Using Yahoo Answers to find new niches

Just a quick note on how you can use Yahoo Answers to find new (nano) niches. Yahoo Answers is a good place to start looking for which sort of problems people try to solve. Search the categories for topics that may interest you and look what kind of questions / problems people have. If you find something you can answer  and that looks like a good niche, research its potential with either Market Samurai or the free Google Keyword Tool. Yes, I know, a lot of this questions are coming from people that don’t have anything else to do than inventing bogus questions, but still, a lot of the questions are valuable sources for problems and questions people might have.

When you spend some time in Yahoo Answers, you will notice that some questions and problems are creeping up over and over again. This are the ones that make good potential niches. Today for example I looked closer at the “Pets” category. A lot of rubbish around, but I also found a question regarding “bedding for a horse trailer”. A quick research in Market Samurai showed that “bedding horse trailer” has not a lot of commercial value. But it got me thinking outside the box and I found that “horse trailer accessories” has more potential and a very low competition and would make a great nano niche 😉 Without browsing around Yahoo Answers, I would never have “jumped” so far outside my thinking box.

Yahoo Answers has a lot of different categories, should be something to find in them for everybody that looks for a potential (nano) niche.

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