m not sure that I fully understood what all the capabilities of Market Samurai are. I think I follow your hint and download the demo version, then it should become clearer.
    .-= Betty@Kreditrechner´s last blog ..Sofortrente Rechner =-.

  • hospitalera

    Basically, Market Samurai lets you find the best keywords for a blog / web site, lets you find profitable niches, lets you find content to use and places to promote your web site and helps you to monitor the development / success of your sites. As it is free to try, what do you have to loose? SY

  • catejohn3

    Thanks for the sharing great advice! I just came across your blog and love the stuff which you provided on this blog. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Keep posting!!!

  • Gene

    Never before thought about head lines so seriously. Although I went with 30 Day Challenge last year.
    Heard a lot of good reviews about Samurai but didn’t use it. Maybe I’ll start.

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome! SY

    You should, I couldn’t do without it anymore! Remember the headline of a blog post is often also the url, means you have to make sure that your main keywords are in it! SY

  • Cool tips, will help me design the page rank software.

  • hospitalera

    @seo software
    Good luck, before you spent too much time and effort into it, make sure you can add something new. is pretty close to perfect and will be very hard to beat! SY