Web site promotion and staying organized

Do you know how many domains you have? How many Squidoo Lenses and / Hubpages hubs you have started? Remember all your Infobarrel articles and all your support and / or niche blogs at WordPress.com, Blogspot, Tumblr, Posterous, ezine and the like? Do you have a schedule set up when to twitt the next time about one of your sites? In one sentence:

Do you plan and organize the promotion of your web sites or do you just do what first comes to mind?

First I have to confess that I am not the best one to blog about being organized, I am, sometimes, in a, happy, chaos myself 😉 Nevertheless, I started to organize my little “web site empire” and noticed not only that I am working more effectively (not a big surprise ;-)) but also that I wasted less time with useless tasks. Seeing the positive outcome I started to develop an attack plan in several steps to get me back on track and to make my online life easier and more effective. I thought I’d share it here. You might want to try it out, just don’t forget to follow your own mileage and adapt it to your own needs. You might want to use word documents, organization charts, spreadsheets, whatever you like and works best for you.
So, finished with “babbling like a bumbling band of baboons” 😉 Here my list:

1. I keep an inventory of all my domains, web sites, hubs, lenses, articles etc. etc. etc. An inventory of everything I have ever put up online and have control over. I use a table in a text document, but a spreadsheet would also work.

2. I then group them into projects, putting together main web site and supporting blogs, lenses, hubs etc. All food related stuff into the “Food Project”, all travel related stuff into the “Travel Project”, all dog related stuff into the…

3. Evaluating the inventory. I start to evaluate the potential earning possibilities of each project.

4. Evaluating the state of each project in the SERPs and what has to / can be done to improve it. The final goal is to have the main site of the project rank first in Google for its keywords.

5. Working on a per project base, concentrating on the most promising ones first. I work only for a limited time on each project, then I change to the next one and let the previous one “age”.

6. Rinse and repeat 😉

Summary: I am far from being perfectly organized, but even with a low level of organization of my online projects, I became more effective with less effort. By grouping all into projects, one or more main sites / blogs plus their supporting sites form one project, I can concentrate better and be more effective in my online efforts. By keeping an inventory and noting down what I have done so far to promote each site, I avoid overlooking important things, like linking between related sites.

Do you organize your online projects? Do you keep track on your web site promotion efforts? Or do you just do what comes first to mind?

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  • It is so easy when building websites to just move from one task to the next without planning ahead. That is always a mistake. Proper website design and maintenance requires structure, otherwise it is so difficult to go back and change the things that you’ve started. Have a goal in mind, and work toward the goal. That is always the best policy. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject!
    .-= GS@San Diego Foreclosure Properties´s last blog ..SanDiego Real Estate Prices Up Again =-.

  • It is good information about web organization. I am currently at chaos here regarding my many blog.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Domain Purchasing For Blog =-.

  • I try! I have now flipped it around – I work out the potential income from the site first, look at the strength of the competition and then plan the attack, I list all the support sites I developed to support the main site and what links to what! Its a pain to start with but its much easier to keep track of long term
    .-= lissie@passive income´s last blog ..Online Income and Dancesport =-.

  • Have you ever looked at MindMeister? It’s an online mind-mapping site which I am only starting to use now, and I think it’s pretty nifty! I also did a blog post on my blog about action plans and schedules for Internet Marketers, because that’s an area I’m pretty bad in!

  • hospitalera

    Great tip, I am just trying out a similar desktop program, but it was too early to incorporate it into a blog article. It is called freemind.

    Seems it is a very common problem 😉 SY

  • I will have to use some of those tactics because I need some organization badly! I find that my mornings are great, and then by the end of the day, I am pulling out my hair because I forgot about one or two tasks to do!

  • hospitalera

    I am more an evening person, so I reserve the morning to tasks that don’t require much creativity / brains and the evenings and nights to writing content and the like. Hm, sounds like an idea for a blog post “Blogging in harmony with your biorhythm”, lol, SY

  • Nice post, it’s true, being organized really is important. Sharing with you my experience, at one time my passwords got mixed up and you could just imagine the time wasted in retrieving them manually. Since then I keep a well secured record of my passwords and usernames I use in my blogs, in technorati, lenses, third party advertising programs, social networks, blog networks, article directories and the list goes on.
    .-= Amorsolo´s last blog ..Traffic and Backlink – Kill Two Birds with One Article =-.

  • hospitalera

    I hear you, loosing passwords is a true nightmare! SY

  • It more easily said than done. I try to be organised, but I only have two separate project at the moment. Even so, I find it hard to find enough time to put in the hours required.
    .-= Ste@free Playstation 3´s last blog ..How To Get a Free PS3 =-.

  • I have been trying for months to get organized, and I don’t seem to be able to make it (even with MindMeister!). I usually sit down in front of the computer with something I want to do (e.g. comment on 10 blogs with links back to my site) and then I start getting distracted by emails, then I start checking my stats, stuff around with another sites design, answer some comments on my site, do a bit of keyword research…. AWFUL! I can see exactly what I am doing wrong and STILL I can’t change it.

  • hospitalera

    @Ste & @PetraWeiss
    One additional idea I came up with is to write down each evening what I HAVE achieved / done during the day. Instead of concentrating on my failures, I concentrate on my success, a bit of self-inflicted positive reinforcement. Try it out! SY

  • Beautifully written! One of the best articles so farThis reminds me of the importance of not rushing through things in the belief that you?ll see more. Going slow is far better, also sometimes going by train is far better than flying, cycling than walking, and then better to walk than cycle.. So many emotions 🙂

  • hospitalera

    Thanks, SY

  • Andrew Gerber

    Definately it is very important to be well-organized when doing website promotion.

  • Ina

    staying organized is really important not just for business/marketing but for the whole life… 🙂

    Great Information!
    thanks a lot

  • hospitalera

    @Andrew Gerber & @ina
    You are both welcome! SY